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Methoxetamine (sold as Cocaine)
by C
Citation:   C. "Peculiar: An Experience with Methoxetamine (sold as Cocaine) (exp99943)". Jan 6, 2016.

  buccal Methoxetamine
  1 line insufflated Methoxetamine


One day two friends and myself, ill call them T and D, decided to acquire what I thought to be some cocaine. I was usually the one with the sources but my coke source had gone to rehab for his drug addiction to many substances. I ended up calling an insane amount of people for a connection and ended up getting one who would sell us a gram for 50 bucks. Around 2pm I took the train up to the location that was decided upon with the dealer. He told me 15 minutes at first which I was ok with. I ended up waiting FOUR HOURS to get the coke! This guy was so sketchy but he apologized profusely when we met up.

My friends came in Dís car to pick me up, as they were on their way I decided to taste a bit of the yayo for myself. It was peculiar because there was absolutely no numbing effect on my gums, which is usually an effect of rubbing cocaine on the gums (which is called the numbies). I was disappointed because I thought it was shitty coke. I didnít tell them about it because I was scared they would flip out on me for making them wait four hours. We ended up going back to my house.

Before that day I had done cocaine about a dozen times on various occasions. T had brought syringes for the three of us to intravenously shoot it. I was nervous yet excited. I thought shooting coke would augment my high to plateau of my first experience. Now we were all sitting in my basement and I didnít want to do any until my parents came home in case they checked on us. D and T both took very small lines at first to see what kind of quality the yayo was. Both of them were very euphoric and kept saying how this was the best cocaine they have ever had. It took about an hour for my parent to come home while D and T were both still very high, which I also thought was peculiar. We all decided that we had plenty of coke left and if we wanted to we could shoot it later. I ended up taking a line way bigger than both of them and we ventured out of my house.

From the onset I could tell the high was different from coke. I felt dizzy and uncoordinated, weird, and confused.
From the onset I could tell the high was different from coke. I felt dizzy and uncoordinated, weird, and confused.
But I wouldnít believe myself until things started getting crazy. D decided he was too fucked up to drive so we walked through the woods by my house. At one point I was sitting on a log and looked into the sunset in which I saw the continent of Africa and a myriad of animals running across the horizon. At this point the trip got so intense I thought I was going to die, D walked off somewhere by himself so it was just me and T at this point. We both agreed that this definitely wasnít cocaine, when we got up to walk out of the woods I couldnít walk by myself because I couldnít feel the ground. I felt like I was floating. T helped me out, as he has always been a good friend. We met up with D and talked a lot about life, our friendships and stuff like that. Then we met up with our friend K who was being a total douche bag for the last couple of months. That night I told him how he use to be my best friend and that we had drifted away and that night we became better friends and continue our friendship to this day.

I somehow managed to walk home by myself, say goodnight to my folks, and fell asleep. In the morning I felt like shit and texted my dealer telling him that what I got wasnít coke. He asked me what I felt and then determined that when he got it his guy had accidentally given him methoxetamine (MXE) instead of cocaine. I determined that if I had shot that Methoxetamine I probably would have died that night. If anyone takes away anything from this, itís that you should always be wary of coke that doesnít give you the numbies!!!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99943
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jan 6, 2016Views: 5,066
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Methoxetamine (527), Cocaine (13) : What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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