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Lemon Glow
Cocaine & Alcohol
by Akbarro
Citation:   Akbarro. "Lemon Glow: An Experience with Cocaine & Alcohol (exp71061)". Dec 2, 2016.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol - Hard
  T+ 1:00   repeated insufflated Cocaine
  T+ 5:00   smoked Cannabis


I live in Mexico city, I'm 23 years old and statistically considered upper class in my country. My parents are divorced, me and my brother live alone in a dad-sponsored apartment, and we both go to college: I'm majoring in urban engineering. I exercise regularly, and try to eat very healthy.

Drug culture in Mexico City while considered nonexistent; is thriving across the city in upper-middle and upper class youth. We are considered a country of pushers-not-consumers however all kinds of drugs are consumed very secretively in rave parties, clubs and private parties. Note the 'very secretively' part, most of the druggies Iíve met in Mexico try not to display their drug use with people they know and lead two different lives perfectly. Police is not a hassle in my social circle.

Both my parents and my brother despise drugs to a pathological level and my father tests me every now and then for drugs. This is understandable given the fact that my dad is quite the orthodox in practicing morale and my mom has had recent drug abuse problems of which I was unaware off (she is/was addicted to clonazepam and oxycodone).

All of my friends have a similar socioeconomic background and are of the same age. We've known each other for years and grew up with a terribly lame idea of drugs; basically we feared them and preferred to get wasted every single weekend: drugs didn't sounded like much fun and our parents would surely send us to rehab.

As you might expect for late-bloomers (we tried pot at 21), drug use in my social circle is rampant and singularly precocious. Since money is not a particular concern, we have steady sources of good stuff and we abuse it on private parties and dance events. So far it has been a good experience, I've had no troubles with the law and made lots of new friends. In barely a year and a half I've tried pot (which I've grown to love), amphetamines, oxycodone, heroin (snorted), LSD, methamphetamine (orally), poppers, MDMA and peyote (my only bad trip). Nevertheless, the use of cocaine in Mexico is considered social seppuku, so we had never even tried it till the day of this experience.

How my experience started? In all I had practiced an absurd allergy to cocaine (absurd given all the other stuff we've tried) and grown sick of amphetamines and MDMA. I just hated the depression (moderate), the non- existent hunger, and the anhedonia I had to bear for over 4 days after a party. Cocaine appealed as a quicker rush without the heavy toll that speed use carries. Even more, 3 of my friends had tickets for saturday night to see John Digweed and Sasha (our favorite dj's) so my brother being out of town, I decided on my own to try blow. I easily seduced my other friends into joining my experience (I hated to even think of doing it alone) and went to see DM, our dealer and friend.

Cocaine is relatively unexpensive in Mexico, I can score decent stuff in downtown slums for about 35 dollars a gram, but DM got ahold of some superior coke (so he claimed) and was selling it for 150 a gram. The coke he showed us came in little plastic ziplock bags. We were told that the one in the greenish bags was lemon flavored and the pink ones were cherry flavored.

Since I have a relatively strong tolerance to drugs, (in order to get a nice trip I had to consume up to 60 mgs of speed or 4 to 6 ecstasy pills per night) and we were all kind of drunk on some bourbon he poured us, we bought 750 worth (5 grams). It certainly looked like a lot of coke and I remember thinking we overdid it, but I had been waiting for this 2 dj's for over 3 months and was very excited.

Saturday night came and we were ready. JS, one of my friends, came to pick me up around 11:00. The mood just kept rising. All the way to the event we were smoking some nice white widow (he has a cabrio, so we love to get stoned in his car) and listening to some old, trippy Sasha tunes. Traffic is a plague in Mexico city, so when we arrived at THE place it was about 1 a.m and we were really, really stoned (about 2 joints). We met T and M, my other two friends and stood in the huge line to get in. T and M were in a similar festive attitude because they had had half a tab of acid each. As we approached the entry, we noticed some policemen doing random searches and got very paranoid. I ran to an empty port-a-potty and hid all 3 baggies in my boxers.

This was so far the intro to the trip. To better illustrate it, I decided to make a timeline:

1:30 am- No problem getting in. The warmup dj sucked, so we asked for some grape juice red bull and a bottle of vodka to prevent the speedy spectacle we usually give at dance parties while high (we abuse it and it shows...).

2:00 am- No John or Sasha in sight. JS and I are fairly drunk (4 glasses) but sleepy and kind of bored. My other 2 friends are tripping in acid and express no interest in doing the coke, they wander around the place (a big bodega) looking to score ecstasy, which they do and consume.

2:30 am- JS and I decide to do some coke in his car (security is hawkish) to wake us both up. I am really nervous as we open the tiny bag so JS decides to cut the lines from the flakey mound. He breaks 4 small lines as directed by DM and I decide to go first.

I'm nervous so all I do in my first try is disperse the line on the card. I jump to the second one immediately but this time we use a short straw, so I manage to snort it entirely. It smells like Kool Aid and chemicals.

In about 15 seconds I begin to feel some strong effects. The drip in back of my throat tastes sort of bittersweet (it is not upleasant) ,and everything, I mean EVERYTHING in my face is numb. My teeth, my front sinuses, my tearducts, my cheekbones. I try to swallow but even my tongue seems numb so I spit instead.

