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Mom, I'm Not Done Yet...
by FatalCurehxc
Citation:   FatalCurehxc. "Mom, I'm Not Done Yet...: An Experience with Cocaine (exp50107)". Apr 20, 2008.

500 mg insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


First off, I am 17 years old and do a few drugs on some kind of basis, including: marijauna (almost every day), painkillers (when available, seldomly), and DXM (maybe once or twice a month). Also, I would like to state that my mother frowns upon any drug use, whatsoever. That being said, on to my first cocaine experience.

So I had been wanting to try coke for about 2 months prior to this experience and had finally set a date. It was Thursday, December 29th, a few days before New Year's and my mom was at work. I figured it would be the perfect chance to do some coke with a couple friends, as my mom usually works til late hours in the night. Well, this night she came home a little early, about 3 hours before expected...

Me and two friends had decided to get 2g and that we would do it at my house due to ideal conditions. I went and got the 2g around 3:00 pm. I got it for about $100 and was told by a reliable source that it was pretty good. I got 1 g for me and 1 for them. They said they'd pay me their half when the got to my house. Well, something happened and they couldn't make it. So I'm stuck with 2g of coke only 1 of which is mine and I'm down 50 bucks. Needless to say I was very dissapointed. However, I was deadset on doing coke that night and decided to proceed without them. A few other friends had stopped by and they had maybe a cut of tree. I figured we would all just chill and stuff.

I did my first line around 7:00 pm. It was amazing. Within minutes my nose was numb. It was the coolest feeling ever. I waited a few minutes and did another. Awesome. Being a regularly shy and non-outgoing person, I was amazed that I could not stop talking. I felt so friendly. I loved it. However, I wasn't with the best crowd to be in this mood as all the people I was with were stoned off their ass and couldn't stand my incessant chattering. I decided to just go out on the porch for a cigarette. I couldn't stand not talking though. So I decided to call someone. I would call completely random people, people I seldom call, just to talk. As one person grew annoyed and ended our conversation I would call another. After maybe 20-30 minutes of doing this I went back inside and cut up a fat line. Wow. All I could think is 'I am skiiiiied.'

I felt like I had so much energy that I thought it would be a good idea to go for a run. I went outside and ran around my block in like, honestly 1 minute. I just ran until my lungs hurt. I came back inside to do another line. It was maybe 8:30 by now. I needed some more cigarettes so I got one of my friends to drive me to the local gas station. When we got back I went to cut another line. Right as I was about to blow it. I turn my head and what do I see? My mom had just walked in the door. All I could think was 'Holy fuck, I am fucked. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.' I hurried and did my best to hide the coke. But, when she walked in my dining room (where I had been doing it) she looked at me and then at the table. She found about 2 grams of tree laying on the table. She was furious. She saw that I had my hands pressed tightly on the table. One hand covering up 2 rocks and the other covering the line, card and straw.

A conversation with her went something like this.

'What's under your hands?'
'Lift up your hands'
'Lift them up now.'
I shake my head.

She proceeds to go back to the kitchen to take her coat off and such. I hurry and wipe the line off the table and throw the rocks, card and line in my pocket. She proceeds to flip out on me and I am so worried and worked up that I don't even know what to say. Keep in mind the fact that I am completely skiied. She tells me not to leave and that I am grounded indefinately. I haven't been grounded since I was like 12. She tells me she needs to go see someone uptown and to go upstairs and she will deal with this in the morning.

When she leaves I take what's left of my gram and put it back in the bag and hide it out in my garage. I went upstairs and just layed down. I put some music on to try and settle me down and all I wanted to do was sleep and forget about what just happened for a while. This normally simple task, however, is rather difficult for me to do with cocaine in my body. It was about 10:00 when she walked in the door. I layed in bed from 10:30 pm until 6:00 am wanting to just pass out. Also, the comedown was awful. I did say I wanted to just sleep but somehow all I could think of was going out to my garage to do some more blow.

I was grounded for a month, cut down to 2 weeks eventually for the weed. Ironically, I didn't even smoke any weed that night. I don't know how my mom didn't see the coke as it was rather obvious. I think it had something to do with her being a little boozed up (she's a bartender) and her having been a cokehead 20 years prior and not wanting to believe that I was doing what she was addicted to for awhile. Whatever the reason I am so thankful that she didn't find out about it for I would be in a ridiculous amount of shit.

Overall, my first experience started out great and ended a living hell. I will and have done cocaine since. For, under the right circumstances it can be amazing. I love the friendly, outgoing, talkative feeling. I do plan on regualating my use to 1 every month and a half to two months though as I know it can be very addicting. Also, because I do not have the funds to do it all the time as I do not have a job or any source of steady income.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 50107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 20, 2008Views: 52,448
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