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General » » »   more   » » » [245]
Control N Cocaine
I Did It For Science: Sex on Drugs Grant Stoddard Viagra, Ecstasy, Mushrooms, Cocaine, Cannabis, Sex
Shooting White Clayton Cocaine
Riding that train Murple Cocaine
The Square Ego. Looking for Depth in Matrix harshia LSD, Cannabis & Cocaine
Pleasant but Disturbing Aftereffects SensationCollector Cocaine
Beyond Reason White Stallion Cocaine
Lemon Glow Akbarro Cocaine & Alcohol
Losing My IV Virginity dilated_pupils Cocaine, Heroin & Alprazolam (Xanax)
All-Night Binge with Nosebleeds Annon Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis

First Times » » »   more   » » » [212]
Rush and Glow Redleader Cocaine
Almost Too Much Fun Jennifer D Cocaine & Cannabis
Kind of A Waste of Time Kilo Greenz Cocaine
Stayed with Me After the High 10psi-boost Cocaine
Riding the White Pony j Cocaine
Bellringer And Game Changer On The First Smoke BREEZE Crack (Freebase Cocaine)
Descent Into Hell nate Crack
Moderately Euphoric Reflective Tramps Lady Cocaine, Alprazolam & Kratom
Failed Expectations allstarhi Cocaine
An Occasional Delicacy SWIM Cocaine

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [221]
An Amazing Night of Connections Xorkoth 2C-B-Fly, Cocaine & Cannabis
The Arrival of Absolom Music Entity MDMA (Ecstasy), DXM, GHB, Cocaine, Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol
Fear and Euphoria: The Speedball Zhuge L. Oxycodone, Cannabis, Cocaine & Amphetamines (Adderall)
5 Pills? Why Not? Powdered Toast Man MDMA, Ketamine & Cocaine
Between Two Drugs ? Crack & Heroin
Shocking Behaviour Noregretseh Mushrooms, Cocaine & Alcohol
Pseudo-Speedball lazyvegan Poppy Tea, Cocaine, & Sildenafil (Viagra)
Antidepressants and Hallucinogenic Drugs K Fluoxetine (Prozac), Sertraline (Zoloft), Effexor (Venlafaxine), MDMA, Methamphetamine, Mushrooms, LSD, & PCP
Seeing a Substance in a New Light wiredchicken MDMA & Cocaine
Unbelievably Rad Bateman Cocaine, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis, Tobacco & Quetiapine

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [262]
Love and Blow Zing Cocaine
My Odyssey With 'The Devil's Dandruff' Popshot Cocaine
One Year of Use Larissa Cocaine & Alcohol
A Subtle Power in that White Powder MIM Cocaine
A Journey Through Cocaine WanderingPsyche Cocaine
Now I Understand The Danger anon Cocaine
A Crack In The Curvature Of Mystery's Spine Aria Kildaire Crack
Confessions of a Cocaine Connoisseur Mojo Cocaine
I Did it For Science Grant Stoddard Sildenafil (Viagra), MDMA (Ecstasy) Mushrooms, Cannabis & Cocaine
Injecting Cocaine Snowdog26 Cocaine

Preparation / Recipes » » »   more   » » » [22]
Ayahuasca Rules! Murple Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue, M. tenuiflora, & V. africana) & Cocaine
A Timeline of IV Effects N.S. Cocaine
Conversion Success Antheia Cocaine (from Crack)
Dissolved in Water, Didn't Burn So Much Aa Cocaine
From Interesting to Disturbing Byzantium Crack
Achieving the Impossible jay t Crack & Opium
Various options for cocaine use Dugan Cocaine
Where the Sun Down Shine TheGenderBender Cocaine & Alprazolam
Injecting Cocaine Snowdog26 Cocaine
I Learned My Lesson the Hard Way A S Cocaine

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [85]
On The Precipice of Addiction Cracker1234 Crack
Taking Over dilated_pupils Cocaine
Sheer Craziness MaryJane MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis
Stimulation Roger Cocaine & Unknown (Sold as Cocaine)
Sink Seizure Acyd Cocaine
So Very Sick Yuna Cocaine
Back to Reality scared shitless Cocaine
Way Too Much Micheal Cocaine
Panicked and Fainted Danny Cocaine
Shaking to Death Spiraticul Cocaine & Cannabis

Bad Trips » » »   more   » » » [22]
Zoomin to Paranoia Ace Cocaine, Amphetamines (Adderall) & Dexmethylphenidate (Focalin)
It Happened So Fast Nikki Cocaine
Wake Up Call Sean Cocaine & Cannabis
The Two Day Comedown MSHolla Cocaine
Freezing in Snow Wickham Cocaine & Cannabis
Overdose Trip and Near-Death sand77 Crack & Beta Blocker
Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between 7744 LSD & Cocaine
A Psychotic Trip to Hell Itself Unknown Cocaine, Amphetamines, Ketamine & LSD
Paranoia & Release completely balanced LSD & Cocaine
One Day I'll Lose the War Mr tweak Cocaine & Alprazolam ( Xanax )

