Full Blown Psychedelic Experience
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Axium. "Full Blown Psychedelic Experience: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp25025)". Erowid.org. Aug 28, 2006. erowid.org/exp/25025

13 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
Summary: Totally mind blowing, life changing experience. Lasted about 10 hours with vivid visuals both closed and open eye that were very integrated into my normal vision. Lucid VERY deep thoughts and visions that almost seemed like dreams. Very physically disorienting, yet I could still walk and socially interact for the most part. Overall, the best psychoactive experience I've ever had.

I'm still experiencing a disoriented slight 'hangover' like effect while typing this, so bear with any rambles/misspellings/bad grammar. The hangover is more of a very unmotivated, feeling of indifference about life and physically extremely relaxed. Thoughts are still a bit difficult to control, but mostly its just hard to focus on anything - like being drunk.

28 seeds total between two people, my self and my roommate, J, prepared as follows. (All measurements were eyeballed. I have not even a guess as to how much of any materials I used or ingested):

1. Crushed seeds as good as possible with needle nose pliers and soaked in naphtha lighter fluid for 6 hours, shaking occasionally.

2. Remaining seed mush evaporated for 1.5 until no smell of lighter fluid remained. I was surprised at how fast it evaporated.

3.Seed mush then soaked in small amount of water for 15 hours, also shaken occasionally and kept in a cool dark place.

I dosed at 7:40pm on the 4th of July. I swallowed everything, chewing the seed mush for a few minutes and swallowed that as well. Taste was tolerable... Kind of like dirt or mud. My roomy J got sick after 2 hours. His trip wasn't nearly as powerful as mine, probably because he through it up or because I ate more actual seed mush or a combination. I had no nausea or sickness at all. We dosed after having ate approx 1.5 hours earlier.

Ok. Now for the good stuff. Starting out, about 30 min into it, I felt like I was just floating around - walking on air, so to speak. I felt like a million bucks. Total euphoria. This went on for an hour or so. Time and numbers meant nothing. 5 minutes seemed like an hour and an hour seemed like 5 minutes. Couldn't do math, so when I tried to figure out where I was vs. where I should have been (based on hours and hours of research prior to this experience), it was useless. This was the first phase out of 5. The visuals at this point were mostly based on lights. They seemed exceedingly bright and lucid and ominous. The fireworks were awesome and totally drew me in. I couldn't perceive distance very well - I would never drive on this shit. Headlights seemed to float by and weave all over the road.

I realized then that my visuals were merely daily optical illusions enhanced 1000 fold due to disorientation of the drug. It was amazing. Music was full and totally surrounded me. CEVs were of faint textile patterns - sometimes like a warping checkerboard sometimes like a kaleidoscope (not sure on spelling) and then sometimes like a kaleidoscope on crack, shapes splashing and rotating and spinning around my head. I could actually look around with my eyes closed like I was in a big room of visuals. Faint, but awesome. My thoughts were in control for the most part and I was calm and happy and had this big stupid grin on my face that I couldn't wipe to save my life. I was actually tripping for the first time and I was LOVING IT!

Phase two began when we got back home about an hour and a half later. (around 10pm). J was peaking and I was only just beginning my journey. I still felt like I was just floating around. My senses all merged into one. We went for a walk and now the visuals were taking a little bit more shape of their own - more than just distorted optical illusions. Puddles seemed to pop off of the ground and hang in the air.

The visuals from here on were mostly integrated into normal scenery - trees seemed full and alive, hard lines seemed to curve and bend around - flat surfaces seemed to warp and wave slowly and gently (like the water effects in the game quake by ID Software). This too was faint, but very much there. My thoughts at this point were blissful and I felt so alive. Taste was incredible as my senses were merged - it took over my whole body to eat a mint. Same with sound and music. It was as though could taste and touch sound and hear and smell taste and so on. Phase 3 came on so gently I didn't even notice it until now that I look back.

