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Psychadelic Smoothie
H. B. Woodrose
Citation:   Briconz. "Psychadelic Smoothie: An Experience with H. B. Woodrose (exp56493)". Erowid.org. Jun 4, 2009. erowid.org/exp/56493

T+ 0:00
12 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
  T+ 0:00 1 repeated oral Alcohol
  T+ 1:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
This is my 12th time using hawaiian baby woodrose. Previous trips were successful once i surpassed the come-up nausea stage. I decided to try to find a different way of doing it this time.

My previous experience with drugs is quite vast. Any painkiller you can think of from vicodin to morphine pills, research chemicals 2c-i on about 30 occasions, 2c-e a dozen, mdma on more than i can remember occasions, all sorts of smokeables like weed, salvia extracts, other legal herbs (which did nothing for me), opium, and of course psychadelics such as mushrooms and lsd on many occasions.

Now that you know a little about where i'm coming from, let me begin. I often find the nausea and coming up on hbwr to be very distracting and a pretty big mountain to climb to get to the enjoyable part of the trip. I've tried crushing them and eating them straight, putting them in a glass of water and chugging, putting them in gelcaps and swallowing and none of these really cancelled out the nausea for me. I decided to try grain alcohol as a vehicle for my lysergic acid amides.


I crushed up a dozen seeds, handpicked out of a pile of about 150, with pliers and further crushed them with a flat surface to some pretty fine chunks. I then placed them in 2 or so shots of ice cold grain alcohol and let it sit for 4 days in a dark place.

The Trip:

I wanted to have a good mindset, so i had a few drinks to get my head in the right mood. I prepared a bowl for later and tucked it away in my desk. I grabbed my potion i made earlier and brought it to my blender. I made a strawberry daiquiri (minus any alcohol) to use as the other half of my vehicle. I put a paper towl over the bottle (to keep seed mush out) and poured it into the blender with the daiquiri i just prepared, mmm fresh strawberries. I figured the healthyness of the fruit might add to the enjoyment. I added a shot of cold fresh grain alcohol to the bottle where the seed mush was to try to get out anything left over, and once again strained it through a paper towel into the blender. I whipped it out real quick and then poured it out. Down the hatch it went. I drank it over the course of 15 minutes, it was delicious and the flavor of the hbwr actually gave it a very unique, but tasty flavor.

The come up was relatively smooth, i began to feel the effects in about 30 minutes, i believe this is due to the grain alcohol infused with lsa's having a faster absorption than seeds alone. The human body does not break down plant material well at all, so i figured this would be a better way to get the most out of my seeds.

After an hour i was feeling very groovy and very euphoric. My visual field was enhanced and i felt very comfortable with my surroundings. My friends decided to smoke so i said sure, i'd love to. A good session ensued where a few bowls were passed around, including the one i packed earlier. Total, i'd say i smoked about a bowl's worth myself.

After this, about an hour and 45 minutes into it, i was feeling very groovy. It's amazing how the alcohol extracts all the goodness out of the seeds, leaving behind all the unwanted chemicals. I had no sense of nausea at all by the way, at anytime.
About 3 hours into it was my peak. If i was standing or sitting still i was getting lsd and mushroom like breathing walls. It was very pleasent to see and made me very happy. Getting up and walking around was even more enjoyable. I played some grateful dead and danced around singing for a good portion of time, extremely elated.

4 hours into it, i recieved a call from a girl i know, we'll call her K, so she stopped by. She was rather intoxicated so i was pleased to see her as much as she was to see me. My friends, her and myself hung out in the living room watching some ridiculous show (Next) on mtv. K was laying on me and it felt great to feel any body contact. My physical senses were greatly enhanced but i feel that having sex would have been out of the question because my mind was too distracted.

After about 6 hours, about 2am at this point, everyone departed and i was starting to become drowsy. Hbwr has this effect on me when i come down, but then again it was 2am so maybe it was time for bed. I would have loved to keep dancing but the energy was not there. That is what i love about mdma, it is energy and euphoria in one easy to swallow form. Mmm... So at around 230 i drifted off to sleep, had some very vivid dreams and woke up very refreshed. Had a cup of coffee and some toast and i was ready to go, feeling very clean and renewed.


This trip is more or less a preperation recipe. Using cold strong alcohol seemed to extract the most out of the seeds. I kept it away from any heat at all times. The smoothie/daiquiri was a very easy to swallow vehicle for the hbwr which can usually be very disgusting to stomach. The nausea was non-existent but that might have been due to the fact i had a few drinks before and the marijuana i smoked. Overall, this preperation and method was very successful and i would recommend this method to anyone wanting to try hbwr but fears the nausea will be too much.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56493
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 4, 2009Views: 19,001
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