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My Sense of Time Went Out the Window
H.B. Woodrose
by Ben
Citation:   Ben. "My Sense of Time Went Out the Window: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp113835)". Erowid.org. Dec 19, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113835

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
On LSA Time

This is a report about my most recent LSA experience about a month and a half ago. I had taken LSA seeds a few times before. The first time I tried to make a tea extract, but it was very weak and left me disappointed. The second time I decided I would eat the seeds and so I ate 5 seeds and this time experienced something more profound, but certainly not very intense. It was similar to a slight marijuana buzz, but nothing more. I then had subsequent experiences eating 8 seeds and 10 seeds and at that dosage, what I experienced was way more intense than 5 seeds. I was surprised at how big of a difference there was in experience between 5 and 8 leading me to think that the strengths of the seeds increase logarithmically. I think this is a little known idea with LSA seeds that people should keep in mind with their dosage.

As for the experience, it was a Sunday afternoon and my friend K, who had not even had alcohol yet despite being a senior in college, surprised me by expressing interest in trying the HBWR seeds I had bought online. I was excited by the prospect of trying the seeds with another person since I had only tried them alone before. Strangely enough, the strength of this 8 seed experience was much stronger than my previous 8 seed experience
the strength of this 8 seed experience was much stronger than my previous 8 seed experience
, leading me to realize that potency does vary a lot with these seeds (even within the same batch). I should also say that physically, I probably made a bad decision in taking these seeds when I did because that same weekend I had ran a 5k race and drank Saturday night. By Sunday, my body was not ready for something as physically hard on the body as Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are. I think it was my friend’s enthusiasm that made me make this bad decision and I think my physical state definitely effected my experience. My previous experiences had been largely positive, but this one was very up and down.

Around 2 pm, we ate 8 seeds. The LSA hit me more slowly than my friend. We were sitting in my room and he was enjoying the physical sensation of bobbing his upper body up and down. I thought he looked strange doing this and became concerned for him. I worried that maybe I had given him too much, especially for someone with very little drug experience. With LSA, it amplifies whatever emotions I feel by like a 1000, so I started out in a very anxious, nervous state and went through all sorts of negative thought loops about what I might have done to my friend and the consequences legally for me. This part of the experience was unenjoyable, luckily it would have been worse if I felt this way while peaking (I was still in the come up). Later he began writing something on his phone saying over and over “what did I write” and this also put me in a very negative state as I thought the LSA had caught him in some terrible thought pattern as well. However he later showed me what he wrote and it was a beautiful poem. It was at this point that the first negative thought loop ended and we both entered a sort of euphoric state.

As the LSA ramped up more and more in my brain it amplified all my emotions by what felt like 10,000 times. This amplification of emotion mixed with the beautiful feeling of relief that my friend hadn’t gone completely psychotic made us both feel absolutely euphoric. At this point as we talked about his poem I felt, for perhaps the first time in my life, like my emotional state was completely melded with another persons. The LSA made us so emotional we were both crying over his poem uncontrollably. We listened to our favorite songs and I perceived them as being so beautiful I was moved to tears. This is what LSA is all about. It is not particularly visual, I actually think of it more as an emotional stimulant or amplifier. I felt that my emotional state was completely connected to K’s. I marveled at how connected I could feel with others during this experience.

After awhile though, our euphoria subsided and a wave of negativity came back to me. Since this drug amplified whatever emotion I feel, this turn towards negativity proved to be quite distressing. As the reality of my body’s physical state from a weekend of running, partying and now LSA became apparent, I began to become very paranoid about my health. In this paranoid state, I began peaking. This was a terrible time to be feeling negative. I tried to get up and move but found the sedative effects of the seeds to make it difficult. I became scared of lying still and scared of moving and began overthinking everything. Whenever I tried to walk around to a new room or consider going outside to walk and calm down, the flood of sensory information made me feel anxious and paranoid. What was even worse was that it was in this emotional state that my sense of time suddenly went out the window.

I felt suddenly like I was in some sort of limbo world in between life and death that simply happened to resemble my apartment. I felt like I had been on LSA forever and would be on LSA forever. I was trapped in a timeless void where nothing changed or advanced or evolved. Normally I would be enjoying the slight visuals of LSA at this point in the experience, but I was too anxious to pay any attention to them. Me and K tried to go outside, but I could only stare at the ground because the visuals were now overwhelming. I remember looking at the trees and the leaves had all turned into geometric, vibrantly colored shapes. Normally I would have loved the beauty of it, but for some reason I just felt paranoid.
Normally I would have loved the beauty of it, but for some reason I just felt paranoid.

Eventually time did come back and we realized that we were very slowly starting to come down. We reminded ourselves of time passing by looking at the clock every few minutes and telling each other the time. At this point I calmed down a lot and a feeling of extreme calm washed over me. I was so relieved and happy to have come out of the void of infinite time and somewhat back down to earth. During my experience, K had been mostly wandering around the house or in the bathroom feeling sick. He told me he never threw up and that he enjoyed the beginning of the experience when he wrote the poem, but that after that he just wanted it to end.

My appraisal of this HBWR experience the day after was that the beautiful and euphoric parts of the experience roughly canceled out the anxious, paranoid, negative parts. Although I did focus mostly on the negative in this report, the majority of my experiences with LSA had been extremely spiritual, euphoric and wonderfully introspective. I think what had made my experience difficult at parts was the fact that my body needed recovery at the very moment that I put it through hbwr, which is very hard on the body and cardiovascular system. If I had been healthy, well rested and less spontaneous, I would have probably had a good experience like my other LSA trips. Tripping with K also made my emotional experience dependent on his. If he felt bad, I felt bad, if he felt euphoric I would feel euphoric. However, the euphoria I felt with a euphoric friend was definitely stronger than the euphoria of LSA alone. If one is considering LSA, I would recommend being well rested, mentally prepared and tripping with a friend that one knows will be a positive influence.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113835
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 19, 2019Views: 5,014
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