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A Therapeutic Vacation
H.B Woodrose, Cannabis, Opium Poppy Seeds, Kratom, Coffee & Various Pharmaceuticals
by SD
Citation:   SD. "A Therapeutic Vacation: An Experience with H.B Woodrose, Cannabis, Opium Poppy Seeds, Kratom, Coffee & Various Pharmaceuticals (exp114335)". Oct 4, 2023.

48 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose  
  5 Tbsp oral Poppies - Opium (seeds)
  3 g oral Kratom  
  Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  15 mg oral Pharms - Atomoxetine (pill / tablet)
  400 mg oral Pharms - Lamotrigine (pill / tablet)
  300 ug oral Pharms - Levofloxacin (pill / tablet)
It’s currently 3:40pm 4/25/20 and I’m still tripping, exhausted, my nervous system and muscles feel like they are blanketed and filled with the oozing LSA. The trip began two days ago 4/23/20 when I dosed on twelve seeds at once before going to sleep. I had some intense dreams while listening to third eye & pineal gland enhancing binaural beats on my app.

Twenty minutes after I woke up, I felt okay without much hangover, so I started my trip at 11:51am on 4/24/20. I took 8 seeds. T: -5 minutes before yesterday’s trip. I turn on some psychill trance music. T: +13.1 minutes. I can taste the chemical in my bloodstream and nervous system. T: +41.8973 minutes. I began noticing effects. I see diminishing yet pulsating of depth perceptions. T: +73.61914 minutes. I’m seeing spots and wavy reality. Shining white lights enwrapped every color. So I take four more seeds.

T: +83.041-110.53 minutes. My fiancée arrives at my house. She doesn’t do drugs at all. I was cleaning and taking out the
trash at this time. The kitchen trashcan smelled gross, so I added dish soap then took it outside to hose it out. Psychosomatically, my world rippled during this time. My skin felt like it was under triple atmospheric pressure. My gait moved in a very strange way, yet not at all like the robo-walk of DXM.

T: +112.73 minutes. Due to the current momentum of my trajectory, I was in the rare mindset of wanting to clean, I cleaned up 1/5 of the garbage laying on my floor in my basement room and broke down the cardboard boxes that were strewn all over my room. I almost never clean. My girl says I go out of my way to be lazy. She asked me, “Who are you and what did you do with my fiancé?” I told her, “I’m tripping, and I feel very grounded” because I was sitting on the basement floor allowing my negative energies to flow out of me into my rented earth.

My warm lampshade covering the gentle light that shone on my yellow walls caused my higher faculties to inspire mental clarity, wellbeing, peace, joy, warmth, a sense of God’s mercy, and an ‘everything is amazing right now’ attitude. I got bored after I filled one trash bag because I dosed on Strattera thinking that I remembered taking Adderall and the Adderall inducing a drive to clean in me; yet, the Strattera had the opposite effect that I was hoping for. So, I dumped the rubbish by the large cans and tossed the cardboard on the floor in the living room for storage until Tuesday when the garbage people make their run.

T: +121.06 minutes. I grab my chillum. I rip up a tiny bud to fill the end. Then, I go outside to hit the grape kush seven times. After, sliding back into my room. I greet my woman with a forehead kiss as she is sitting on my bed doing homework on her computer. I pick up my white marble mortar and pestle, undo the ziplock to snag two more seeds. Now, I’m at fourteen seeds and I’m relaxing into the trip by tossing back a mouthful of unwashed poppy seeds, swished around and swallowed with warm black coffee.

T: +129.03 minutes. I switch to some EDM music and some fractals videos. My girl asks “do we need to listen to this all day.” I say, “No, we can listen to your indie folk music, babe. I’m just listening to this to induce the alpha waves.” Then, I started doing my homework, writing a paper on “what is sin? And how does it affect humanity today?” for Theological Anthropology class. At that time, I was jotting my notes on my phone for the paper.

T: +144.31 minutes. I crush two more seeds in my marble mortar. Now, my girl says, “how many seeds are you going to take? I feel normal. I meaning I’m definitely tripping, but I feel normal.

T: +183.10 minutes. I powder the next four seeds and eat them with water stored in empty cognac bottles. I’m already peaked and plateaued from the first 14 seeds. I’m thinking this isn’t enough. So, I bust up 4 four seeds. Now I’m at 24. I start listening to The Book of Adam by Arakel of Siwnik. We began arguing for 30 minutes about God’s original intention for women against the patriarchy. I tend to think the patriarchy would been fine if it hadn’t been corrupted by sin. We concluded that the world isn’t as it should be and that women deserve to be empowered.

