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Re-Experiencing My Life
H.B. Woodrose
by Baby
Citation:   Baby. "Re-Experiencing My Life: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp78092)". Jun 19, 2013.

10 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
I prepared my Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds by soaking them in cold water overnight. The seeds expanded and some of them cracked open, the following day at 11:30am I decided to take them. Now I've heard they cause nausea but I was really hungry so I ate some Banana Bread (not a good idea). I was soon laying on the floor feeling extremely sick. This only lasted about and hour and a half though.

The back of my neck soon began to tingle and feel really heavy. It was hard holding my head up. I also became extremely calm and starting to think about the universe. I was laying in front of a sliding glass door watching the rain fall. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I could feel love, I loved the Earth and the Earth loved me back. I loved my family and friends. I loved everything. I could feel it. It hurt so good. My music was playing softly in the background and I was inspired to write down my thoughts and feelings, this is what I wrote:

'Life is real. But it's unknown. It's not about wanting. We're blinded by what we don't need. Life isn't for wanting. It's for letting go. Love is all there is. It's unknown. So we forget what it is. We don't just let it be. We try to contain it. Love knows no limits. Love is never wrong. Like burning ice eating your body. Love is all you need to know. Just Be. Just Live. Just Live, don't question. That's the problem, we ask why. Why doesn't matter. Just Be. Just Live. Just Love. Be Free. Know no limits. Love has no limits. Feel. Love. Be. This life is learning to let go. Learning to Love. Only to Love. No Love is wrong. We wonder why. Don't. Just Be. Just Love. Fly Away.'

After I wrote this down the words on the page turned into butterflies and flew away. I was soon unable to hold my pen so I layed down again. I was extremely fascinated by my hands. My skin looked exactly like the skin on an elephant. I soon had to use the restroom so I got up and somehow made it there. I was then distracted by the mirror. My face wasn't my own. So I grabbed a hand mirror and sat in the hallway. My face looked like it was made of silly putty. I could grab my skin and stretch it out. My eyes became large and I could see myself in them. I could see myself looking at me. My smile became demonic, my teeth sharp and lips cynical. I kept thinking 'Is this what I look like when I'm having sex?' I must of looked in that mirror for over and hour, watching my face move.

All of a sudden I began to melt. I could feel my body melting into the floor. Into the wall, I was melting into the universe. Everything was connected. I was a part of everything and everything was a part of me. I wanted to lay by the window so I tried to get up. It hurt to walk. It seemed like I could feel every cell in my body, it hurt too much to walk. So I just stayed where I was and drifted in and out of sleep. I though my dog was a dragon. I ended up dreaming I was a lion and a tiger. I didn't just dream it though, it was as if I was a lion, and I was a tiger.

When I woke up I was feeling a bit better, at this point I was about 5 hours into my trip and I was about to reach the peak of my experience. I began to relive my life. Starting as a young child I went through my life. Every memory, even memories I had forgotten all came back. But I wasn't just remembering them, I was reliving them. I wasn't a young women laying on the floor tripping out, I was a child living my life. Living in my childhood home. Smelling the woods I used to play in. Feeling every emotion I had ever felt. My father was extremely abusive and I remembered everything he did to me. It gave me insight on why I always feel so scared in life. I won't go into details on what I remembered (besides, it would take to long) but I got to reevaluate my life and understand my childhood.

After that life changing experience I began to slowly come down off my trip. I turned on my music and I could feel it. I could feel the beat, I was part of the music. I looked outside and the sky was coming towards me. If I had wanted to I could of reached out and touched it. Colors were everywhere. Everything was so beautiful. The Earth is an incredible place, I realize that now more than ever. The Earth's alive and she's beautiful. That night I went to sleep and had vivid dreams, the next morning I woke up extremely tired. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. These seeds are extremely powerful and not to be messed around with. I wouldn't call them a 'party drug' They give you insight on yourself. I didn't have 'fun', I had a spiritual experience. If you want to see inside yourself you should take these, but be warned they're amazingly potent and they'll knock you on your ass. They'll change your life forever.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78092
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2013Views: 14,276
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