In phase 3, I began to see faint colors shooting out from the fonts on my computer and fading to out to the rest of the image on the screen. Shadows subtlety danced and played with me. When I shut off the lights in my room, the dimensions totally went wild - like a cartoon drawing. Music was even more alive than before, although my senses weren't as merged at this point. Now it was all thoughts and visuals/visions. I could barely read or spell. I still have a hard time with that. CEVs rocked with the music like winamp visualizations. Still the same textile, checkerboard and kalidescopic images as before only more obvious now.

I talked on line for a bit unsure if I made any sense at all. My thoughts began to merge with the visuals. This is where thoughts started totally overcoming me and when I'd think, I could see the thought and feel it instead of just think it. Social interaction was slowly becoming more and more difficult but still possible. I just kept quiet for the most part. Wandering around, enjoying my trip. I had my second of 3 bad spots in the trip here. The fist was in phase 2 and was simply the typical 'omg, what have I done'. This second feeling was of fear and disorientation.

I remembered LSA constricts veins and I looked at my arm and it began to shrink. I got very scared, but managed to keep my head on and tell my self it was only a trip and I would be fine. This lasted for maybe a half an hour and then I was OK. I had a very notable feeling in my physical body, like pressure all over. It was a very metallic feeling. This is what brought the bad trip on. The waves were the most obvious at phase 3. Tripping hard almost like the peak in phase 4, but then back down to phase 2 and back up through phase 3 to 4 and back down to 2, until finally I hit phase 4 hardcore and stayed there for a good 2-3 more hours.... Like I said, time perception was out of whack. That is merely estimation.

Thoughts now were totally out of control. I was totally out of touch with normal reality, except I could still physically see with my eyes and if I concentrated really hard I could make sense of what I was looking at with my normal consciousness, but I felt a million miles away from it. I lost touch of my past and short term memory. I couldn't remember anything not even a second ago no matter how hard I tried. I had no future and no past. Just now.

Visuals were now thoughts and visions for the most part. I could see my bedroom, but it was just a warped distorted image in front of my eyes and my thoughts over powered it. I was laying down on my bed with jimmy eat world playing. I more or less didn't notice the music, but when I did manage tune into it, it was amazing. I heard things in the music that I've never heard before and it was so beautiful. I rolled over and stared at my zebra stripped sheets. The stripes waved around and danced with me and the music. Then they all merged together and everything around them merged with them into this huge black spot that took over almost 100 percent of my vision. The spot grew and shrank then grew again.

I started to feel very heavy. I sat up in my bed and looked around. I looked at my shadow and I it felt like it was staring back at me. I could play with the visuals, but never harness or control them. My shadow would move seemingly independently of me, but then I realized it was really me moving. I laid back down and had my second bad trip. I began to think about death and thought I was dieing, or at least it was time to choose if I wanted to die. And I didn't want to. I had no clue what was on the other side and wasn't ready to find out. I remembered I was still tripping and snapped out of it after a few minutes. The weight on my body was slowly increasing to the point of total cataplexy. I had to put my entire being into movement. I was on my stomach and wanted to roll over but I couldn't. It probably took me 20 minutes to make it, although it could have only been 30 seconds: Who knows?

Phase 5 began - the comedown. I was fading in and out of consciousness . My dreams were lucid and real. I was still tripping in my dreams... I realized I was tripping and why, but it was in totally different times and places. When I was finally totally out, I had my comedown in my dreams. As I said, I was totally aware of the trip, but it slowly began to fade out until I woke up at about 7:30am - 12 hours from dose. I slept some more and woke up with just as intense of a hang over. It needs to fade soon but I don't care if it ever does. I feel so wonderful! I remember thinking throughout the experience I never want this to end... This is so amazing!

It changed my consciousness and my thought processes and cleaned my mind and spirit. I feel as though I have died and came back - though I know I didn't.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25025
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 28, 2006Views: 47,751
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