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Overdose Trip and Near-Death
Crack & Beta Blocker
by sand77
Citation:   sand77. "Overdose Trip and Near-Death: An Experience with Crack & Beta Blocker (exp43127)". Aug 8, 2005.

  oral Pharmaceuticals  
    IV Crack (liquid)


[Erowid Warning: Our understand of the literature is that cocaine may block the effects of beta-blockers, and there is an increased risk of high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, and possibly heart problems with the combination of cocaine and a beta-blocker.]

Just wanted to put down this terrifying experience:

As a semi-experienced injector of drugs I bought on a friday night some time ago three nuggets of crack cocaine and some horse for after. Normally I would dissolve two nuggets of crack with some citric acid in a spoon and shoot it but for some reason I decided on this night to try three nuggets (.7 gram ?). Two would always get me a nice rush and this metallic sound effect for five minutes.

As a safety precaution and because I read somewhere that cocaine raises blood pressure and contracts blood vessels I decided to take a beta-blocker beforehand. I think I am very lucky I did. As soon as I injected I felt I was going too fast and way past my beloved metallic sound effects... I tried to lie down and ride it but everything before my eyes turned intensely yellow and then I noticed my arms flying in front of my face. I didn't intend to start shadowboxing fuck I am having some sort of seizure and my arms are just spastically flapping. After this I am suddenly no longer in my room but in some sort of yellow space and I am standing on the other side of an abyss with a lot of human shadows on the other side and I am convinced I have to jump over to get back to life, etc. In my trip I end up having to make myself real then create a diving board to jump over to the other people which then become real (I mean they get bodies and faces and shit) and then I understand creation, talk to god, think I will be eternally punished no I get to go back to this reality etc. etc. (it was like an intense lsd trip with a shitload of speed or something)

Suddenly I am back in my room I am panting like an idiot tears are running down my face. Much later I discover my bed covered in blood from the syringe and two massive wounds on the inside of my cheeks which I apparently was biting on while convulsing.
Scariest thing I have done so far in this life. I think I was saved by the betablocker or else I am sure I would have had a heart attack or a brain aneurysm or something
And I didnt know cocaine could make me convulse and trip in a sufficient dose...

P.S. I am sure what I shot was very pure crack cocaine and not something else that could make me trip...

Amsterdam the Netherlands

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43127
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 8, 2005Views: 49,729
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