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Millions of Hands, Just Rubbing Me All Over
by chickylizbeth
Citation:   chickylizbeth. "Millions of Hands, Just Rubbing Me All Over: An Experience with Cocaine (exp64534)". Jan 27, 2020.

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)

First Time With Coke

My husband has been using coke for more than ten years, and thought I did not know he was still using, so one night, I was sitting on the table smoking my weed and he was drunk and he told me how nice it would be if we could do this together, me smoke out and him with his 'stuff', this was something he had brought up before a couple of years ago, but since we have had horrible experiences with him being coked out, I had told him no. I was horrified back then when he had brought it up, the thought of him using revolted me, this time was different, I had been thinking about letting him use in my presence, since I knew he would be in a safe environment and I could tell how much he used. I had never seen him use or anyone else, my first drug experience was when I was 23, with pot, I am 33, and still just smoked out, well I looked at him and told him, yea go ahead, the look on his face was priceless, he sobered up almost instantly, then he told me to think about it and then tell him, I reassured him, and with that he planned on the perfect time to get it, which came the next day, which was the eve of fatherís day, he brought about 3 grams and was so nervous, he went to the kitchen and I wanted to watch, so I did, it really turned me on to see him do it, and it was incredible.

Well later that nite we moved to the bedroom and I told him I wanted him to snort it off my chest because I wanted to see him up close, he was nervous about that, but thrilled, he did, I was in heaven, the next night, we were in the living room, I had tasted a bit off of his penis, the night before, and loved the taste, so he was on the sofa hi as a kite, and still a mound of coke on the plate, I looked at it, asked him how he was feeling, and he gave me the look like he approved, we have been together for a lot of years, so we donít even need words, well, he made me a line and I looked at it, my mind and heart raced, I was so nervous, I leaned and he was watching me I took a bit up my nose while he pushed the plate closer for me to do the whole line, I told him to give me a second, it was my first night, you could see how turned on he was, my pussy was throbbing, so I went for the whole fat line, and tip my head back and just let it take over me, the drip was fantastic.

I did not get sick, nothing, just waited, the coke started to take effect, my body felt like it was being taken over by millions of hands, just rubbing me all over, we moved to the bedroom, where we proceeded to take turns, I was lying on my back completely naked, my back arched upwards, I just felt like a huge orgasm took over me and would not release me, I could not stop talking about the coke everything I wanted to talk about was the coke, how it was making me feel, etc., well we continued the coke night until 7 am, when we ran out, I wanted more, but knew I had to set limits with this new lover, so the next few hours after the high I tried to sleep, but could not, I was too euphoric.

Well the next day, I was tired, did not want to do anything, but never crashed, never got depressed, never had any of the ugly side effects. The next weekend we planned for more coke, and did about 6 grams each in the course of the weekend, and every weekend, during the week we were just fine, looking forward to the weekend, we decided to wait two weeks, and did just fine, no bad side effects, no anger, no depression, nothing, if anything we can say that cocaine saved our marriage, I know it sounds crazy, but up until that moment, we would constantly argue and even thought about divorce a few times, but now we can do something we both enjoy together, in the safety of our home, enjoy each other and above all-we have moderation, lots of self control and moderation is the key when it comes to this wonderful drug that has such a bad rap.

Today is Friday, so we are looking forward to it, last weekend we did coke for 36 hours straight, this was after him working for three weeks without a day off and us not using any for that same amount of time we took a couple of hours here and there, but other than that we enjoyed being together and knowing when to say enough. The most important key to remember for us is moderation!!!! Happy trailsÖ.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64534
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 27, 2020Views: 1,802
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