Creamy Garlic Dressing
H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis
Citation:   Terun. "Creamy Garlic Dressing: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis (exp66644)". Apr 9, 2012.

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
What I am about to relate is without a doubt the most intense, spiritual, and visual tripping experience I have ever had. Let me start with my background. I have been experimenting with psychoactive drugs now for over three years. The substances I have experience with include Marijuana, Alcohol, DXM, Ecstasy, Kratom, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Salvia, Amanitas, and Zolpidem. This fateful night a group of three friends with varying experience with drugs decided to take eight Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds. The setting of our adventure is a medium sized college campus. I am a long time viewer of the DV, but this is my first post.

It was 8:30 pm on a Monday evening and I sat in my evolutionary biology class eagerly awaiting my chance to leave. For I knew that when I arrived back on my dorm a group of friends and I were going to take LSA in the form of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Finally the class ended and I headed back to my dorm. Outside it was a perfect fall day, the sky was slightly overcast and the weather was perfect.

Upon arriving back at my dorm, I discovered that my three friends M, S, and K had already eaten the seeds forty minutes ago and were starting to feel the effects. S handed me the bag with the seeds and hastily I took eight seeds out. I started to peel the brown skin off of them, as advised by many website’s. I popped each seed into my mouth one at a time, chewed, it, and let it sit on my tongue for about 30 – 40 seconds. They tasted fine, kind of like giant sunflower seeds. After ingesting all the seeds we decided to head outside so M and S could have a cigarette. The seeds were beginning to take a hold of S, and his stomach was a little upset.

We went outside to my dorms courtyard and sat on a bench. M and S began to smoke cigarettes and K and I sat next to each other discussing the various aspects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds and our expectations for the night. After the cigarettes were done we decided to head over to a different courtyard to attempt to find some marijuana, because we knew if we waited much longer we would not be able to score any.

We meet up with our friend S, who decided not to trip with this night because of an early class the next morning. Luckily, he had some marijuana he wanted to sell. At this moment, about 20-30 minutes after ingesting the seeds I noticed a little lift, a change in perception, but not too much and my stomach began to feel a little uneasy. K and S were already descending into their trips, unfortunately S’s stomach kept bothering him. We came up with a plan to go to the Student Center so I could get some money out of the ATM, and then we would go to our favorite spot to smoke, chill, and relax. This spot is a trail on campus that it pretty much designed for smoking pot. It is a cement trail, with all night lighting that runs behind a beautiful lake with fountains in it.

We started our journey to the trail, and as we went the effects became stronger. I felt distant, happy, and excited. I was still at the heightened stage, as I was not fully tripping yet. Different parts of my body would for a while go numb, and then in a sudden rush of energy and euphoria they would become sensational again. M and K both reported the same sensation. The only way I can describe this early feeling is as if different parts of my body was having minor “orgasms”.

After a quick trip to the ATM and an unsuccessful attempt by S to purge himself in the bathroom we arrived at the trail. As we got closer we saw a group of 5 or 6 people taking big rips out of a bong at our usual spot. After a quick chat we proceeded to the next bench were we started to smoke. Smoking marijuana definitely helped with my stomach nausea and brought me up even more. After a few bowls both groups merged into one big group as another group of smokers came along. It was very surreal, as an impromptu pot smoking party was taking place right before my eyes. Someone took out a blunt and started passing it around. Everyone sat their chatting and smoking for about a half hour. At this point the effects of the marijuana drastically overshadowed the effects of the LSA, but not for long.

An hour into the trip, a bunch of people wanted to go get some Chinese food and the Chinese restaurant down the street. So there we went, a huge caravan of tripping, stoned people to the Chinese food restaurant. When we got to the restaurant I saw this girl that I really do not like at all. Fearing that she would either decide to come with us, bring my trip down, or steer it in the wrong direction I abandoned the notion of getting Chinese food. Instead I went next door to a brand new pizza place. This was where the LSA really began to take a hold of me.

I walked into the Pizza place and ordered a tuna salad. The owner then asked me what dressing I would like. Without thinking I said “creamy garlic” because that’s my favorite salad dressing in the world, but I have only ever found one restaurant that has ever had it. Unexpectedly he said “sure”, and I was overcome with happiness. The owner of the pizza place and I then had a heart to heart about how he is trying really hard to get his business up and running. That was what lead my trip down and awesome route. He went into the back to prepare my salad, and I sat their alone in a brand new pizza place. Now this pizza place is a very upbeat and cheerful place, so that only enhanced my mood. Every color, every painting seemed truly alive. It was like I was seeing the true essence of the world for the first time. I got my salad went outside to be greeted by S, K, and M. The rest of the big group had left to go to someone’s apartment. Not wanting to be confined to the indoors we decided to head back to the trail.

On the way back to the trail S remembered that he had to talk to someone who was back in the courtyard. So we decided to make a detour and head back their first. I was truly in a great mood, I felt at peace with everyone around me, with nature and the world. I got it in my mind that I wanted to spread that peace to others. All I could think about was giving, and helping people. I quickly went into the campus convenience store, where I proceeded to buy 10$ worth of discount candy and snacks for everyone. Then, with my salad, and snacks we headed back to the courtyard for a candy picnic.

