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Communing With the Whales
H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis, Amanita muscaria & Mushrooms
by Talen
Citation:   Talen. "Communing With the Whales: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis, Amanita muscaria & Mushrooms (exp105408)". Nov 21, 2016.

T+ 0:00
  oral Various  
  T+ 0:00 4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Amanitas - A. muscaria (extract)
  T+ 0:00 9 g oral Kratom (extract)
  T+ 0:00   repeated vaporized Cannabis - Hash  
  T+ 4:00 6 g oral Mushrooms  


So, this is two years after said experience but I feel compelled to report anyway...

I'm experienced with psychoactive materials such as, Salvia, Mushrooms, BromoDragonfly, Amanita Muscaria, Alchohol, LSA containing seeds, Cappi Vine, Syrian Rue, Datura, Brugmansia, Yopo, Vaporized DMT and copius amounts of Cannabis in every form imaginable. Even a horrible experience with synthetic Cannabinoids and DXM... Respect for these substances is essential to safe explorations!

I am a military veteran of two tours in Iraq so bravado sometimes gets the better of me... Thankfully not this time!

The experience started in Eastern Colorado on a weekend off of work and all my co-workers wanted to go bowling/drinking the Booze. (I'm pretty biased towards drinking, being supported by the establishment/big brother/corporations... Dumb dumb drug... I digress). I agree but not before taking some Valerian Root 1750 mg, Skullcap 1500mg, Passion Flower 1000mg, Phenibut 750mg, Picamilon 250mg, Blue Lotus Extract 1 gram, 4 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds Chewed and swallowed and rolled a joint laced with Amanita muscaria Extract (adds a little extra to cannabis an combats the cotton mouth!) Cannabis buds were being continuously smoked allnight (gotta love Colorado!) All this took place at roughly 7:00 p.m..

7:30 P.M.- Arrival at the bowling alley.

Everyones in a very jovial mood (Cannabis!). I am feeling slight nausea but nothing the Kratom and Cannabis deadly duo cannot take care of. Starting to feel rushes of energy (Kratom) and becoming quite talkative. I feel as if enveloped by a warm field of static electricity, Very nice. All the stresses of the week and anxiety are just melting away. Takes puffs of Hash out out of a vaporizer pen (tastes lovely!).

9:00- Ok.. Tired of the Bowling alley.

Wow ok, I was having fun at first but now the Hawaiian woodrose seeds have kicked in (also every other substance consumed!). The seeds make me super aware of patterns and the subtle underlying energies of places. Raucous drunken laughter and dirty jokes really don't mix well with deep insightful abstract thought processes... Neither stumbling steps and long spaced out stares into empty space, and I really had both going on. People kept asking about my wellbeing seeing that I had only been drinking water and didnt appear intoxicated... Until speaking or walking. I felt extreme euphoria, warmth and downright groovy. Except the drunk rednecks interfering with my vibes. So I decide to smoke my Sneaky laced Amanita/cannabis joint around the back. Well co-workers followed and asked to partake with me. I explained the contents of said joint but they still wanted to try... Everyone agreed that the taste isnt so good but loved the drool inducing extract.

This made me almost manic and the thoughts and words were flowing like a river! This conversation led to that and so we all decided to leave the bowling alley and eat some Magnificent Mushrooms (cubensis).

11:00-? There she blows captain! The great white whale!

Sorry about the time frame. I honestly had lost all reference of time by now...

So our group returned to my house to 'meet the magic (mushroom)' there were 6 people back at my place and five of em were talking crap about my beloved mushroom... Saying it probably wouldnt amount to much anyway... So at first I was going to deny them the experience but they kept pushing me. (My inhibitions were extremely lowered by now...) So I gave them the ultimatum that they could imbibe the sacrament but only at the dose I handed them. They accepted. So I weighed out 4 grams for each of them. (At first they wanted a 1/2 gram each to enhance some video game playing, I thought that this would be disrespectful to the mushroom spirit. Hence the 4 gram dose.) They wondered about interactions with alchohol and I told them to expect nausea and confusion but Psilocin can and most definitly will overpower feelings of drunkeness. They all dosed and I bravely (insanely?) weighed out 6 grams and dosed as well. I went downstairs to gather my singing bowl and other assorted shamanic gear.

11:30? Guess. Psychedelic pandemonium

Well as I am grabbing my tripping toys I hear yelling and commotion upstairs. Uh oh! I go to see whats going on. My friend is punching walls and very upset with me. I ask 'whats wrong bro?' He starts flinging accusations that I am being unsocial and abandoning them all to the trip. I dont really understand whats going on at first then it dawns on me... We are starting to come up! 'Whoa my friend, no abandonment here! Just gathering more weed and shiny bowls and feathers and crystals an such!'. 'Oh! Ok' he says and breaks into a massive grin. He turns on a video game after this and all I hear is gunfire and explosions... Ugh. Well two of our fellow trippers dont like the vibes so decide to walk home and proceed to watch Lion King on repeat all night. 30 something year old brothers scared into watching Disney all night. Psychedelics are curious, no?
There were six, now down to four.
The comeup was extremely fast for me this time! Exponential liftoff! I decided to browse some Alex Grey art books but as I turned the pages I started having the strangest feeling. That I wasnt supposed to do this... That that was his trip, not mine. It was uncanny and forceful, almost a telepathic and heartfelt NO! Along with this I had the compulsion to go into the restroom. By this point we were all pretty fried. But mainly a supreme body feeling and pretty moderate color enhancement. Lots of pinks and yellows, much like adjusting the T.V. screen. Strange that I didnt percieve breathing walls and carpet movement like I usually do.

