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The Other
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   CAVEMAN. "The Other: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp81496)". Erowid.org. Oct 26, 2022. erowid.org/exp/81496

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
Trip Overview:

So, one summer Friday, a few friends and I decide to have a “seed party”. We rented a hotel room for one night and brought with us our supply of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, as well as an ipod and speakers loaded up with trippy techno/trance music, and my laptop with some preloaded Animal Collective music videos. I am “C” in this report. I am an 18 year old male, 6'5”, about 210 lbs. I had tripped on HBW seeds once previously to this, as had R and D. W and K were newcomers to HBW but had tried Salvia previously. Myself and D took 8 seeds, R and W had 6, and K had 4. We just chewed and swallowed the seeds with some pizza, no fancy preparations. They do taste horrible, next time we will grind them up first and put them in a drink.

Overall, myself and R had quite intense trips, while D and K barely tripped at all and W had a trip of moderate intensity. I experienced some crazy CEV's but no open eye, while R experienced both CEV's and OEV's. No one else experienced any visuals. W reported a very psychological trip and feeling better than he'd ever felt. He said that everything felt and tasted amazing. D reported similar effects of less intensity. His previous seed trip had been quite intense, while this one for whatever reason barely qualified as a trip at all, even though he increased his seed dosage by 2. K just reported feeling very good and “trippy” without actually tripping as hard as myself or R.

We had a “trip log” going which was pretty much just a notebook for us to write down what we experienced. Some of these were observations that we wrote down, and some of them were written by our sober sitters while we were unable to do so. There was also a lot of random gibberish written down that I've tried to comprehend as best I could. Here is the log:

7:00pm (T+00:00): Seeds ingested
T+00:20: Feeling a little something
T+00:30: C pukes and his trip begins. No one else is tripping yet
T+00:51: D feels high
T+00:54: C insists that he is tripping, but not tripping balls yet
T+00:57: C and R hold hands and become one being
T+1:05: Sober friends arrive, C tripping fairly hard on the floor
T+1:06: C insists that psychedelic drugs are awesome and that he wants to do them all the time
T+1:11: ???
T+1:27: R is being tugged by an unknown force, no visuals yet. C throws shirt over head in order to “fortress”. W is laying on floor, conversing but acting very weird and spacy
T+1:30: R: “Write it down, solid objects!!!”
T+1:33: R and C put heads to stereo, listening to trance music, saying that they are attempting to enter the other dimension
T+1:39: C on floor, R building a fortress
T+1:43: W and D sitting up normally. R is coming in and out of tripping while laying on the bed. K feels something but not tripping. C is texting friends: “HOLY SHIT IM TRIPPING BALLS AHHHH”
T+1:45: C's friend texts back “Trip away my good friend.” He visibly calms down and seems to become much happier.
T+1:47: R is on floor with pillows over head, demands lights out and silence. His English gradually degenerates into gibberish. Last coherent thing he says is that he “feels numb.”
T+2:09: R has trouble moving
T+2:20: R is conversing intently with K's foot
T+3:31: C accidentally takes a chunk out of his foot on the doorstop. Foot bleeding profusely but he can't seem to feel pain.
T+3:34: R believes that M (sober friend) is Mario
T+3:35: TIME
T+3:38: R writes down gibberish
T+3:43: R: “Hit brick. Came out for a little but its about to hit me.”
T+3:51: R loses English once again
T+3:53: R is rubbing himself all over
T+3:54: All trippers lying on the bed together
T+4:06: R's power level is increasing
T+4:30: W feels everything. He is chewing on a plastic water bottle and says its the greatest thing he's ever tasted.
T+4:53: R “can't feel breathing.”
T+5:00: R “feeling no good. Heart rate max. Do not do again. No drugs.”
T+5:01: C and W are: “The gods of the whole universe.”
T+5:25: Gibberish followed by “From there its been so long”
T+5:55: Watches are invaluable
T+6:01: R rubs K's leg and asks “Why so smooth?”
T+7:31: Time is slow, coming out

I'll try and describe my own trip in a bit more detail:

I ate 8 seeds with a few pieces of pizza to settle the stomach at about 7pm. At T+00:15, I was feeling high and had a slight stomachache. At T+00:20, I was in the bathroom puking up all the pizza I had just ate. My pupils were dilated, the lights started to flicker, and the room started to vibrate a bit. I got the sense that something crazy was about to happen. Since this was my second time taking seeds, I knew that this meant my trip was about to start. I left the bathroom and laid on the floor, enjoying the music and letting my imagination wander. Closing my eyes, I felt as though I was one with the music. My mind was flowing in waves of random thought and complete ecstasy along with the beat.
Closing my eyes, I felt as though I was one with the music. My mind was flowing in waves of random thought and complete ecstasy along with the beat.
Everyone else was still sober, amazed that I was already tripping. I do have a very fast metabolism, this may have played some role in how my trip started so fast. I remember laying on the floor and putting my ears right to the speakers, in the hope that the music would make me trip even harder. I felt like I was right on the edge of a whole other dimension, but not quite able to cross over yet.