Health Problems » » »   more   » » » [63]
My Two Most Vivid Memories JJ Crack
Peruvian Marching Powder dokmai Cocaine
Escaped Death Pixbee PMA? (sold as MDMA), Cocaine, Alcohol, Codeine (with Acetaminophen) & Tramadol
If You Go Chasing Rabbits... Lyle LSD & Cocaine
This Psychosis Should Become a Movie One Day Doktor Molekula Methylphenidate, Cocaine, MDMA & Alprazolam
OD schopenietzche Cocaine
I Thought She Was Going to Die... Akatzu Cocaine
Destroyed My Love for Weed Ex-Stoner Cocaine & Cannabis
Last G Experience Kamdrankit GHB
Crack Kills Anonymous Crack Cocaine

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters » » »   more   » » » [21]
There was Definitely a Pop Photopiate Cocaine & Ambien
Golden Years Never Oxycodone & Cocaine
Mom, I'm Not Done Yet... FatalCurehxc Cocaine
Came Very Close to Having My Heart Explode 'tanya' Heroin & Cocaine
Jerking Convulsively Against the Linoleum sunspot baby Cocaine
Happy Fuckin New Year bomb 2C-T-7, Cocaine & MDMA
It's Not All Fun and Games Mr. Frodo Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis
The Night I Lost Control Chong Cocaine
Oh God There Goes My Heart Reid B Mushrooms, Cocaine & Cannabis
Warning Online Police Blotters MilleniumMan Crack & Heroin (Police Encounter)

Addiction & Habituation » » »   more   » » » [318]
Choreboy Made a Snowman of Me Choregirl Crack
Bam Bam Yowch Mr. Badger Cocaine
Dancing With The White Bitch (Poem) Venushakti Velatura Cocaine
A Rush I Will Never Forget Nowclean(-yer) Cocaine
Heaven in a Breadcrumb, Hell in a Minute Gonzo Crack
5 Years of Loving and Hating Tao Cocaine & Various
Only Distance Allows Me to Stay Off Leyla Crack
A Year in the Life of... CoolCat Crack
Short-term Goals carl Cocaine
With Me, Forever little girl Methamphetamine & Cocaine

Glowing Experiences » » »   more   » » » [79]
The Ninety-Dollar Gram KGood Cocaine
The Universe Looking In On Itself 1highbitch Cocaine, MDMA, Alcohol, Hydrocodone & Cannabis
Dropped Inhibitions Sometimes Stupid Crack
So Happy I Could Cry Devotchka Cocaine
This is How It Feels VegasGirl Cocaine & Alcohol
Heaven In Powder Y2A Cocaine
A Porn Star with Magic Powers Rockstar Cocaine & 5-MeO-DiPT
Stimulated All Day drizzy Lisdexamfetamine, Nicotine & Cocaine
Millions of Hands, Just Rubbing Me All Over chickylizbeth Cocaine
Fully Restored Self-Confidence Nasty-Nate Cocaine

Mystical Experiences   [4]
Who the Hell Am I? Just Some Dumb Kid LSD & Cocaine
Kundalini Shakti Awakening Humble Guy Yoga & Veganism
A Porn Star with Magic Powers Rockstar Cocaine & 5-MeO-DiPT
Crack Asteroids in DXM Hyperspace fistfuck Crack, DXM & Cannabis

Health Benefits   [3]
Raped by Snow Wes Cocaine & Various
Fast High, Almost Goodbye Slipping Stan Cocaine
Negotiating Detox Marmaduke Cocaine & Pseudoephedrine

Families » » »   more   » » » [15]
Brothers JCA Cocaine, Cannabis & Alcohol
The Self-Proclaimed Family Destroyer A. Victim Crack
The Final Night Semloh Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis
Watching the One You Love kenyasqueen Cocaine
Love, Honor, and Friendship Dr. Plastic Cocaine & Wine
Both My Parents Were Addicted Crack Crack
Hoping and Praying It Will All Go Away english Crack
With Me, Forever little girl Methamphetamine & Cocaine
Failed Expectations allstarhi Cocaine
Mom, I'm Not Done Yet... FatalCurehxc Cocaine

Medical Use   [2]
Doesn't Mix L.L. Naloxone & Crack
Saved By Blue Footballs sandune222 Crack & Alprazolam (Xanax)

What Was in That?   [9]
Kind of Underwhelming psychonaut Cocaine, Heroin & Unknown (sold as MDMA)
Would Have Been a Shameful Death xylobit Cocaine
Sniffing H I Thought Was C Moreau Heroin
Peculiar C Methoxetamine (sold as Cocaine)
What the Hell.... Bacon Cocaine
Who Can You Trust? Tod the Pod LSD, Crack, & 5-MeO-DMT
Levamisole as Cut flyinv Cocaine (with Levamisole)
Crushingly Intense Per Usual Yet Even Faster Monk Cocaine, Beer & 5-MeO-DMT
Sigh, Another Day Why Again Cocaine

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