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The Woods Experiencing Themselves
H.B. Woodrose
by Kuntuzangpo
Citation:   Kuntuzangpo. "The Woods Experiencing Themselves: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp108157)". May 27, 2020.

3 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
  1 bowl vaporized Cannabis


30 yr old male, 250 lbs, much experience with psychedelics including many tryptamine and phenethylamine chemicals. Have been sworn off from all chemical medicines for almost two years now, and a semi-regular small amount cannabis user ( I go through an 8th in like 2 months with my vaporizer).

I have a couple years experience with meditation and am trying to be a somewhat serious Dzogchen practitioner, along with my shamanic wanderings in the realms of sacred plant medicine. I am a big fan of ayahuasca in low to medium doses, and my one proper experience with San Pedro powder was amazing as well, so I am excited to add another ally to my toolbox.

I have eaten some form of HBWR before, when I lived in Hawaii. I harvested them myself but now having received these Madagascar seeds I am curious what I ate in Hawaii. I would eat 10 of these (VERY large) seeds after scraping the fuzzy coating off, no bad taste just a mild nuttiness, and no real trip to speak of, just a sedated dreaminess even when mixed with weak mushroom tea kombucha (mushroom tea put in a jar with honey and a kombucha culture, fizzy and very nice medicine).

11:45 am
3 seeds Madagascar strain Hawaiian Baby Woodrose chewed and swallowed, with a couple vaporizer puffs of mid-grade cannabis and a glass of water with Lemon Essential Oil

12:30 p.m.
Trip is definitely kicking in hard now, going to vomit, a tiny bit of seed material comes out, stomach feels much better after an easy vomit

1:00 p.m.

Me and my pregnant partner/lovely sober sitter finish watching The Tale of Princess Kaguya, and the end scene with moon royalty coming to the earth on clouds signals the arriving of my experience in full. At this point I have a strong body buzz, mild rainbow flickering visuals, and some very mild nausea/heaviness

At this point I somewhat lose track of time and from now until around 3:30 I am having a too intense experience. I start to chant a purification mantra of my lineage, and it only makes things worse (haha). I am getting very paranoid and worried about silly things, and my partner wakes up from a short nap to attempt to calm me down.

I am getting very strong OEV at this point, rainbow columns all over my white walls and tracers on the ladybugs as they crawl across the ceiling. The body high is starting to feel oppressive, I am trapped in my body and not too happy about it. I do have moments of clarity where I calm myself down for a second, but they are few and far between at this point. My partner leaves to go get some food from our kitchen (in another building on the other side of the property) and leaves me in our bedroom.

The bad trip finally breaks when I muster up the courage to go outside. It only takes a few minutes for my experience to shift from overwhelmingly negative, to one of the best trips of my life. I am walking in the woods for a second, and then turn around to go find my partner and tell her I am doing better. (the last time she saw me I was freaking out and not having a good time). I have a large quartz crystal I am squeezing in my hand, and my Thai bamboo flute. These both become talismans for the rest of my experience.

At this point I am experiencing overwhelming happiness, a groovy body high, some mild leg cramps and vasoconstriction symptoms. The visual effect is just a strong richness in all of the nature I am seeing, an HD clarity and beauty to all of my surroundings that I am constantly impressed with. I keep remarking to my partner “this is the best trip ever! I am so happy I came out of the negative state!”

We go for a short walk in the woods, it is super hot and I get very sweaty so I remove my shirt. I am talking out loud to the woods, asking for teachings on how to live in harmony with the elements, and also swinging my flute and using it as a kind of energetic dagger to cut through illusion. I go into a gibberish state regularly, where I am speaking something very Japanese-esque and acting like I know some tai chi movements or something (haha!). We arrive down at the bottom of the hill, I am praying out loud to the water and asking it to teach me how to honor it, and not to waste it, and how to heal all the waters of the earth. I chant aloud the name of the Water Element Goddess in my lineage, and this is a fantastic experience! It is probably around T+5 at this time.

We turn around to walk back up the hill towards our dwelling place, at this point I feel some annoying vasoconstriction in my legs that makes walking uphill very tiring. I tell myself next time I journey with this medicine I will have a strong cacao drink with lemon essential oil and ginger root on hand, to combat any nausea and vasoconstriction. I might even bring my cannabis vaporizer with, although I definitely did not need it to intensify this trip!!

I am thanking the plants, proclaiming out loud that they are the teachers of the whole world, I even hug and kiss a tree.

Midway through our walk, I am talking to my partner about the fusion of my Dzogchen meditation practice and these plant medicine journeys, when I realize I have not even tried to meditate at all since it wasnt working too well when I was losing my shit….

So I drop into the Dzogchen space for a second… And there is one quick passing moment when “I” cease to exist, and I am the woods experiencing themselves.

This passes and I am back in my body, and stoked stoked stoked that I had that experience! These particular seeds are very very powerful medicine and one of my new favorites.

We finish our walk back up the hill slowly and pantingly, me being vasoconstricted and my partner being 3 months pregnant. We arrive at the top of the hill and go inside to cool off for a second, and then we decide its vegan pizza time! We go cook our pizza and eat it. I am still scattered to the 4 winds at this point, around T+6, but definitely the psychedelic effects are ceasing and I am entering the post-experience phase

As of this writing (the next afternoon) I am still a bit sore and crampy, and feel that I certainly need some time in between experiences to let the vasoconstricting alkaloids leave my body.

Overall I adore adore adore this medicine, and while the physical side effects are a bit annoying, with proper supplementation with anti nausea and vasodilating plants, I think I will enjoy this even more. It is trippy as they come, extremely visual even at this lower dose without cannabis, and the connection with nature is second to none. This is not a medicine for me to take inside, and I will only take it with mucho outside time from now on.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108157
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: May 27, 2020Views: 363
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Difficult Experiences (5), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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