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The Way Forward
H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis
Citation:   SandskyCainer. "The Way Forward: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis (exp36476)". Feb 9, 2007.

  repeated sublingual H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
My drug career began in the usual way, smoking dope and skunk, for a good few years then trying pills (ecstasy) speed (amphetamine) and coke.

I loved pills, at first, as do all who give it a good go. I would always combine heavy cannabis smoking with whatever other substance I was doing. Cannabis has been the core to my exploration. The psychoactive effects always being a component in my experiences.

Even pills made me very trippy, when others would feel nothing. I would do 4-5 on a Friday night every fortnight or so, for about 6 - 12 months. But the comedowns started to become worse and any pleasurable effect diminished with time. Excitement wore off and I really started to question pills and look for something better.

I tried coke - and never looked back on pills. The relative lack of comedown in comparison to ecstasy meant I never returned. Again after 6 months to a year of that I reached a point where the negatives were starting to outweigh the positives. I had a particularly bad 'cocaine crash' one time and felt so awful, that even though I still had half a gramme, I knew it wouldn't make me feel any better and I washed it down the sink. Most people who've tried coke would admit its one of the hardest things to wash down the sink. It indicates how unhappy I was with it all.

So I stopped. Strong skunk being my only regular vice now. This is my psychadelic background. My experiences were always more mental than physical, it was always the consciousness altering experiences I was interested in.

I tried Mexican mushrooms, as always with heavy smoking and was amazed at what a difference there was to putting some heavily manufactured toxic substance in your body. I had all the effects described elsewhere, happy, trippy, giggly and best of all a feeling of general well being the next day instead of a comedown and a physically wracked body. The experiences were always predictable, being no more than 6 hours. The only negative for me was that I did feel nauseous at first, although I was never actually sick.

Sold by the benefits of natural substances, the legality aspects, the possible health risks of street drugs, I stumbled across HBWS.

I read everyone's experiences and paid particular attention to the method of oral ingestion through the tongue and cheeks. Everyone seemed to have had powerful experiences, no one said it didnt work for them. The oral ingestion method seemed to defeat the only negative, that HBWS would make you sick if you ate enough.

50 arrived next day from the internet at an average cost of 30 pence each (about 50c US) Prepared 3 seeds. Scraped very hard, to remove the poisonous furry husk, then burned them with a lighter to make absolutely sure. Ground them with a mortar and pestel into as small a powder as I could. I then put the powder in the bottom of a small glass with a tiny drop of water. This is supposed to help the LSA come out. I left for 5 minutes, then using a spoon, put the wet paste in my mouth. Keeping it there for 20-25 mins.

It was difficult not to swallow and trying to avoid salivating was the best way. Not talking seemed a good idea. After 20 - 25 minutes with minimal swallowing, I spat the paste out and cleaned my teeth. My cheeks had started to feel numb during the time it was absorbing in my mouth, but I didn't notice any other immediate effects.

Having tried it a few times since, I now realise that in the first hour after ingestion I feel warm, relaxed and almost sleepy. Everyone I have tried this with has a quiet first hour. A few have made the mistake of going to bed thinking they were tired and not in the mood and then lain awake for the next 7 hours feeling the full effects.

Everything was very gradual. I believe now that smoking cannabis aids the experience. It seems to act as a catalyst - a huge accelerant. I felt tiny tingles at first a bit like the first 30 minutes after taking ecstasy. There was just a gentle but relentless wave of LSA washing over me.

It appeared and just got ever stronger, but not in a way which was worrying. It was all so progressive and gradual. Small visuals started to appear, and although I could not see more I had a feeling that more were there behind a veil. I saw a big silver ball above the head of one of my friends that did not move. I moved and looked at it from different angles but it remained.

I was feeling pretty normal though. More than stoned, tingly a little euphoric, chatty, certainly not out of it. Just seeing this ball of silver light. I sat on the couch, chatted, smoked, watched tv and gradually became wrecked. The colours on the tv started to get vivid. Watching MTV with the sound off, our own hard dance music playing. We watched a bit of Tv for a while, some random show. Whilst that was on I felt quite normal and had minimal effects, but as soon as the tv was muted and the dance music was back on I felt instantly hammered again.

The effects kept coming. Lots of giggling, incomprehension, tripping, little vivid daydreams that would totally capture your attention only for a second, but in which time would seem to move much more slowly. Iíd come out of it to find only a second had passed and no one noticed my micro trip.

There was no nausea at all and in fact I was able to eat normally, which again was such a relief as I had always had eating problems with coke/ecstasy/amphetamines. After about 4 hours I was feeling very euphoric, tripping from moment to moment and generally having a very positive experience.

We decided to see if you could top up the effects, so each had another 2. This time I could definitely feel my mouth going numb as you kept the paste in your mouth. This seemed to work quite well for us. The effects still progressive but getting stronger as more and more started to work.

Things just became messy and hard to describe. In general we found you could describe the effects of taking a few HBWS as similar to ecstasy at first, then later it becomes more like a mushroom experience, then it moves into something else entirely.

People who were very experienced were lying on the carpet laughing, unable to move. The peak effects were still hitting us 7-8 hours after first starting.

I have tried it a few times since. I cannot fault the experience. I tried it once without smoking. I was watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, its practically the Law!!!!

It worked ok, there was an enormous amount of incomprehension. We watched another film afterwards and the effects seem to tail off after 3-4 hours. On my way home I called in at some friends who were still up. I had some skunk and it kicked everything off again and moved it to another level. Again there was strong environmental stimulation, music, lights, smoking. I felt wave after wave hit me. I was amazed as I thought the experience had passed and only on hour before I was totally normal.

That particular night I became the most wrecked I have been on any substance ever. With nothing but the cannabis acting on the LSA already in my system. I could barely move, I could feel my whole body buzzing with energy, I could hardly keep my eyes open, but when I closed them I would feel myself spinning off backwards into space as though my eyes were anchors to reality. I cannot really describe where I tripped to or what happened.

I totally recommend trying HBWS. It is a progressive substance. It combines very well with Cannabis. It has the potential to be what you want, a small number make it a natural substitute (from a mental perspective, not for physical effects) for ecstasy. More make it psychedelic. Adding skunk to the recipe is nothing like anything else I've tried. I can remove the veil to other worlds, dimensions, realities.

Finally, HWBS are not morish, unlike cocaine or other substances. I got mine 9 months ago and still have half left. Its such a revealing experience and somehow I just donít feel like doing it at the moment. The time is not right. Its almost like it makes you respect it. So as a psychonaughts tool, I'd rate it 10/10.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36476
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 9, 2007Views: 29,005
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