A Brush with the Obvious and Unexpected
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Adepto. "A Brush with the Obvious and Unexpected: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp93925)". Erowid.org. Jun 30, 2013. erowid.org/exp/93925

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
- Description of mindset & setting -

What follows is one of the most eventful and powerful of my experiences with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose.

To bring the reader up to speed - in brief, I shall share how I started using the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

On my 18th birthday I went to Amsterdam. I took Woodrose there, not knowing what the seeds did. I was to be presented with the most astounding experience of my life.

My first trip brought to light a lot of psychological baggage and misunderstandings I had acquired. On Woodrose one is able to very honestly look at people and instinctively understand how they are feeling and what is going on. I saw a lot of insecure people filling the streets, forcing conversation and partaking in activities they did not really feel comfortable with. I realised I was just a kid and a lot of my expectations for myself were unreasonable. I should relax.

Further Woodrose use brought me upon the idea that we are all one consciousness. I later realised that people actually came to that idea themselves. For me that was an affirmation that my experiences was not a result of my psychology.

Eventually I went abroad to study, and met a friend with similar philosophical interests. I told him about Woodrose and we agreed to take it together.

At that point my reading took me as far as Robert Monroe's books, which talk about astral projection.

- Details of any preparations made for the experience -

Eventually I decided that I was very reluctant to take the Woodrose again. The experience usually turned sour once I was alone and lying in bed, because my mind would turn upon itself due to insecurities or unresolved issues. However, my friend convinced me to do it anyway and that everything would be fine. I decided I had given him my word I would do it with him and went to his apartment.

- The Trip -

[6:00PM] I relaxed as we peeled the seeds and listened to music and talked casually. We took the seeds at sunset, both very excited for what was to come.

[7:00PM] It usually takes an hour after ingestion for the seeds to kick in powerfully. After an hour nothing much seemed to be happening. We decided to go for a walk.

[7:30PM] My friend became grumpy and hostile. The seeds made us feel sick and confused. I felt that the trip was going to be a nauseating disaster. We cancelled our walk and went back to his room and put music on again.

[8:00PM] Lying back listening to music, the seeds finally start to kick in. The nausea fades and we become relaxed. My mind is thinking, thinking, thinking. How do I learn the Truth? How do I discover the true nature of reality? I am extremely frustrated, as I had been for a year, with my own lack of progress spiritually. We just continue relaxing.

[8:30PM] My friend looks at me. We had been sitting in silence. He says:
'Ah. I see what your problem is. You're looking at it the wrong way.'
It appeared like telepathy, like he could visually see what I was thinking and feeling. He then sad:
'I feel like I have got a message for you.'

He went to his laptop and put on Tool's Lateralus. Before this, I had never heard Tool before.

[8:45] Tool's Lateralus starts playing; the song he felt guided to play for me. I find the lyrics to fit perfectly what I had been struggling with; I had been 'over thinking, over analysing' the nature of reality, seeking Truth in the wrong places.

[8:55]] As the song winds to an end, I feel it. My memory struggles to fit together the pieces of that moment perfectly, but I remember it well enough...

It was as if the top of my head had been lifted off, as if the concrete at the back of my mind had broken open.

There is an immense, powerful presence there. It is absolutely godlike. With no prior expectations of anything like this being possible, I was feeling an entity.

The entity felt very indifferent to me, very indifferent to the physical world, making me feel as if my struggle was below interest. However, the entity revealing itself to me was like a preview of what was to come. I had been searching for Truth in a manner that was unproductive, and the entity had given me a hint through Tool's Lateralus and by letting me brush against its consciousness.

It was an immense presence of a being so far evolved that where it came from was incomprehensible. There were no visuals. It was all a feeling.

[9:00PM] The presence faded. I felt relieved at finally being granted a breakthrough towards Truth. I lie back on the bed and stop thinking.

