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The Wonders of the Dinner Table
H. B. Woodrose
Citation:   ZachM. "The Wonders of the Dinner Table: An Experience with H. B. Woodrose (exp40566)". May 21, 2008.

11 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
After months of careful research, I decided that HBWR seeds were worth a shot. The only hallucinogens I had ever tried before these powerful seeds were mushrooms, of which I had previously only taken a gram or so. A few years later, I have now eaten many 8ths of mushrooms, and many HBWR seeds, and I have to say that the seeds definately stack up to good shrooms. This report, however, is going to detail my very first experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds.

At 3:30 p.m. I was about to leave my mom's house, after visiting with my brother Josh, when he pulled out a small bag of something. He said that they were HBWR and that he had gotten them off a dude at work, and that he had tripped off of them the previous day. I immediately told him to give me a few, and he gave me the rest of the bag, 11 seeds. I then proceeded to chew them up well, and then I left, telling Josh that I would call him when they started to kick in.

It was a half hour drive back to my dad's house, and the only noticeable affect of the seeds was slight nausea, which passed almost by the time I got home. I decided to watch some tv and let some time pass to allow the seeds to kick in.

A few hours went by, and at 6:00 p.m. I was still not really feeling anything but a slight sense of fatigue. I was actually kind of pissed because I thought the seeds were duds. At 6:30, my dad walked into the room and began talking to me. I believe he said something along the lines of 'Dinner's gonna be ready in an hour or so, why don't you go mow the lawn?'. I looked away from him, towards the floor, and all of a sudden, something didn't feel right. I tried to say something to him, but all that would come out was a slurred '...ok...' He left the room, and my heart started racing as a I noticed that the grey and black speckles on the burbur carpeting began to jump around a little. They just wouldn't hold still. Then, my dad threw one of my little brother's toys into the room, and where it hit the carpet, a ripple effect began. It was as if the carpet had become the calm surface of a pond, only to be disturbed by a thrown stone, and 'waves' of carpeting began to cascade out in all directions. I became so excited just knowing that my trip had started.

My dad was being persistent about the lawn so I managed to walk out to the garage to get the mower. On the way out, all I could do was stare in awe at the beauty of the clouds floating through the blue sea of the sky. They seemed to be zipping right across the sky at 100 miles an hour. This sense of awe never left from that moment, up until the end of the trip. I knew that my dad was going to start bitching if I didn't get on the lawn so I proceeded to start the mowing. I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing, and found myself actually stumbling and going in zig-zags. The whole time I was mowing thoughts began to rush through my mind, faster and faster. The thoughts were mainly of a benign and pleasant manner, and I began to feel most satisfied with my present outlook on life. I felt so happy with my understanding of the world that it seemed as if I would burst. This sense of ultra-understanding and supreme happiness and tranquility would come to characterize my future experiences with HBWR seeds.

After finishing about half of the lawn, my friend Ashley stopped by, and we had a nice little chat about school. I was grateful that I could take a break from the mindless labor of lawn-mowing, and soon my dad appeared on the porch and said that dinner was ready. Ashley and I said our good-byes and I was back in the house.

The first thing I noticed was a green, crocodilian monster lying on the dining room floor, that gazed up at me with huge eyes and a gaping smile of teeth. I started a little upon noticing this threatening looking beast lying on the floor, but soon realized that it was just one of my little brother's toys. That damned thing still gave me the creeps, so I maintained distance from it for the rest of my trip.

I sat down to dinner with my dad, my step-mom, and my two little half-brothers around 7:30 p.m. The normal topics of dinner table discussion seemed to hold a whole new level of meaning and entertainment. My dad's work-place tales of mis-guided maintenance men seemed to be remarkably funny, and the antics of my two little brothers, (1 and 3 years old at the time), simply made my inner-being laugh and smile. I noticed that the chicken in italian marinade tasted like the best food I had ever eaten, however, it was also the most time consuming meal I have ever eaten. Even as I savored the delicious taste and texture of the meat, I struggled to swallow every mouthful. I don't know if it was an actual physical phenomenon, or just my mind playing games, but it took forever to eat that one chicken breast.

After dinner, around 8:15, I went to my room to chill and listen to some music. For the remainder of the evening I was delighted by the pleasant mindset brought on by the LSA, as well as the little visuals I was getting. Shadows on the wall would constantly move and nothing wanted to hold still. The carpet still seemed more like a body of water than a body of fabric, ripples flowing through it occasionally. I fell asleep around 11 p.m., still feeling good and still slightly tripping.

In retrospect, that was a wonderful first experience with lysergic acid based hallucinogens. However, after taking them several more times, I realized that HBWR seeds could either give me a wonderful experience if I did them right, or an evening of sickness and vomiting. As a final thought, I'd like to add that my favorite part of the experience, besides the pleasant mental aspect, was the feeling that my consciousness had overflowed my physical body, and had spilled out to fill the entirety of whatever room I was in. That is about the only way I can describe how it feels.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 40566
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 21, 2008Views: 8,924
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