Our group of sober friends eventually arrived to sit for us. We had too many of them, it definitely started to mess up my trip. From now on, when tripping in a group, I will only have one, maybe two sitters max. Too many sober people around me while tripping starts to bring me out of it and can be very unnerving. The next hour or two my memory gets a bit hazy. I remember moving back and forth between the floor and the bed. I kept thinking that I was forgetting to breathe, so I would take a really deep breath, and then not breathe for a bit, and then panic that I was forgetting to breathe, and repeat the whole cycle over and over again. I also felt very hot and my heart felt like it was pounding and beating very fast. I got a random hallucination that I could see my arteries and that I was traveling through them mentally. It's hard to describe— I felt almost like I could get under my own skin and examine my internal organs.

Around this point I fell into what I like to call the “heaven and hell” period of a seed trip. This had happened to me my first time too. I start to feel like its been a very long time since I took the seeds, and that they should have worn off by now. I start to think that I will never come out of it, and that I will be sent to the loony bin. I at one point had a vivid hallucination/OOBE of myself in a straight jacket in an isolation room, with my parents watching through a window and crying. This was the definite low point of my trip. I wouldn't call it a bad trip however, because right after that I suddenly felt extremely happy and euphoric. All worries disappeared. And then, I'd get scared again, and then be happy again, and so on. This was like the best happiness ever, followed by the worst pain.

It never digressed into a completely bad trip, but I sure came close. Seeds definitely have an evil aspect to them. Even when I know what to expect, the psychological portion of the trip is extremely intense. It was at some point in this phase that I started texting friends that I was tripping balls. When one of them texted back “trip away my good friend” it instantly calmed me down and made me extremely happy. Eventually I returned to the scared phase, and got up and began pacing around freaking out. M (sober friend) told me that everything was alright and I should just lay down and enjoy life. I agreed with him, calmed down again, and had no further rough spots the rest of the night.

At some point I accidentally sliced my foot open on the doorstop. I barely realized it because of the numbing effect of the seeds, but one of my friends noticed and helped me bandage it. Whenever going into the bathroom to pee I would feel very trapped and get a sense of imminent evil. I would start to think I would never be able to leave that bathroom, like some entity was there, laughing at me and holding me back. I eventually made it out and declared that there was an evil being in the bathroom, which R said he had sensed as well.

The rest of the intense portion of the trip seemed to last for eternity. The time dilation effect for me and R was quite profound. During this time I was lying on the bed, becoming one with the music. I closed my eyes and for a while completely came out of my body, losing all sense of “self.” I flew across the universe. I saw stars and planets.
I closed my eyes and for a while completely came out of my body, losing all sense of “self.” I flew across the universe. I saw stars and planets.
I even landed on one alien planet for a while. It was very green/yellow/orange in color and there were these curious spiky blob creatures. I don't know how else to describe them, they didn't talk, they just floated around. These were the most vivid CEVs that I experienced.

Eventually I came out of the “intense” phase, around T+7:00. I was still tripping at this point but I was much more sober and coherent. R was still awake and coming out of it too. W, K, and D were already passed out. Myself and R tripped away the rest of the night. It was much more mellow at this point; we were able to converse with each other about what we were actually seeing and feeling. We put DJ Tiesto on shuffle and just enjoyed it. My visual field became a wavy, flowing pattern of rainbow colors, dancing with the beat of the song. The psychological phase of the trip was over, so I was able to just lay back and enjoy the visuals. Me and R talked through the night about various observations and revelations, such as how life is all about perception and how everything is truly all relative--since to our sober friends, the night had lasted several hours, but to us it had lasted several lifetimes. At some point I fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling completely fine.

Post Trip notes:

1.The day after effects of HBW are amazing. I feel completely rested, at ease, and comfortable with the world. Nothing phases me. The whole world seems to be “glowing.” As I like to say, you truly feel reborn the morning after a good seed trip.

2.Music can definitely make or break a good trip. I didn't have any music my first time but I did this time and the difference was immeasurable. I recommend DJ Tiesto, Benny Benassi, some Basshunter, and some Animal Collective. All in all any kind of techno/trance/electronic type music should be good.

3.The more I become experienced with HBW, the more I have to take to achieve the same level of intensity. I took 6 seeds my first time and 8 this time, and I think my next time may be 10-12 or even a bit more depending on how heroic I'm feeling.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 26, 2022Views: 1,395
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