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Cocaine & Unknown (Sold as Cocaine)
by Roger
Citation:   Roger. "Stimulation: An Experience with Cocaine & Unknown (Sold as Cocaine) (exp34001)". Dec 7, 2007.

2.5 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: While it may be that the substances described below are Cocaine and Methamphetamine, the effects described are also consistent with cocaine alone or cocaine and another cutting agent.]

I had tried cocaine the weekend before, with great effects. Over the course of a night me and my friend J had split a gram, which seemed to be plenty enough for a night of good tweaking. The next day J had experienced a harsh comedown, but I felt just fine. All through the next week, I was getting money however I could. I would steal, I would work, it was quite a change from my lazy stoner days of before. By the end of the week I had 120 total dollars, all of which I intended to purchase cocaine with.

Before this past weekend, I never really thought of the addiction factor. I've experimented with a few drugs, but never anything like coke or meth, so I was foolish, and I thought that I could just be immune to the addiction factor. So anyways, back to this last weekend, I was pretty confident that my dealer would hook me up with good coke, since he had the week before. I came to him on Wednesday, asked him how much I could get for 120 dollars, he said three grams, which I was a little taken aback at, since he had said before that it was 50 a gram for the good stuff. But, I trusted him, and the next day he gave me a ziploc bag, containing probably 4 grams of 'cocaine'.

I was extremely excited, and I went home straight after school, and snorted a line with my friend C. Immediately I felt effects, but I also noticed something else, I noticed that the first line gave me effects quite different from last time I did coke. More of a twitchy, less euphoric, and longer lasting high. At the time I assumed that it was just because I was building a tolerance, but it was not until later that I realized that the white powder I had received was cut with a large amount of methamphetamine, a drug which I had vowed never to try.

So, I waited for awhile, and I told myself that I would stop for the day, I would save the rest for a tweekin' weekend. About an hour after the first line I began to get a terrible awful headache. I took some Advil, but it just made it worse, and I knew that the only way the headache would go away was another line of 'coke'. I continued this process for awhile, and by midnight I'd done 5 fairly small, but not miniscule lines.

I realized then that I would not sleep all night, which kind of made me angry, because I really wanted to be refreshed for school the next day. Around 2:30 AM, my friend J came to my window, randomly, not only drunk, but high on an Ecstasy pill. At the time, I didn't realize how many risks there was for him to snort some coke/meth, especially in combination with alcohol and ecstasy. But we snorted three lines each, over the rest of the night, and by 7 AM, he went home, and I was off to school.

School that day was quite terrible, but at the same time quite entertaining. I was just tweakin' all day there, and I went home twice to snort more of my meth/coke combination (I live about a block from my school). by the time school got out I still had about 2.5 grams left, and a long weekend to look forward to. I was euphoric and happy, I was higher then I'd ever been before, I just couldn't stop. My friend J came over around 4 PM, he had a terrible hangover, which I expected since he had done alot of alcohol drinking, ecstasy, coke, and meth all in one night.

J didn't really want to do anymore coke/meth, but finally I got him to, but we decided to wait for my other friend B to come over, since she was going to be over around 9:30 PM. B never came, and by 10, we were both really high on coke/meth. We wanted to get some sleep, but at this point it was impossible, so we stayed up all night, snorting our 'cocaine' so we would not pass out. By 7 AM the next morning we had finished our last lines. The three or four grams which I had had on Thursday had been totally used, mostly by me more then anyone else. I realized about 6 hours after my last line that I had done way too much, and I was 100% positive that I would feel an addiction when I came down. This made me very sad, since I had always vowed that I would never become a tweaker.

When I got home around 12:30 PM, my parents were sure that I had been on some sort of stimulant, they suspected meth, assuming that I didn't have the money to purchase cocaine. They didn't say anything, but when I woke up from a five hour nap, they told me they knew, and they wanted the truth as to what had happened. I didn't know a whole lot about the effects of methamphetamine at the time, but there was something about that cocaine that just wasn't right. I remembered that coke had been a lot more pleasant tasting the first time I had done it, a natural taste that this stuff had not had. This stuff had tasted like chemicals. Since I was still twitching and feeling the drugs 15 hours after my last line, I had become positive that there was something else in the cocaine. When I gave my dad a small sample of it to taste (my dad used to have a cocaine habit in college), he told me that it wasn't all coke. The cocaine had been cut with meth, and it was probably half meth, and half coke.

Immediately I began to get shitty feeling, I had really never wanted to do meth, but I'd done so much. That night I finally passed out around 3:15 AM. I woke up in the morning, feelin much better, with a good appetite, but still feeling a little tweaked out. It's now 1:39 PM, on Sunday, and I sit here typing this, because I think that people can learn from my experience.

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience, but I have no desire to ever do it again. I lost 9 or 10 pounds over three days, eating nothing. I had no sleep, and all that I was thinking about was more 'coke'. Today I realized how much I really did do, and it scares me. I'm not an expert on white drugs, but I do know that I insufflated around 25 lines in a period of about 40 hours, I'm not sure if my lines were small, but from what I've heard they were pretty adequately sized. I did just way too much in way too little a time, and now I am scared to ever do this again. I'm only 15 years old, I would've never expected to be doing something like this, ever.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34001
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 7, 2007Views: 30,597
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