2 minutes later my body seems to start warming up very nicely (it's chilly in the parking lot). Its a warm, rushy feeling of well being. I absolutely love the numbness in my face so I just keep touching my front with my fingers and licking my teeth. I feel the urge to talk.
I just keep touching my front with my fingers and licking my teeth. I feel the urge to talk.
Notice that I use the word ďurgeĒ because that's what I had, I just really, really needed to talk to people. I look back at JS who has a fixed grin and confirms that he is incredibly high too. When we see that we have like 30 times that amount of coke to get through the night we just feel powerful. We hear Sasha spinning, so we decide to do one more line and return to the bodega. I's been like 20 minutes since we did the first 2.

3:00 a.m- We enter the place after passing security and I've switched to pure euphoria. I'm aware that this kind of high will bring something of a crash and I start getting a bad, paranoid trip. I feel my eardrums pounding and notice that I've been sweating profusely (though not as much as if I were on Speed) and biting my lip. We head to our table and I drink a pure shot of vodka trying to brake the high a little. This works perfectly and I'm no longer paranoid, I just feel speedy and amiable.

3:20 a.m- The sensation of coming down is very subtle and I'm having the hell of a good time so I grab several tips of the coke with a car key and finish both nostrils up. The feeling returns, my arms and legs feel like engulfed with goodness. I keep clenching my fingers and toes, my face is flushed and decorated with a huge smile. I have this sensation of being really handsome and funny. The music just feels great as it flows with my chat. I talk incessantly and people notice how high I am but seem ok with it, so I feel in total control of the situation.

The glow? The word is perfect to describe it. My self esteem is riding high along with my confidence. I feel this beautiful 'I'm cool' vibe and want everyone to know it, without my company getting as speedy as on amphetamines. I ingest more alcohol because it seems to balance out the high, I no longer feel drunk. I note a fast heartbeat but no tachycardia as on crystal or speed overdose, my blood pressure feels manageable.

Clearly, my social skills are greatly improved by the cocaine. Iím the kind of guy who keeps only to himself and close ones but still Iím hitting on 2 girls sitting close to our table. We actually talk about the coke trip, one of them saw us doing car keys, but they are both very cool with it. They notice how fast I talk and keep asking questions on how the rush feels and what a great time they were having. My hornyness is also a thing to note. I feel very attracted to both girls, sexually speaking. Iíve never felt this horny on speed. Both the girls ask me for some coke on a cigarette which I eagerly provide.

I confirm that the coke we were given is strong. One of the girls after two puffs feels too high and starts pacing around the table in little circles. I keep talking with the other girl and when I decide to clear another tip of the keys she asks for one. She snorts it and you can really tell sheís loving it. She takes me by the hand and carries me all the way to the dancing crowd. Even though I never dance in public or away from a table I feel cool with her moves and keep dancing like a maniac. I feel no shame when we both do 2 tips and start kissing in public. While kissing her, I taste the cocaine on her mouth and start getting another bad trip (this bad trips of which I speak of are very, very sudden, unpleasant and come with profuse sweating) but I recover. The girl Iím with makes friends with another group of ravers and we all dance together. I feel great.

5:00 a.m- My date for the night seems to have departed. I've been doing coke all night but still carry on. Between JS and me we have finished about a gram and I decide to stop despite the early hour. This time of the night everyone looks high so JS does lines in the drinks table. 4 girls come and ask him for some coke, I approve. We ask for a bottle of bourbon in order to cope with the comedown and I gulf down 2 quick shots.

5:30 a.m- My dopamine seems pretty depleted, since I can't stop moving my feet, and. both my hands tremble. This is definitely the comedown and it sucks way more than amphetamine withdrawal. Not a feeling of sadness as in ecstasy, but a taste of emptyness, like feeling guilty for what I just did.

6:30 a.m- Right now the comedown is too nasty. I feel nausea from the lemon sweetener and light a joint to get it away. My three friends are rocking and show no interest in stopping. The crowd seems thicker somehow and 2 strangers are sitting with us talking dj equipment with JS who is, in my opinion, a very accomplished DJ. I donít feel so fresh so I just nod to everything they say. I choose to leave scene and ask JS for his car keys. Please note that my flat is nearly 2 driving hours from the place.

8:00 a.m- While driving home, Iíve been chilling in the car listening to Daft Punk which has helped a lot. My mood is now uplifting and I donít feel sleepy or hungry at all, just kind of tired and guilty again.

8:30 a.m- The lady helping us with house chores is already there when I arrive, so I ask for a glass of orange juice and a fruit salad. I have a singularly close relationship with her given the fact that Iíve known her for 12 years and she has seen me in all sorts of pathetic states, she takes care of me and I appreciate her greatly. I chow on my little breakfast and try to read the newspaper. I canít. My mind is still rushing and I canít concentrate very well on simple tasks.

9:30 a.m- The comedown is over. I feel kind of lonely so I keep hanging out with the maid and help her doing laundry. Later on, I decide to lock in my room in order to light a joint and crash when 2 of my friends arrive to eat something. Talking with my friends fits me just right given my state and we head to a restaurant which we know to serve a splendid buffet. They eat and I feel totally recovered, I even notice a slight craving to do some cocaine.

10:30 a.m- My experience is over. My other two mates scout for the afterparty and I decide to call it a night.

So whatís the catch? With no day-after effects for me besides a sore nose, I liked cocaine just fine the only problem being I got too high too quickly and the guilt. The glow and social empathy (not emotional as on ecstasy) is such a great part of the experience so I will do coke more often at private parties. I donít think much of it as a rave or club drug given the short-lived effects, comedown and difficulties to snort it in public.

Thank you for reading and love for all.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71061
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 2, 2016Views: 9,678
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Cocaine (13) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), General (1), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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