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Highly Recommended The Other CAVEMAN H.B. Woodrose 2022 Oct 26
Highly Recommended Clarity & Cubism Sofiowka H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2009 Mar 20
Highly Recommended SynchedUp–Hot to Go!! Thru Psychedelic Lemonade l1ghtware H.B. Woodrose, Ephedra & Nitrous Oxide 2003 Dec 23
Recommended My Sense of Time Went Out the Window Ben H.B. Woodrose 2019 Dec 19
Recommended A Sublime Journey Earth Traveler Amanitas - A. muscaria & H.B. Woodrose 2019 Jan 04
Recommended Constant State of Arrival Shadowmesh H.B. Woodrose, Meclizine & Cannabis 2017 Oct 10
Recommended The Elsa Flip trippMcNippers H.B. Woodrose & MDMA 2017 Apr 18
Recommended A Taste of Enlightenment dAneris H.B. Woodrose 2015 Dec 01
Recommended Finding Doors in the Wall moderngirl H.B. Woodrose 2013 Nov 13
Recommended Re-Experiencing My Life Baby H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jun 19
Recommended Creamy Garlic Dressing Terun H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Apr 09
Recommended Bliss Before the Madness Maiki H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Jan 26
Recommended Twenty Seeds and The Good Book Ritzbitts H.B. Woodrose 2008 Nov 09
Recommended The Full Spectrum Realwolf H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jun 25
Recommended Community in a Seed Kassiel H.B. Woodrose 2007 Mar 09
Recommended The Way Forward SandskyCainer H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2007 Feb 09
Recommended Touch Sensitive Justin H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jan 05
Recommended The Void Spacehound H.B. Woodrose 2006 Dec 18
Recommended Projected Karma Peachy H.B. Woodrose 2006 Oct 20
Recommended Full Blown Psychedelic Experience Axium H.B. Woodrose 2006 Aug 28
Recommended Rebirth and Translucent Beings Lead_Into_Gold101 H.B. Woodrose 2006 Aug 01
Recommended Taken For Granted Boll Weevil H.B. Woodrose 2006 Mar 21
Recommended First Time *WOW!* EarthPrincess H.B. Woodrose 2006 Feb 21
Recommended Blissful octo H.B. Woodrose 2004 Dec 27
Welcome to the Machine dsuave Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 2022 Oct 31
Completely Insane James J H.B. Woodrose, Alcohol & Cannabis 2022 Oct 10
Introspective Fractals Terminally Chill H.B. Woodrose 2021 Feb 12
Staring Into the Abyss PsychoSemantics H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jan 18
A Marvelous, Joyful, Encouraging Journey lucky57 Amanitas - A. muscaria & H.B. Woodrose 2018 Sep 01
Realized I Was Seriously Tripping Verin H.B. Woodrose 2018 Jun 21
Peace and Well-Being CCKat H. B. Woodrose 2017 Dec 27
Wonderful Yet Not Overboard UncleRemus H.B. Woodrose 2017 Nov 27
Clarity and Euphoria - Cold and Warmth sisterray060 H.B. Woodrose & Methoxetamine 2014 Feb 02
One of the Best of My Life Ix H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2013 Dec 13
Starry Sky Upon My Eye Triforce H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Passion Flower 2010 Jun 27
Euphoria, Love and a New Appreciation for Life Weekend Warrior Herbal Ecstasy (Morning Glory, H.B. Woodrose & Guarana) & Cannabis 2010 Jan 20
Hawaiian Baby. Huh? Lucid Nations jellyman H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2009 Nov 08
Love Energy Jesusface H.B. Woodrose 2009 Sep 16
A Psychedelic Legal High Jaycalzone Nutmeg, H.B. Woodrose & Alcohol 2008 Aug 24
A Defining Night Sage H.B. Woodrose 2008 Mar 02
A Sympathy of Crickets, An Ocean of Color Upiyano H.B. Woodrose 2008 Jan 05
I Am Emerald H. B. Woodrose 2007 Dec 30
A Highly Successful Experiment Black Octagon H.B. Woodrose & Mushrooms 2007 May 27
A Wonderful Experience Cynapse H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Mind Machine 2007 May 26
Insanity & Therapy Psychonaut H. B. Woodrose 2007 May 09
A Rapturous Reverie Mellifera H.B. Woodrose & Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 07
The 'Anti-Drug' Drug The Rhubarb Kid H.B. Woodrose 2006 Nov 27
Blew My Mind Insatiable H.B. Woodrose 2005 Jul 26