When we arrived back at the courtyard we encountered our other friends D, L, and E. L and E had just taken their first doses of DXM and were having a great time. I offered everyone in the courtyard a bag full of candy, and we proceeded to have a candy picnic. This was about 1.5-2 hours after ingesting the seeds, and I at that point thought I was peeking. The world was beautiful I was in a great, caring, and giving mood. I was also having slight open eyed visuals of dancing colors and patterns. Little did I know that this was only the beginning and the night and my trip was very far from over.

This was when our group started to split. S, who was having a very different trip then the rest of us, decided to go off to chat with a girl. Before leaving us, S and I talked, and he said he was descending into a more negative trip, but he was learning a tremendous amount about himself. So it was down to just M, K, L, E, and D. We chilled in our dorm room for a bit, listened to some music, and generally tripped in the dorm for about twenty minutes. At this moment, the trip started to get extremely intense. I was having more and more open eyed visuals, as was everyone else. L, E, and D decided to head back to their dorm room, so now it just M, K, and I. K wanted 20 minutes of alone time to think life over so M and I headed outside.

We ventured to the side of a building and sat down in the grass. The world was spinning, colors danced in the sky and we both felt wonderful. It seemed as if the whole world was at peace, and we were in such a brilliant mood. This was the first time, M and I realized we were both having truly wonderful trips. After a few minutes of quiet contemplation we proceeded back to the dorm to pick up K and once again venture to the trail.

Walking to the trail was a truly breath taking experience, the whole world and everyone we saw was illuminated, peaceful, and tranquil. We arrived at the bench and found the trail empty. We packed a bowl and smoked it very slowly as we were in no rush. Time stood still, we felt as if we were at the top of the world. This was when we hit the peak / plateau of the experience, about three hours after taking the seeds. Our imaginations where multiplied exponentially. I saw everything I could imagine, it felt as if I had complete control of reality. We sat on the bench for what must have been an hour, and finally we got up to walk. K, wanted to go back so headed back to the dorm where we parted ways with him. Now, it was just M and I, tripping harder than any of us have ever even thought possible.

Back at the dorm, we decided that being inside was a bad idea and that since nature had given us this wonderful new perspective, we ought to honor it by spending most of the night in it. I decided to pack a backpack with supplies for our journey. At this point my mind was racing, and I scrambled around the room gathering, bread, blankets, chalk, pencils, notebooks, and water for our journey. At this point I was drenched in sweat so I decided to take a shower. Every sense of mine was on fire, sensation of every kind felt amazing. I grabbed an ice pop out of the freezer and proceeded to take the most amazing shower of my life, while eating and ice cold ice pop. The water coming out of the shower head looked unreal, I could feel each individual drop hit my body and run down myself, the sensation was multiplied tenfold. After emerging from the shower I felt like a new person. I brushed my teeth, got dressed. At this point I purposefully left my wallet, id, and cell phone behind. I was leaving my former self behind, I was a new person. M and I proceeded once again to the trail.

At this point we were tripping harder than before, it just kept getting more and more intense. I had complete control of reality it felt, my imagination had merged with reality. This time we sat on the ground and took the nature in. We had seen all of reality break down in layers throughout the night until it was just us M and I, two roommates and long time friends, sitting alone in the woods. At this time we were convinced that all of eternity, and all of human history had culminated in us. We felt on top of the world, we felt enlightened. The night was so beautiful next to a lake, all of nature was around. We could hear every insect, and animal. Sitting there smoking, drawing, eating bread, and drinking water we discussed life. We broke down all of life to its utter most core. I delved into my own persona, I talked to what I thought was my id and superego. While the world around me swirled with anything I could image.

I almost had complete control of my hallucinations. Long forgotten memories from my childhood returned to me in utter brilliance. I realized so much about my life that night. I thought about the past and what the future could hold. For a time the two of our thoughts merged in a sense, we were both thinking the exact same things at the exact same time. To us it seemed as if no one had ever been so deep, so utterly connected to each other. I could remember so many dreams from my past, I felt as if my waking self and my dream self had merged into one. Time stopped, it did not matter one bit. I don’t know how long we sat there. After a good amount of time we returned to the dorm, and each of us went our on our own journeys while we slept.

The next day, I was still slightly tripping until noon, and I had an incredible afterglow that lasted well into the following day. I learned so much about my life. This experience changed my life for the positive. I have a much more optimistic view on life now, and I feel that I can finally express myself. For example, I would have never written a trip report before this, I did not have the confidence that I now have in myself.

Also, I have a much deeper appreciation for nature now. My diet has changed since my trip, in that I now eat a lot healthier, natural, organic food. Salads have become a staple part of my diet. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, which will be hard to beat for me. I will undoubtedly try these seeds again, but only after a long break to thoroughly think through what I experienced. I advise anyone who is curious about LSA and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds to treat them with the utmost respect. Do them in a safe, secure environment, where one can easily go outside and enjoy nature.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 9, 2012Views: 13,974
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