[9:30PM] My friend and I are lying side by side, the social and physical barriers between us broken down. We were happy to hold one another in a completely platonic way. Society made it improper for men to show that kind of affection, even though we all secretly want it. Because society has made it improper, we all have a repression in our communication. We feel that only with a sexual partner can we be allowed to show that sort of intimacy. And that is why we have so many problems in the world.

[9:45PM] My consciousness is fading into a primordial state of being. I feel like I am a hunter gathered thousands of years ago.

I begin to narrate how man has gotten himself into the sad position he is in today. It went something like this.

There was a time when communication was non-verbal. There were no barriers between mankind, we understood one another and accepted one another perfectly well. We lived in simplicity and unity.

Then came spoken language. Spoken language created enormous opportunities for misunderstandings and miscommunication between us. The misunderstandings gave rise to culture, which was artificial. Culture separated us, divided us, made us afraid of one another. In our fear we strengthened our separation, afraid of being hurt, afraid to trust and be as close as we used to be.

[10:00PM] I have been staring into the eyes of my friend. Most people avoid extensive eye contact because it is scary - the saying, the 'the eyes are the windows to the soul' seems appropriate. We limit eye contact and put on a mask to hide who we really are. My friend and I, however, are trying to be ourselves. We maintain eye contact, even though it is scary.

[10:15PM] My friend feels sick due to the seeds. He vomits. We soon part ways and I go home, my friend wanting to be alone.

[10:30PM] In my room I settle down, loving its familiarity and its comfort and softness. For once, being alone is not scary.

I am sitting on my bed when I well and truly realise. All we want is to be loved. Everybody just wants to be loved.

The opposite of love is fear. All bad things in the world are a result of that fear which separates us and prevents us from working together. We can never find peace unless we conquer our fear of one another.

As soon as I realise all this, something happens that I did not think was possible and did not believe in. I cannot stress enough that I had no expectations of this happening.

My third eye opened. It is a feeling that is hard to describe.

It is like a brilliant line of vertical energy along my forehead flaring to life. It expands, opening like an eye.

Meanwhile, I am having extremely heavy visuals of a kaleidoscopic nature, all emanating from the 'third eye'. It is a feeling of love and understanding and immense energy. I did not believe in chakras, and I still do not 'believe' in chakras. To this day I consider that experience a metaphor, even though chakras may indeed be real.

But as my third eye was opening, I was struggling mentally to master it, to hold on to it. My grasping physically distanced me from the experience and it faded eventually. I don't think I was capable of holding it for long and it may have closed again, because I am still inexperienced and young. However, the realisation that all we want is to be loved caused it to happen, because it was such an important revelation that it carried a lot of energy and changed me from the inside immediately. That experience struck me to my core and has changed my life and how I see people ever since.

Because of that revelation I can hate nobody and feel that every single person on Earth is capable of being my best friend. When somebody offends me or hurts me I know it is out of ignorance and I can not take it personally. People are not evil, they are only afraid. They want the same things I do - to be happy. So when Gaddafi was killed this year, I only felt pity for him and for the people who feared him enough to kill him.

- My Evaluation -

That trip was full of experiences I had no prior conditioning or exposure to. I did not expect them to happen. I did not think they were possible - and that is why I think they were genuine. If exactly what I had expected to happen had happened, then I could have blamed my psychology more readily.

I have had more spiritual experiences ranging from telepathy to waking up seeing a panorama of stars to all sorts of things since that day, but that trip remains one of the most important, if not the most powerful, trip that I have had. I have also met people who have had similar experiences, from the evolved entities to the telepathy. And my search goes on. It has only been a few years since Amsterdam and I have my whole life ahead of me to find out more. I remain hopeful.

It has not been easy, and it is as they say, that there is no magic pill which can make all your problems go away. I told my friend this when his life went back to normal afterwards. I believe he was very disappointed that his life was not perfect afterwards. The drugs open up our potential, but only we can work to make that mean anything. If we are not ready, the drugs won't show us anything we haven't already earned or learned. The drugs simply provide a new framework to work within for a while.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93925
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 30, 2013Views: 4,163
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