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Sniffing H I Thought Was C
Citation:   Moreau. "Sniffing H I Thought Was C: An Experience with Heroin (exp69449)". Aug 30, 2017.

  insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
My friend and I are in the hood looking for coke. It is about 11 pm and we are desperate; we made several phone calls prior to our main sources to no avail. But we are familiar with the slums and know which neighborhood dealers serve curbside carryout (essentially dealers are waiting on the curb for cars to pull up looking for drugs; these dealers are almost always available 24/7. Besides some of the main dealers we hardly ever see the same face). Different streets deal with different drugs. There are three main ones: Street A deals weed; street B with ecstasy (and weed); and street C deals strictly crack.

My friend and I are white suburbanites. When we enter the hood we turn black and move as quickly as possible because dealers will take advantage of us and police target whites but I digress. I understand our chances of getting our prize is not great but we are willing to try. We drive down street A – they don't have it. We drive down street B. I pull up alongside the curb. A tall black male with an afro steps out of a ghetto looking car and approaches us. I ask if he has any “powder”. He says he does. I give him $60, he gives me the powder.

We pull up at a gas station. My friend divides it into about 3.5 lines each for the two of us. We noticed that it was a brownish color when the dealer handed it to us; but my friend had assured me it was real. So I didn't think much about it and we sniffed it all up, and I head to the freeway back to the suburbs.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
The effects hit me as I am driving down the freeway (about 10 minutes from sniffing). It felt like a gong being pounded off in my head. I could hear this sound vibrating inside my head: “boinggggg...oinggggg...boinggggg...oinggggg.” That stands out above all else. We are aware of what's going on but we feel completely gone at the same time. We both are kinda just like: “Whoa!” -- it was like a drunken ecstasy – completely gone but aware. It was nothing like anything we have experienced before. We both are asking each other if we feeling the same thing. We are. We both realize we didn't sniff coke.

As I was trying to drive up ahead there was a big car accident and the freeway was down to two lanes. My reactions were slowed and it took me longer than usual to realize what was going on. In fact, I am surprised I didn't slam into the back of the suddenly slowed traffic. I managed to slow down to the bumper to bumper traffic fine, however, (and this only adds to the strangeness of the night because it is almost midnight) and up ahead we notice there are several cop cars and lots of flashing lights.

This is the point where the drug started to overwhelm me. I was overdosing. My heart was beating a thousand times per minute. I was sweating profusely.
I was overdosing. My heart was beating a thousand times per minute. I was sweating profusely.
I was pale white. I felt like I was about to go into convulsions. I told my friend he had to drive. He got out of the car jumped into the drivers seat as I climbed over into the passenger seat. I remember looking over at the car next to us, and the driver and passenger were both staring right at me. I must have looked like death. My friend and I are both a little irritated at each other because of me (and the cops), but we remain calm and make it past the police and off the freeway fine. We are both dying of thirst now, and I remain feeling very sick.

We pull up at a gas station and my friend runs in for a bottle of water. He slams a twenty down on the counter and heads straight out the door not looking back. I ask him why and he says he could give a shit less... he is too high to even care, and neither could I. The water was desperately needed; we chugged it, and I was beginning to feel better. When we arrived back at my house I was in for another surprise – I could not move my legs. I was not much concerned about it... I knew it was only temporary but my friend was worried. He carried me into the house down into the basement and we both nodded off -- our heads sunk down into our chest – off into a deep sleep.

The next morning we were both fine. And we both tacitly understood what we mistakenly sniffed. It was our first time and it remains forever our last time.


I already sent in my experience report; it was written about one week ago. I wanted to make a correction to it. I remember saying that I could not move my legs, but that is not exactly what it was like...

It was my coordination was so out of wack that I didn't know how to walk. It was nothing like not being able to walk as in, for example, while being under the influence of alcohol. It was rather as if my body didn't know how. I would lift my leg up and try to move forward but my leg would stall in the air unable to proceed in a normal fashion. It was as if my body forgot what to do. But mentally I was fine (it was nothing like what happens when being sloppy drunk). My friend was very baffled and had to carry me once I got out of the car (I was able to get out of the car and stand up myself). In the morning, my legs and coordination returned to normal.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69449
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 30, 2017Views: 9,470
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