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Hawaiian Baby. Huh? Lucid Nations
H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis
Citation:   jellyman. "Hawaiian Baby. Huh? Lucid Nations: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis (exp61127)". Nov 8, 2009.

15 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
  1.5 g smoked Cannabis (fresh)
After several very positive experiences with LSD, psilocibin and MDMA, I decided it was time to further expand my horizons. Ideally, this would have been done with more acid, but it can be extremely hard to get my hands on, and both my efforts and those of my friends had met with little success in that regard. With all of our local access points exhausted, we decided to seek out alternatives. What we found, after some searching, was the ingestion of Morning Glory seeds.

After doing some searching on the intar-webs, we discovered that HBWR seeds would be a more potent, and hopefully safer choice. My first experience involved myself and two other friends, *R and *J. My good friend *S brought down the seeds from his house up north (we had ordered them online) and we decided that a random thursday over Feb. break was a choice time for our experience. *S brought the seeds, and I looked up various preparation methods. What I decided to go with was grinding the seeds (without shucking them) and soaking them in water for a period of time, then filtering out the seed material and drinking the water. I bought 6 bottles of Lemon Flavored Dasani, and proceeded to make 6 bottles of 'tea' (no heating was used). I set two bottles aside, one with a dose of 15 seeds, and one with a dose of 8. These will play a large role later.

Having the most experience with hallucinogens in my friend group, I wanted to take the strongest dose, using myself as the guinea pig. However, my intentions weren't purely altruistic, I also wanted a really strong trip. I put 12 seeds in my bottle, and 5 in the bottles of my companions. The seeds soaked in a cool and unlit drawer (LSD can be affected by light and heat, I have no idea what effect it would have on the chemicals in HBWR) for about 3 hours before my trip-buddies arrived. After using coffee filters to get out the seed material, we all started drinking this stuff, which wasn't unpleasant tasting (due to the lemon flavoring).

At about 15 minutes into it, I started to feel the onset of a headache. This faded quickly. Nausea also came and went rapidly, never getting bad enough to induce vomiting. R and I took dramamine just in case symptoms came back. After about an hour, a very pleasant high started to kick in. The high was very tactile, and was accompanied by a very strong sense of euphoria. We decided smoking would be a fantastic idea at this point, and boy, we were right. After getting high, the euphoria intensified, and we wandered around. For me, the experience was very akin to low doses of LSD-25 that I had taken in the past. The experience was focused, mellow, and enjoyable, with subtle visuals and next to no actual hallucinations.

Four days later, the real trip happened. A friend of mine, P, wanted to trip after I told him about the seeds. Excited to experiment again, I told him I already had two bottles prepared. Bringing them over at about 9 pm, I drank most of the bottle of 15 seeds, while he tackled his bottle of 8, and the last 1/4 of mine. After a brief bout (maybe 20 minutes of watching tv and feeling poopy)with nausea, we both felt the onset of the same euphoric high I had experienced before. Wanting to emulate my last trip, I suggested getting high. We did just that, smoking a large bowl. We were completely unprepared for what was coming next.

Waiting for my former (and P's current) roommate to arrive so we could smoke (again) with him, we sat down to listen to some music. By this point, about an hour had passed, and we were experiencing mild visual distortions. We turned out the lights, and listened to some tunes while we waited for *D to arrive. Time passed quickly and slowly at the same time, and before we both knew it, we were tripping incredibly hard. D came in, and saw we were tripping, and turned up the music. All of a sudden I lost control of what I was seeing, and the most fantastic set of cartoonish visuals I have ever seen played before my eyes. P had a similar experience. We smoked a little with D, and at this point I was tripping much much harder than I had expected. A feeling akin to the loss of control that comes with drinking too much was taking over my mind, and I was saying things that I normally would have kept private, commenting on how I looked in the mirror, etc. My eyes and ears were red from smoking, and as I watched myself, my ears elongated and stretched to a point, and my eyes and mouth began pouring fire out of them. I became the devil for a few moments, then reverted to my human form. I thought this was incredible, and laughed loudly about it.

Visuals were uncontrollable and potent at this point. My perspective was shifting in wonderful ways, with my hands being the size of mountains. I was a giant among men, and nothing could stop me. I could have leapt over a building if I wanted to, and I was enjoying myself immensely. This was the most powerful experience I have ever had, even more so than 4 hits of LSD. My pupils took up my entire iris, and I couldn't stop grinning like a madman. I began to feel increasingly introverted, and looking back, it's due to the presence of someone who wasn't tripping (D). I was overcome with the urge to go back to my room and finish the trip alone, so I tried to leave. All of a sudden, nausea hit me with the all the force it could muster. I made it to the bathroom, and threw up once. Cleaning up, I realized I felt incredibly better. In fact, even vomiting hadn't been that unpleasant. I washed up and left D and P, and went back to my room. What followed was a wonderful talk with some old friends, musical enjoyment, and the trippiest session of mariokart 64 in the history of mankind.

The night was fantastic, and my trip wasnt even half done. I lay in bed tripping silently from about 2 until 7 in the morning, then fell asleep until about noon. Realizing I had to get to class, I got out of bed, only to realize I was STILL tripping! It was very mild, but if I focused on the visuals, I could increase their potency and induce a peak. I continued to trip on and off, with lessening frequency and intensity, until 7 that night. In my Bio class, we were watching pictures of Monkeys and talking about primate evolution. The monkeys would look at me, get up, and walk around the projection screen. It was incredible. Going to bed that night, I had incredibly vivid and memorable dreams, and they have continued since then (it has now been 4 days). Waking up the next day, I felt nearly normal. P wasnt so lucky. He had a bad trip after I left, since he was unprepared for what was coming and had no-one as crazy as he was to relate to. He only started feeling better yesterday.

Why was my trip so powerful this time? I think its because the seeds had soaked in water for 4 days before the trip. Every account I have read online involves soaking the seeds in about a shotglass of water or alcohol to minimize the amount of liquid you have to drink, my theory is that this limits the potency of the trip. Water can only hold so much of a chemical before it becomes supersaturated with it, and no more will dissolve into the water. By using entire bottles of water, and allowing for such a long period of saturation, it allowed that much more LSA to leech into the liquid. I made several more bottles and I plan on revisiting the land of giantism and euphoria tomorrow.

Some personal suggestions:

Use the method I did for extraction. It works wonders.
Start with small doses unless you have lots of experience with hallucinogens. P wasn't ready for what occurred, and it freaked him out badly, ruining his trip. Besides, it's easy to take more, hard to take less.

Trip away from sober people. I can't stress this enough. Being around sober people brought me down every time it happened, because I felt so awkward and out of control. Stay with people who are on similar doses as you, or trip alone.

If your trip turns sour (mentally) it is due to your state of mind, not the drug! You can fix it, too! Do something you love, and it will bring you back to a wonderful place. Watch a good happy movie, play great music, etc.

This is not a party drug. Being in public may get you in trouble, because the pupils become largely dilated, and judgement becomes questionable.

Avoid anything remotely dangerous. I got lost in the woods during my first trip (and this was the weak one!), and was so tired I almost fell asleep in the snow, which would have been bad. I also was trespassing in neighbor's yards, and I'm lucky I wasn't arrested.

These seeds DO contain poisonous, nauseating chemicals. Don't overdose, and be careful in dosing. The best way to avoid that, it seems, is to start with low doses and work your way up, and to not eat the seed material. I still got sick just from drinking the water!

Have fun!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61127
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 8, 2009Views: 12,016
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