T: +200.799 minutes. I’m bored with my trip since I’m in quarantine and only watching videos, arguing, listening to the book of Adam and writing. So, I crush 4 more seeds, now at 28. I then go smoke another 6 hits. By this time, my spatial recognition feels like it’s playing portal through higher dimensions. My depth perception is folding up on itself. My visuals are super acute, yet everything looks like it’s been painted on with a paintbrush by the Best Artist Ever. Kind of cartoonish, too. My smell and hearing and taste and tactile senses are intensely acute, also.

T: +312.46 min. I asked myself at this time, if my trip was going to be about me addressing my unprocessed repressed gay feelings. I told my girl this sarcastically, yet inside wondered if I was going to have to process this too during my trip. I’m like “Oh, great. This won’t be pleasant.” Five hours later when I’m starting to notice my subconscious percolating this worry bubble up into my consciousness these ruminating loop thoughts that I’ve been carrying since my teenage years as remnant of male sex abuse and homosexual experimentation. The anxiety alleviated after a few minutes of reassuring this part of me that it was safe to be who it is and that I was going to continue being heterosexual because it rolled more inline with my desires and life-stage.

T: +420 minutes. My girl left and came back with an onion and some fresh basil and told me she was really hungry. I had been fasting all day because HBWR causes nausea and I had only been munching chili mangoes periodically. I told her, “let me finish and then I’ll cook for you.” I got her to chop the onions while I cooked the organic-grass fed beef in a stainless steel cooking pot with extra virgin olive oil and Seasoned Salt. We ate the best bowls of beef, onion, basil ever.

T: +10hours. I’m like, “fuck it, I want to see how deep this rabbit hold goes.” So, I crush eight more seeds. Now, I’m at 36 and I decide that my opiate had worn off. I took 1.5 grams of Red Hulu Kratom and another big mouth of unwashed poppy seeds with water from my cognac bottle. Then, I pack a pipe. My fiancée and I went for a walk, but she refused to wear a big winter coat; so, she was cold. She was frustrated because she wanted to work on our wedding registry while she was over. I offered her my coat that we back at my house because we had only walked about 100ft when she complained about being cold, but she didn’t want to turn around to get my other coat. So, we only walked around the block. Then, we started the wedding registry.

T: +12.5hours. My fiancée leaves to go home because we ain’t married and we’re Christians. I find two HBWR seeds laying on my bed that must’ve shot out of my mortar when my pestle collided with the rock, so I chew them up. I pull out my clash of clans game to keep that up to date and then spend all my battle cats points to level up my characters. I toss my app on with my headphones and listened to delta waves at 639Hz for 7hr34min11seconds while sleeping and tripping my face off harder than I’ve ever tripped before on an ergotamine. The dose was unpleasant and uncomfortable, yet at the same time was also pleasant and comfortable. It was like when a sugary treat is too sweet and that makes it disgusting and/or uneatable. Nevertheless, I can employ the energy of gratitude to level out my emotional equilibrium as I try to accustom myself to the intensity of the trip. The closed-eyed visuals and open-eyed visuals were so intense and my drunklike walk caused me to feel like I was warping through hyperspace with extreme acceleration.
The closed-eyed visuals and open-eyed visuals were so intense and my drunklike walk caused me to feel like I was warping through hyperspace with extreme acceleration.
I take 50mg of Sertaline before bed.

T: +38ish hrs since blast off. I wake up on 4/25/20 at 10:58am with the hardest boner I’ve had in a long time, so I scramble to the bathroom with the world still flashing flower looking mandala fireworks in infinite colors. Everything’s still wavy as fuck. I assessed my psychosomatics: trip still occurring, colors, flashing stuff. I take my levothyroxine 150 ugm and lamotrigine 200mg at 11:05am. I wait a bit while listening to homage beats on youtube. Then, I microwave yesterdays coffee and eat a chili mango. My woman picks me up at 12:30ish to take me to get an eye exam and get contacts and new glasses. I was still tripping hard. I was high from the weed on the drive over. I picked out glasses, order contacts, got my yellow John Lennon sunglasses cleaned by the lady at the front desk, paid, and left. My woman drove me home. I dose on 1.5grams of Red Hulu Kratom, a huge mouthful of poppy seeds, and went outside to puff the marijuana. My mimosa hostilis root bark came in the mail today.

It’s currently 6:33pm, we just finished online church. I love being forgiven for my sins and healed of my traumas and griefs. This trip helped call forth some undealt with issues in a remarkably enjoyable and therapeutic way. I’m ending this journal. I’m still tripping, but it’s definitely aftereffects, strong as fuck aftereffects. Colors, shimmery specters in the heavens of my room, spacey, weary, still grateful. Enjoying myself. Sitting by my woman while she works on homework and I finish this. I don’t think this trip was too heavy or too difficult to process. Only negative experience was the dry coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing when I woke up before drinking water.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114335
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Oct 4, 2023Views: 18
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Poppies - Opium (43), Kratom (203), Cannabis (1), Sound (non-music) (547) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Music Discussion (22), Multi-Day Experience (13), Relationships (44), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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