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Welcome to the Machine
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Citation:   dsuave. "Welcome to the Machine: An Experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (exp82118)". Erowid.org. Oct 31, 2022. erowid.org/exp/82118

25 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
My friend W had bought a large quantity of legal highs from the internet after an awe inspiring LSD trip we had together. I was adamant nothing I could take would be anything compared to that first trip we had. Despite not getting amazing visuals when we did take it, I had had several without him after that first one. I had always been a fan of psychedelic drugs, music and art. And from W, bought a handful of these Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (along with some morning glory but that’s another story) when I was drunk one night. When I woke, and saw what I bought I thought “He’s had me there”

I was reassured that we had sorted a deal and what I had was what I had asked for. So reluctantly accepted what I thought was a handful of crap to be quite honest. I thought, this will be incomparable to LSD, but open minded, I set myself up after a 10 hour shift at work to go home and just relax with these stone shape things.

I chose some music to set a mood, my Pink Floyd collection, Animals, Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon (obviously) and certain songs that would also set a pretty relaxed mood including a live version of Embryo and Julia Dream, all of which I recommend, even if sober, and worked up to about 2 and a half hours worth of music. I had planned this all out for a while. I would start the music and commence eating them, 5 to start in quick succession then one every few minutes and after 20 minutes, the lot would have been chewed and swallowed.

*Start* Pressed ‘play’ on the iPod speakers and clocked up some volume to hear the near silent intro of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts i-v), closed the blinds, dimmed the lights to a near no light setting, put on a colour changing fibre-optic tree that I own, sat on my bed next to my table which held a small mirrored tray with 25 neatly arranged seeds on, counted 5 out into my hands and put them into my mouth. Instantly I hated the taste, like chewing on wood shavings but thicker and tougher. I lay back onto my pillows and looked at my ceiling.

Before the first song had ended, I had eaten another 4 seeds. As time ventured on in its own majestic way, I began to feel the very deep texture of the seeds as my teeth crushed through the harder exterior as if I had nerves on the end of every tooth and was seeking for the very core of the seed itself. By the time track two had come on, 13 seeds had gone, and I was almost seeing the actual notes being played gliding through the air as the guitar and synthesizers harmonised through 32 years of history.

By the end of track 4, Wish You Were Here, all 25 seeds had been chewed and swallowed. I seemed to provide the room with an ominous golden glow which radiated from my very skin and was passed onto everything my hand came into contact with. I’m fairly sure that by the start of the second album, Dark Side of the Moon the bed began to feel as if it were melting beneath me, I was so comforted by the feeling of the music and the soft ambience of the lights in the room. I began to see more, as if I was looking at the very fabric of the light.

It seemed that the light was conquering the dark, the endless war between day and night, good and bad, right and wrong. It was as if day and night met together and fought in my room, my own Twilight. I remember select bits from this points, I remember the beautiful notes from the bells piercing through the silence that was before it in the track in the song Time. I remember the intensity of all light (which in reality would have been just the fibre optic tree I owned which scaled through the spectrum; but to me was the fibre optic tree and the light that glowed from me) was all increased as the beautiful backing vocals to The Great Gig in the Sky came in.

Any Colour You Like came on, it was beautiful but ended pretty quickly and as the first line of my favourite song (“The lunatic is on the grass”- from ¬Brain Damage) came on my intense visual started. I had been lying out my limbs stretched to an extreme; I probably resembled a star fish from above. I was staring into my ceiling. I remember the old-school screen savers one could get on a computer; it looked like a ball was rolling under the screen bouncing off each of the edges of the monitor. That effect was re-created under my ceiling. It felt like it had rolled for an eternity, this ball. But in actual fact it had rolled throughout the first two tracks of album three- Animals- (give or take it 20 minutes). But the ball seemed to take the colour changing from the F-O tree I had, swirling majesty of all the colours of the spectrum. Then the ball seemed to grow and swell until it wasn’t actually gliding from wall to wall and was just shaking effectively. It turned into an intense vibration which I felt shiver up through my spine.

The ball swelled and shook until it had no room; it further inflated, and stopped vibrating entirely. But continued to swell out towards me to the point I could finally touch it. It was like touching hard jelly and as I pulled my finger away it seemed to have stuck to my finger and when it released, the ripples waved across my ceiling but retained its third dimension appearance. But as the ripples seemed to die, the ceiling ball began to crack. A huge fissure went from where I’d touched it to where it met each corner of my room and the exact point I had touched it a small piece had fallen out.

This all happened in what felt like an hour, but it only lasted the third track of that album (11 minutes or so). Nothing happened to the hole, it was just a black void until the synthesizer solo of Sheep. A small light of pure white came from within the hole, light had conquered darkness again. And a single black and white spider had emerged and crawled across the ceiling.
A small light of pure white came from within the hole, light had conquered darkness again. And a single black and white spider had emerged and crawled across the ceiling.
I followed its journey across the ceiling until it vanished; only a few seconds had passed. A few ants had scurried out of the same hole and scattered themselves across the ceiling and had the same fate of vanishing in front of me. I began to have what could only been described as a tingling sensation, like I was lying in feathers, was all over me.

The final song of my playlist came on; Embryo, a haunting and eerie song and it calmed things. It was not going to end any time soon. But I slowly started to come down, the insects which were coming thick and fast at one point, some flying like bees, some crawlers like the ants and the spiders, and things I didn’t recognise, with often of different colours, and all met the same fate which I began to notice involved a small flash of light.

After that song finished, my insect friends ceased to appear totally, and I sat in silence for what felt like another hour; admiring and almost defiantly respecting the power of the psyche- this all came from a few seeds. Nature is powerful. I put on another track to further come down to; Iron Butterfly’s Inna-Gadda-da-vida, and the ‘egg’ in the ceiling seemed to close up and shrivel down to a flat plain which my ceiling once was. It was wrinkled and warped though, and the lights seemed to die down again. Yet I was still emitting the same golden hue I had been since I started.

I began to crave food; so went for some pizza. For the rest of that day, I felt a strange presence with me despite being alone all the time. I ate my food, and wasn’t nauseous, which is a change because everything used to make me nauseous. I didn’t sleep much that night; it was not that I was disturbed by what I had seen, but just thinking about the power of the mind, and the power of nature. I have told few people about the experience I had, it was truly something, and only now have I thought that I should share my experience with people.

I feel as though it should be felt by everyone, the feeling one gets when time seems to slow to a crawl, when I can feel what I see, and see what I hear. It is indescribable, the main reason I refused to write about it for 2 years was purely because I thought I would not do it any justice, and I feel I still haven’t given it what it deserves. It is like a natural high I have never experienced before or since. It was strong but I remained in control of it and it was a pleasurable experience for me.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 82118
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Oct 31, 2022Views: 1,415
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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