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A Highly Successful Experiment
H.B. Woodrose & Mushrooms
by Black Octagon
Citation:   Black Octagon. "A Highly Successful Experiment: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Mushrooms (exp35286)". May 27, 2007.

T+ 0:00
8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
  T+ 3:00 4 caps oral Mushrooms (fresh)


Ever since we began experimenting with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, my friends and I have been very impressed by the incredible clarity and control we seem to have over the LSA experience. For this reason, we very quickly became curious about using it in combination with other substances, notably MDMA and Psilocybin. Although unable to find any experience reports of people combining LSA with mushrooms, we nonetheless became more and more curious. Even though this ‘experiment’ was no doubt risky given the lack of available information about this combination on the internet, what ensued was an experience so enlightening and ‘right’ that I struggle to do it justice with words alone. Read on.

A friend and I prepared 8 seeds each by scraping the outer coating of fur from them to minimize the nausea we usually feel in the first two hours of an LSA trip. We had also picked 10 average-sized mushrooms (Golden Caps) during the two previous days, all of which were very fresh and healthy and kept so via refrigeration. These mushrooms were split evenly between us, having been cleaned and diced.

T (2:30pm) – We ingested the seeds in my friend’s living room with a glass of water each. For the next hour and a half we relaxed on the couches, listening to DJ Sasha’s new album (Involver) and playing chess. During this time we were very relaxed but became increasingly lethargic and even slow-witted at chess. We also experienced some slight nausea and gas, which always happens when we take LSA.

T + 1.5 (4:00pm) – I began to feel less nauseous and increasingly tactile and tripped out. I experienced some minor hallucinations when looking at the carpet, which seemed to ‘breathe’ with life, and when looking at pictures on the walls. My friend’s dog (Ollie), who had been with us the whole time and who had been quite playful and energetic, seemed to pick up on our vibe and joined us in lying down on the floor and dozed off! This was very cool and allowed us to relax even more into the experience, which by this time was increasingly enjoyable yet still quite mild.

T + 2 (4:30pm) We left the house to go for a walk and watch the sunset at the reserve behind the house. I don’t usually feel like walking on LSA but I actually found it to be quite fun this time. My head felt very warm as we slowly floated across the grass towards our favourite lookout. We were becoming increasingly thoughtful and talkative, reminiscing about the last time we were at this spot. It was clearly going to be a nice evening, with a very clear but warm sky, which is rare for an Australian winter’s night. As the sun began to disappear over the horizon, I took a deep breath, thought “here goes nothing” and pulled the container of mushrooms out of my backpack.

T + 3 (5:30pm) It was a little bit difficult to stomach the mushrooms, even though we only had four or five each, which under normal circumstances would only give rise to a mild trip. I never feel like eating on LSA, and the nausea was not completely gone yet. We thought we would probably vomit at some point during the night, but we never did. Within 10 minutes we felt much better, with significantly more energy and a desire to go exploring. We walked down a canyon to sit amongst some flat rocks in the middle of a stream where we could listen to the water, animals, wind and trains in the distance.

As we approached the canyon my mindset rapidly changed from the dream-like buzz of the LSA to one that was extremely awake and euphoric. This was a recognizable ‘come up’ of mushrooms, but I felt that the LSA made the come up much more smooth and tactile than usual, that is, without the usual feelings of slight anxiety and confusion. I was experiencing all the usual brilliance of the mushrooms, only much stronger and with much more clarity. My only worry was that this was quite
powerful for so few mushrooms, and I didn’t know how far this would go.

T + 4 (6:30pm) My memory of this is a little hazy, but for a good while we lay on the rocks amidst the stream, silently contemplating the incredible power and life that is the natural environment. The water and frogs seemed to be communicating about something very meaningful. The visual effect of the dark trees silhouetted against the bright and colourful (pink) night sky became increasingly pronounced and beautiful, and I found myself gazing at it in wonder for many minutes.

We gradually emerged from our meditations and became increasingly talkative. As it dawned on us that this experiment was turning into a real success, we became increasingly excited and giggly, with warm rushes of energy and adrenaline not unlike the MDMA experience. I had the constant feeling that ‘five minutes ago’ was too intense and wonderful to put into words, but also that the LSA had let me appreciate each facet of it with extreme clarity and calmness. The synergy was incredible.

T + 4.5 (7:00pm) We walked up towards the train tracks and lay down next to them, looking at the sky. Very quickly we began peaking as the stars suddenly started to dance and change colour. We began to think and talk about life and how lucky we were to be having this experience. We also became increasingly articulate in discussing issues of global politics, particularly environmental ones, despite being ‘off our chops’.

I had closed-eye visuals unlike any others that I’d experienced before. I should point out that even when taking psychedelics such as mushrooms, I usually have far fewer and far less intense visuals than my friends as I tend to be geared more towards aural stimuli. But these visuals were incredibly vivid, colourful and ‘fast’, with lots of fractals and spinning serpents. Again, I had the subconscious inkling that this would normally be too much to handle, but that the LSA empowered me to go with it.

T + 5.5 (8:00pm) After a good hour of intense excitement and wonder we finally began to calm down. The earlier LSA-induced nausea had subsided and we became incredibly hungry, not least because we felt the need to indulge all our senses. We went to a party at a friend’s house where a Thai feast ensued, as well as considerable conversation and music. By this time we were very much coherent, which was odd because by this time we would usually be in the throes of an LSA peak. However, this did not bother us, for we had a strong ‘afterglow’ of the previous couple of hours. So we proceeded to get very drunk for the rest of the evening, with merely a light alcohol hangover the next morning.

All in all, we remembered the experience very well and felt rejuvenated for about a week afterwards. Once again I emphasise the incredible clarity that overwhelmed the experience. Too bad for those wanting to just get fucked up and incoherent, but I would definitely recommend this combination to anyone with the basic grounding in psilocybin who wants to fully grasp the intensity as well as to explore further combinations. I am yet to try the MDMA&Psylocybin “hippy flip” combo, yet I instinctively feel that LSA would greatly potentiate and complement the experience of both substances.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35286
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 27, 2007Views: 18,348
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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