12:XX? Stairway to heaven, Realisation

I go into the bathroom and my breath is just taken away. On the white ceiling is a golden fractal stairway seemingly leading strait to the gods! Very organic, like a cross section of a conch shell only breathing and growing into infinity. Imagine the inside of the most spectacular cathedral dome imaginable. All the cracks in the paint were flaking off and growing nonstop, similar to the day/night transition of the movie Silent hill, only really beautiful and engrossing. All of the sudden this familiar feeling washes over me... What is it, hmmm. Oh shit its my ego beginning to come under attack! I wasnt really prepared for that. It had happened to me before but never as strong as it was this time. Like an inescapable steamroller come to crush me out of existence. 'SHIT SHIT SSSSHHHHHIIIITTTT! Not now I begged and pleaded. I prayed to whatever force would listen. Only the mushroom spirit answered. 'You asked for this, to see my true power, now here it is. Experience awe and pay attention and learn!' Well damn I thought here goes nothing or everything. So I walked back into the living room. I said 'sorry everyone, I've gone and over did it. I am about to be FUCKED up! But dont worry it will pass...' I was met with stares of trepidation from my three fellow travellers. The video game had been turned off because they said it was making them think that a S.W.A.T. Team was about to bust in the door.

1:00? Consciousness Fractured and Communing with the Whales

We decided to load a bowl of Cannabis to help with the morose atmosphere. It seemed like eternity but not a one of us was capable of loading that bowl! Eventually we gave up... Probably wouldn't have helped anyway. My friends were having pretty profound conversations that is normally absent from their normal talk. I was fighting the slippery slope of ego dissolution and losing badly! Then all of the sudden I had an epiphany! 'Stop fighting it and just let go!' I told my friends that I was going to go with it and to try to remain calm. They laughed and agreed and turned on The Simpsons. After I accepted my fate everything got much better! Even for my fellow travellers! I think that my anxiety was flowing into them... Poor souls! Laughter started coming in gales from everyone! I had felt like a trapped and cornered animal earlier. Now I KNEW that all was well. I kept telling them that I was going CRAZY! That made everyone laugh really really hard and they would say 'no bro, you aren't going crazy!'. 'Oh yes I am! It's GREAT HA HA HA HA!'

By this point I couldn't even walk. I could only kind of slither around on the hardwood floor. I guess that would be an accurate description... Soon I could not even sit upright. Gravity seemed to be getting extremely heavy. I begged my friend to hand me a bottle of water (starting to get really hot and parched, sort of uncomfortable bodily sensations). He set it in front of my outstretched hand (I was on my side just unable to get up.) Well that damned bottle just slowly rolled away out of reach. The wooden slats of the floor were starting to look less than normal, more like undulating snakes or different colors of paint all swirling together. Very ocean like. Turbulent waters. In fact all of reality was distorting and morphing like jello or Salvador Dali paintings. Archaic letters and runes similar to Aramaic or Hebrew were scrolling across every flat surface. Living matter was vibrating so fast as to make the edges blurry or fractalized.
Living matter was vibrating so fast as to make the edges blurry or fractalized.
Time wasn't even in existance. I was hearing whispers and strange echoes everywhere. It was far too much to comprehend and quite nauseous to say the least, so I closed my eyes.

In this dark realm I realized that my conciousness had fractured into multiple perspectives. One was imobilised on the floor clinging to any form of existance that it could. Another was listening to my friends converse and watch T.V.. And yet another was reviewing life decisions and memories in glorious detail. One more was responding to my friends inquiries to my wellbeing with moans and grunts an groans. Ha! But this other aspect of me was experiencing a strange cold pressure... I tried focusing on this one. The more I focused the more the other aspects fell into background noise. I felt cold but comfortable in here. All darkness but I felt presences around me and kept hearing a strange sound. I started taking deep slow breaths in and mooooaaaannning the sound out. After several iterations of making the sound I heard my friend really far in the distance say 'he is ok, just tripping really hard' reassured that my friends were still watching over my body I opened my 'Eyes' and was taken aback! I found myself in an aquatic locale surrounded by gargantuan creatures! I was very disoriented at first but came to the conclusion that I was floating in the midst of a sleeping pod of whales! I moaned out in excitement and a few eyes started opening around me. I moaned more and the rest started waking up. More moans and the whole pod surrounded me curiously rubbing against me. Euphoria and excitement went through the roof! The whales were trying to calm me down with soothing calls and squeals.

This state was similar to a lucid dream but far more vivid! I could feel the caresses of my fellow pod members! Their deep resounding calls imparted far more information than I ever thought possible! Eventually I worked out that the pod had discerned my 'alien' nature. They sang me back to a deep comfortable placid sleep like state. Songs of oneness and deep understanding.

All of the sudden my eyes jolted open and I jumped up with a start! My friends were so startled! Ha! The said 'whoa man! What the fuck just happened?!?' I said. 'What a fuckin TRIP man! I was with the whales!'. They responded 'No, man. You were singing like a whale, really LOUDLY! Just like one on the Animal Planet!'.

This was my most awesome trip ever! I was brimming with energy and felt on top of the world. I couldnt stop making strange vibrational sounds though. I was tripping like 'normal' now. Breathing carpet fast flowing thoughts and all. The vibrations made the visuals strikingly more animated. We just hung out smoking Cannabis and Hash until the sun came up.

This was the most amazing experience I've ever had with mushrooms. Hands down! I was psychedelically sated for over a year after this. Also strangely my recurring Cluster and Migraine headaches have dissapeared... I have been free of symptoms for close to two years now... Hmm.

Please be careful and respect these things. We have only scratched the surface of existance. Keep searching. And spread love and compassion whenever and wherever you can!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 105408
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Nov 21, 2016Views: 1,522
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Mushrooms (39), H.B. Woodrose (26), Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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