Twin Peaks Anonymous H.B. Woodrose & Nitrous Oxide 2002 Oct 11
Waves of Joy & Lucidity Curious H. B. Woodrose 2002 May 01
Woodrose Ecstasy (My First Time) iJoe H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2002 Jan 10
Hawaiian Breezes Croc_HunterDM H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2001 Dec 25
A Therapeutic Vacation SD H.B Woodrose, Cannabis, Opium Poppy Seeds, Kratom, Coffee & Various Pharmaceuticals 2023 Oct 04
Synergetic dashneo H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2022 Dec 06
LSA In The Forest FerrariDriver300 H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2022 Aug 07
Three Days Affected, Mentally and Physically Alice A H.B. Woodrose (extract) 2022 Feb 17
My New Friend Geurry H.B. Woodrose 2022 Jan 19
Eight Seeds and No Marijuana cycl0pz H.B. Woodrose 2021 Aug 11
Body Melting sedracer H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jun 07
Sunshine Daydream Phish Fan H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jan 22
The Woods Experiencing Themselves Kuntuzangpo H.B. Woodrose 2020 May 27
Altered States Downunder Mikey H.B. Woodrose 2020 Feb 02
Who Did I Become? Elliottkae H.B. Woodrose 2018 Aug 17
I Felt Like I Exploded kinny H.B. Woodrose 2018 May 21
A Brush with the Obvious and Unexpected Adepto H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jun 30
The Inner Adventure Revolvmg H.B. Woodrose & Coffee 2009 Sep 16
Amazing - Intense Visuals And Awareness Kellas H.B. Woodrose 2009 Sep 16
Psychadelic Smoothie Briconz H. B. Woodrose 2009 Jun 04
The Wonders of the Dinner Table ZachM H. B. Woodrose 2008 May 21
Underrated Phlawed H.B. Woodrose & Herbal Cigarettes 2007 Nov 01
Mood Assignment Paranoid Android H. B. Woodrose 2007 Oct 17
Recognizing Raindrops Jens H. B. Woodrose 2007 Oct 17
More Intuitive? Ninni H.B. Woodrose 2005 Apr 12
Great, Cheap, Legal Time curious george H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue 2004 Nov 16
Enjoying Nature At It's Best Nature Gal Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 2004 Jul 18
A Surprisingly Emotionally Sensitive State neon green snake H.B. Woodrose 2003 Dec 03
Loss of Body artfool H.B. Woodrose 2003 Jul 24
Higher Plain Of Spiritual Being generichumanoidunit H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2003 Jun 23
Ego Loss, OBE, and the Other Joys of Woodrose Alkaloidaholic Argeryia Nervosa 2003 Jan 29
Incredible Stuff Dave H. B. Woodrose 2002 Sep 25
Fantastically Wonderful Spider Salley H.B. Woodrose 2002 Aug 28
Awakening Awakened H.B. Woodrose 2002 Aug 28
LSA Brownies! sparr0whawk Argyreia nervosa seeds (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) 2002 Aug 15
Happy and Harmonious Eric H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Jun 19
HBW Revisited with Amazing Results Anonymous H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Jun 19
Sunday Talk of The World yara H.B. Woodrose 2023 Feb 20
Better Than Ecstasy by Far LikeAshesWeFade HB Woodrose, Cannabis & Metoclopramide 2023 Feb 08
Delerium Revisted Shibby H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2021 Jul 28
Chillin With the HBWs Nug Lovin' H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2021 Jan 17
A Moment of Peace clatatat H.B. Woodrose, Aripiprazole & Alprazolam 2020 Oct 11
One Night in Heaven Andrew Alcohol & H.B. Woodrose 2020 Sep 22
My Mind Sends Me to Outer Space CM Go H.B. Woodrose 2020 Apr 17
Selfishlessness Pedigogue H.B. Woodrose 2019 Apr 06
I Really Learned a LOT From This Trip Hillman H.B. Woodrose 2019 Mar 31
Born Again jmel_ H.B. Woodrose 2018 May 21
Pure Bliss! Girlfriend&I H.B. Woodrose & Ginger 2018 May 07
Pure Ecstasy bluegreen H.B.Woodrose 2018 Mar 09
Communing With the Whales Talen H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis, Amanita muscaria & Mushrooms 2016 Nov 21
It's Underrated jeremi H.B. Woodrose 2008 Apr 17
Our Bodies React to Everything FireJunky H.B. Woodrose & 2C-I 2005 Jul 03

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