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Who Did I Become?
H.B. Woodrose
by Elliottkae
Citation:   Elliottkae. "Who Did I Become?: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp112125)". Aug 17, 2018.

15 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose


Some time last summer my friend A suggested we try HBW as he had taken it a couple times before and enjoyed it immensely. I'd had experience with acid, MD, coke, speed, weed and Es before, have always been open to new experiences and was still in my 'just arrived at college, let's get messed up!' phase so was definitely game to try them. And I had one of the most glorious nights of my life.

We decided to chew 15 seeds each to start with, and then would try more at a later date. We scraped off the white coating from the outside and ate them 5 at a time, they tasted absolutely foul. Then we went and smoked a joint to mellow before the trip began. My pal A and our friend B played some video games and I chilled listening to music.

After about 40 minutes I started to get some very slight visual effects, the skirting around the ceiling seemed to thrum slightly, and there was a vague purple tinge to it. Eventually the tinge grew and became a sort of rushing stream of purple light coating the top of the wall. The song 'group autogenics one' came on and we all lay down and began to relax. A sense of heaviness came over my body, then a deep, deep comfort wherever I lay, I covered myself in blankets to amplify this feeling. A warm sensation began in my stomach and I felt carefree and deeply happy. I could really feel each word of the song, and my body felt almost like it was pulsing in time to the music with jolts of happiness. It was quite wonderful.

I then stood up to use the bathroom and my god I felt light headed, but in the best way. Like I was almost floating away from my body, my sense of balance was appalling though. When I got back we talked and laughed for a while, smoked up for a bit all the while buzzing with a happy, comforted feeling. Visual effects increased over this time, things were quite blurry and the patterns that emerged seemed much more earthy and natural than those on LSD trips. I could make things seem bigger or smaller by just thinking about it, and my body was pulsing with every song that played.
I could make things seem bigger or smaller by just thinking about it, and my body was pulsing with every song that played.
Colours were amplified and new colours began to emerge as a sheen of light over objects in the room. Texture was dramatic and ever changing, the slightest light difference sending a shockwave through the patterns on the walls, almost dance like in their gracefullness. Then we decided we wanted some halloween sweets, and my friend B said A had to knock on the door to get them as a joke.

After this B and A went out to the chippy to get food for us and I decided to stay back and smoke for a while as I was still feeling light headed and was having heavy visuals by this point. After my smoke I closed my eyes and lay on the bed, and a complete euphoria and openness swept through me. I could see pink kaleadiscopes everywhere I looked with my eyes closed, and my arms and legs suddenly had no feeling, they weren't there any longer. I floated in comfort, feeling as if I was lighter than air and falling endlessly. My arms regrew and I had hundreds, I could feel every finger and limb clearly as wind rushed past it. I saw a bright light above me and below me there was darkness. I kept repeating the mantra 'this is the best thing you will ever experience' under my breath, and could barely think of any words but those. I floated for an hour or so I believed, but it was actually only 20 minutes. The trip in total only lasted 4 hours until we fell asleep (after I ate food and got sick) but it felt like about a week in all honesty. I would check the clock what felt like every 10 minutes when it would only be 1 or even 30 seconds.

All in all, it was the best night of my life. And the fact I have experienced this leaves me eternally grateful.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112125
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Aug 17, 2018Views: 703
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