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Body Melting
H.B. Woodrose
by sedracer
Citation:   sedracer. "Body Melting: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp100636)". Jun 7, 2021.

11 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
    repeated smoked Cannabis
    smoked Tobacco


This was my second experience with hbw seeds, my first was a test run and besides a few sentences to follow the introduction its the only time it will be mentioned. I read about these seeds after searching for legal ways to trip and explore the mind a little more. I built a ganzfeld experiment setup in a closet and then ordered these seeds.

First trip. Seeds arrived on a monday, I promptly stripped the fur off of 8 seeds about 6pm. Soaked them in some ice cold filtered water for about 15 minutes. Took about an hour and 15 minutes for the effects to start being felt. Caused me to vomit 6 hours into the trip. Great fun but after vomiting I was exhausted and passed out. Crazy dreams did occur all night.

Second trip and the bulk of this experience entry. Planned ahead for a sunday afternoon with my gf (A) and a buddy (B) and his gf (C).

Prep - Crushed the seeds, 11 each for myself and B, 8 each for the ladies. Put the seeds in water bottles with a splash of filter water and 2tsp of lime juice. They soaked for the ride to my friends house (approx. 30-45min). I shook them twice during the journey. Added 3-4ozs of OJ to the mix and shook well.

After making the mix we all took a seat on the deck in some comfy chairs to swallow the mix. The effects hit within 10-15 minutes. A tingling starting in my stomach and radiating out my arms and legs. My body began to get heavy and totally relaxed. The girls ended up laying on the deck floor within 30 minutes. A and C both puked up the mix 45-60 minutes, I also started to puke after quickly running down some steps but swallowed it back down. My first time was great and I wanted the full effects again.

90 minutes in we all landed on the couch and smoked a blunt to ease stomaches and add to the ride, by this point my body is the most relaxed and at ease that its ever been. I kept feeling like I was melting into the couch as it would warm to my body temperature. Some mild cev's from the tv noise, waves of color and light. I put my head under a blanket multiple times to make sure it wasn't the tv light and then they started to intensify and create beautiful radiating patterns.

2.5 hours we were back on the deck. A, B, and C were all laying on the deck floor in the shade and I sat in a nice deck chair with my legs out across them. C was having the most intense effects, she could only manage to lay on her stomach. She was lightly moaning and humming but grinning the entire time. I think she puked 2-3 times total by now and that was all for the night. B and I spent what felt like hours watching the clouds tumble and roll, some light thunderstorms for moving around us so the clounds had tons of depth and color. Shapes and patterns constantly were appearing for me and I kept seeing birds but no else could see them. The girls demanded we order food so we ordered a pizza.

3.5 hours Pizza was delivered and I could only eat one piece, it looked amazing but the smell was so powerful it put me off. No one else at more than a piece either but we would devour it a few hours later into the trip. C is still crashed on the floor as well as A, B and I go to the basement to roll another blunt. My body high is still amazing, everything I touch seems to be the most amazing thing I've touched and I constantly rub them.
My body high is still amazing, everything I touch seems to be the most amazing thing I've touched and I constantly rub them.
We came back to the deck and after rubbing my deck chair for 10 minutes I got a splinter and quit. I then gave A and C back massages to get out my rubbing addiction for the moment and to help ease some of what they called nausea at the time but later explained it as intense tingling in their abdomen that felt good but was so strong it made them feel sick. B and I are passed the stomach troubles and having a blast.

5 hours in, we were all coming through the intensist parts of our trips but B and I were still rolling pretty well. My body had a light tingling sensation like they were going asleep but never hit the full pins and needles. This effect lasted the entire rest of the night for me and is what will make me eat many more of these seeds. We smoked a couple more blunts and spent the next few hours on the couch. All rambling from topic to topic talking over the tv and cutting each other off to build the story or topic further and further from where we started. We were all feeling great and reheated the pizza.

7-10 hours in, still have the great body high and feel great. For the entire trip I felt like I could do anything, from stand up comedy we were watching, to explaining to our tripsitter that her degree wasn't going to get her far enough for the effort. Everyone was in good spirits and between B and I we ordered 400 more seeds to share with our friends. My reoccuring statement from the night was 'Why doesn't everyone do these?'.

In conclusion, for the ease of access, legality, and price this is awesome in my humble opinion. I'm not a hardcore tripper doing LSD 3-4 times, molly a couple times, and shrooms once. This is not like any of them, molly would be the closest. I had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and my filter was totally turned off. I would ask any question and give any answer. I had read LSA has a more narcotic effect than LSD and I would say thats 100% true. For myself the nausea is less sickness and more disorientation. These things are intense, but not in a visual way but an emotional and physical sense.

Left overs. A few things I forgot to mention and don't want to go place back in are that my vision while tripping seemed to be super powered. Things looked sharper and more vibrant, I did have some light sensitivity to the sun in the early afternoon but I occasionally get that sober.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100636
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jun 7, 2021Views: 208
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