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Bliss Before the Madness
H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis
Citation:   Maiki. "Bliss Before the Madness: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis (exp92833)". Jan 26, 2012.

T+ 0:14
7 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (dried)
  T+ 6:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (dried)
  T+ 7:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (dried)
My interest in psychedelic plants and herbs began after having the opportunity to experience ayahuasca on a beautiful mountain terrace in the South of Spain. After a night of understanding and appreciating the beauty and collective genius of the systems that form the natural world I wanted to find a way to explore that transient state again.

Ayahuasca is the only psychedelic I have tried before this H.B. Woodrose experience although I have used MDMA and some of its analogues (mephedrone, methylone, 6-APB). I also drink and smoke marijuana regularly. After some research I purchased a pack of 7 H.B.W. seeds from a local head shop. They were fairly cheap at £5 considering the power of the little things. I decided to take the seeds on a night where I was alone and would be safe without disruption.

To prepare the seeds I took a small sharp knife and began scraping away the thin coating on the shells of the seeds as I have read this will reduce nausea. I then put 3 of the seeds back in the bag they came in, sealed it and crushed the seeds with 2 steel weights. I had last eaten 5 hours before injesting the seeds.

T+0: To injest the seeds I put all of the crushings from the bag in my mouth and chewed them for a few minutes to release/absorb the LSA and then swallowed it. Within 15 minutes I became nauseous so I poured myself a glass of ginger beer and added extra ginger extract to it. (I read that if youíre feeling ill ginger can help relieve your stomach.) This seemed to help as my nausea stopped quickly after drinking it.

T+0.30: As the nausea wore off could feeI a slight buzz in my stomach and spent the first hour relaxing in my bedroom listening to music and admiring the sunset outside my window. I was so relieved that the nausea had passed so easily that I decided to injest a further 2 seeds as sickness was my main concern.

T+1.00: The first real effects began in the second hour as I felt an almost MDMA-like sense of wellbeing but with less stimulation. The euphoria progressively intensified as I sat in awe of the view from my window and the tune from my speakers. At this point I was so impressed by Hawaiian baby woodrose that I injested the final 2 seeds.

T+2.00: I was now experiencing a full body and mental high, similar to that from MDMA but I was more sedated. It was like combining the highs from MDMA and marijuana where you take the warm, glowing euphoria and combine it with that mellow mood feeling as you relax within yourself. At this point I decided to roll a small spliff and smoking it felt incredible, completely different to a normal smoke. This definitely heightened the feelings of euphoria and wellbeing with the music and the orange glow from the sunset sounding and looking more beautiful than ever before. No visuals had started at this point but the world had a definite tint to it; colours and shadows seemed more pronounced.

T+3.00: By this point I was lying down glowing with euphoria. I was listening to Bon Iver and have never been so lost in the groove before. Closed eye visuals were setting in and I felt like I was composing my own music video in my mind with patterns and colours flowing in time with the music.

T+3.30: Full open-eyed spectral patterns were forming which led me to think about the cosmos, energy and matter. I found that I could think of myself down to the raw materials of matter and energy and how these are exchanged with the rest of the universe making me part of the full universal system instead my usual human societal role. I then decided that that is what psychedelics can offer; instead of leaving you with the usual combination of human instinct and cultural mannerisms you enter a state where the normally hidden and mysterious philosophical questions become more visible and important to you.

T+4.00: Visual hallucinations continued to grow stronger and peak as the night progressed. As I lay down I could feel the euphoria draining out as the glowing feeling was soon gone. In my increasingly confused state of mind feelings of self-doubt set in and I began to regret eating the 4 extra seeds. I can remember feelings of restlessness and emptiness as I was just left experiencing intense visuals without the euphoria as my mind couldnít stay on logical thought. This caused some anxiety as these bizarre ideas although I donít remember exactly what they were made me worry about myself.

T+5.00: Peak effects continue with same sense of emptiness. I found that the best way reduce the anxiety was to keep the music playing and let the music guide the trip instead of lingering on worrying thoughts in your head. Although I could still enjoy the music it was never again as brilliant. What a few hours earlier had been perhaps the cosiest bed Iíve ever rested on now felt awkward and out of place as the restlessness continued. I was looking forward to coming down as the strange new world I was visiting was making me question my sanity.

T+6.00: Effects still peaking as I decide to roll another spliff to see if I can get rid of the unpleasant feelings and bring back some euphoria. It worked and the action of smoking and the taste of the marijuana are just as satisfying as the last spliff. I found that as I got up to roll up and became more proactive I could focus my mind more clearly and enjoy the experience as after I had finished smoking I lay back down I could feel some anxiety set in so I decided to remain sat up and did my best to enjoy the experience.

T+7.00-9.00 Effects beginning to weaken but by this point I am getting sick of my scattered thoughts which I am struggling to control. I smoked another spliff which was again very pleasant. After a while I feel back in control of my mind but I am left with a feeling of empty-headedness. I fell asleep roughly 9 hours after taking the seeds (5AM).

T+14.00 I wake up and the first thing I see is a slight ripple flowing across my wall but no visual effects follow after that. I feel dazed and confused and could still feel the LSA having some effect on my conscious until mid afternoon. Despite this I could still function perfectly well all day without much of a comedown.

I would like to take the seeds again but maybe just 2 or 3. The full peak effects just lasted too long and I struggled to focus my mind and fully explore the spiritual aspect of the trip. If I do decide on a similar dose I donít think Iíll do it alone as this will probably help with the anxiety. The experience was totally serene during the beginning of the experience when there was a lower level of LSA in my system so I think that a smaller dose will keep the euphoria without letting in the madness. I would enjoyed marijuana while on H.B.Ws, it brings on a feeling of bliss weed has ever given me by itself. I understand the subjective nature of taking psychedelics and that since this was only the second time I have experienced visual hallucinations I know in time I could learn to control myself and focus on the beauty of it all. However the peak effects of werenít as beautiful or inspiring as that of ayahuasca and on ayahuasca my mind was totally free to explore anything and everything at a rate I could never match whilst sober. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose would sometimes restrict and occasionally trapped on my mind thoughts and emotions that worried me. Still, it was an experience that was at times peacefull and others spectacular which makes it all worth it.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92833
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 26, 2012Views: 24,458
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