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Better Than Ecstasy by Far
HB Woodrose, Cannabis & Metoclopramide
Citation:   LikeAshesWeFade. "Better Than Ecstasy by Far: An Experience with HB Woodrose, Cannabis & Metoclopramide (exp87569)". Feb 8, 2023.

0.5 g smoked Cannabis
  4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
It was roughly 11pm at night and my friend had piked out on me and decided to sleep, my partner wanted to go to bed and I was left all alone with a massive curiosity to try my new order of H.B Woodrose seeds. Previously to this experience I had my first 'trip' with the same seeds but from a different source 7 days prior and ate 5 seeds that time.

So I figured ok.. This new source of seeds have been UV treated and I was unsure as to whether the alkaloid content would be very high. So I thought well I'll try 4 seeds this time and just lay down on my recliner n watch TV. I ingested a 10 mg metaclopramide (nausea) tablet shortly prior to eating the seeds then one by one crushed the seeds thoroughly in my mouth n swallowed, instantly noticing a more 'bitter' taste than the first time I ate the seeds from a different person.

Within half an hour I noticed a slight euphoria picking up and then closely followed by the brief gut wrenching feeling which lasted not even 1 minute, I believe from the nausea tablet and some Marijuana beforehand. Then started all the lovely warm fuzzy feelings, twiddling my toes and feeling great all over. I knew then that I had roughly an hour of 'coming up' until I'd hit the plateau, straight away I was noticing much stronger euphoric/stimulating/MDMA-like effects than the previous trip I'd had.

The 2 hour mark clicked over. Giggling became very common, sms'ing on my mobile was amazing with the words starting to glow, extreme overwhelming waves/rushes of blissful feelings started to come over me, I have had some great times on MDMA but this was becoming much MUCH more intense and wonderful than any MDMA I have ever had. The darkness was intense to look into down my house with some powerful OEV's so I focused on my 42' plasma TV and an old man on tv with really wrinkly skin suddenly turned into a talking corpse all pale and dead. BUT TALKING! The next thing I noticed was a lady giving birth on the movie but when she screamed her whole mouth would stretch open like something from 'scream' the movie.

Now I knew this was twice as strong as the first dose of 5 woodrose seeds I'd had and a source that I will forever be sticking to! :) My friend knocked on my door at 1.30am and after all the OEV's on the TV I was tripping hard and very INTENSELY! I opened the door looking something a bit like spiderman crossed with a ninja. Crouched down opening the door slowly... My mate instantly broke into tears of laughter. I had to send him home within 15 minutes of him being there. He was making my atmosphere and mood change and feel out of place because he wanted to trip back at his house, but the thought of cold air on my skin felt like dry ice burning me!

After he left I came back to an amazing mood again, music videos on TV were perfect! Some sort of psychedelic night was on RAGE the music video program. I plan on keeping these seeds very low key around my friends and just use them for growing purposes and for my own and CLOSE friends experiences. These are a life-changing, eye-opening drug and should be used with extreme caution and much knowledge must be gained by yourself before ingesting or letting your friends ingest them.

In my honest opinion I would say these seeds have the possibility to cure/aid peoples minds into thinking and opening different gateways in their brain to maybe (just maybe) help overcome social anxiety/stress/depression and maybe many other psychological issues. In a brief description of how LSA makes me feel (at the right dose): Euphoric, Very insightful, Earthy, Energetic but ALSO lethargic which is strange, and over all. MUCH better than MDMA, I have never tried LSD and dont think I ever will. LSA is completely natural and has similar if not better effects than ecstacy, leaving me with next to no day-after feelings apart from feeling bloody great, no anxiety/depression and willing to try/experience more things in life.

I know for me it has greatly helped improve my motivation for wanting to play with my daughter (not whilst tripping) outside of the house more (I have a social anxiety disorder) which was greatly affecting my life and relationship with both my daughter and fiance. Even for the rest of the week when the LSA has well worn off!! Never should these drugs be abused and I pray that the government does not completely sting this wonderful natural drug that god has put there for us. I shall definitely be growing some of my own!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87569
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 8, 2023Views: 365
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Combinations (3), Families (41), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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