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Born Again
H.B. Woodrose
by jmel_
Citation:   jmel_. "Born Again: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp109774)". May 21, 2018.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was my first experience with a hallucinogen besides diphenhydramine, so I was extremely curious as to what the field of psychedelics had to offer. The months leading up to this trip, I had been very eager to experience psychedelics such as acid or shrooms, but these chemicals were sadly never bestowed upon me. After some frustration, I decided to try the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds to get my feet wet in psychedelics. Also, because they are legal and more readily available.

On the night of the trip, I was just coming down after smoking a few bowls, so my friends and I decided to break out the seeds. Worried about an inevitable confrontation with my parents later in the night, I decided to be cautious and only take 4 seeds. I scraped off the white fuzz, popped them in my mouth and chewed the hard seeds into a paste and swallowed. The seeds were bearable, but tasted like the smell of dirt, which turned my stomach a bit.

After about 20 minutes, my friends and I decided to 'take a walk' and smoke a few bowls to negate the nausea expected with the seeds. We smoked, and after heading back inside, I was met with the leg cramps described in many of these trips. We had watched tv for about an hour, and I began to feel a slight drunkenness beginning to dull my brain. This was quite pleasant, comparable to a couple shots, and an almost opiate-like euphoria.

Another hour had passed, and I had to get picked up by my father. Upon returning home and getting in a ceremonial bath for the occasion, I was met with pure bliss, a complete sense of contentment in my own skin. My inhibitions had been erased, and I was at peace. At this point, some slight visuals had began, such as objects seeming to inhale and exhale. Then, suddenly, it happened. I was born again, and I was discovering my body, amazed at my limbs. My skin was orgasmic to touch, as I rubbed all over my naked body like an idiot. I was having memories of experiences that I was never a part of. I could envision a situation, and I was suddenly there. This experience consisted of a lot less seeing things with my eyes, but instead I saw things with my mind.

I drained the bathtub, and retired to the living room, where I laid on the couch. My brother entered, and we engaged in deep conversation, my mind and body being vastly stimulated throughout. I spent the rest of the night just swimming in the euphoria, until I finally went to bed, and dreamt extremely vivid dreams. The next morning I was a bit hungover, but this subsided later in the day. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. I barely experienced the negative effects, and I had a wonderful trip that stimulated my body and soul. I plan to use the seeds again, but at a much higher dose to experience the full effect.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: May 21, 2018Views: 651
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