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Highly Recommended The Other CAVEMAN H.B. Woodrose 2022 Oct 26
Highly Recommended Retrospective: The Memorable Moments Mujo Lila H.B. Woodrose & Various 2010 Dec 09
Highly Recommended Clarity & Cubism Sofiowka H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2009 Mar 20
Highly Recommended Approaching the Other Dimension Suave H.B. Woodrose 2007 Aug 15
Highly Recommended SynchedUp–Hot to Go!! Thru Psychedelic Lemonade l1ghtware H.B. Woodrose, Ephedra & Nitrous Oxide 2003 Dec 23
Highly Recommended Heroically Parading Maidens_Wattle Huasca Brew (B. caapi, Syrian Rue, P. viridis, M. tenuiflora), A. nervosa, & Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2001 Apr 19
Recommended A Trip Through Blackness Cannabiddy H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2022 Dec 16
Recommended Mind Blowing and Incomprehensibly Beautiful Ivan H.B. Woodrose & Zopiclone 2021 Jul 28
Recommended Ego Stripping Fleuriel H.B. Woodrose 2020 May 02
Recommended My Sense of Time Went Out the Window Ben H.B. Woodrose 2019 Dec 19
Recommended A Sublime Journey Earth Traveler Amanitas - A. muscaria & H.B. Woodrose 2019 Jan 04
Recommended Overall It Wasn't Pleasant Psychexplorer H.B. Woodrose 2018 May 15
Recommended Pleasure and Terror Mixed PathFinder H.B. Woodrose 2018 Apr 27
Recommended Effective Overdose Senior H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue Extract 2017 Nov 30
Recommended Constant State of Arrival Shadowmesh H.B. Woodrose, Meclizine & Cannabis 2017 Oct 10
Recommended The Elsa Flip trippMcNippers H.B. Woodrose & MDMA 2017 Apr 18
Recommended A Taste of Enlightenment dAneris H.B. Woodrose 2015 Dec 01
Recommended Finding Doors in the Wall moderngirl H.B. Woodrose 2013 Nov 13
Recommended Conspiracy of Yellow J. Alfred Prufrock H.B. Woodrose 2013 Aug 07
Recommended Re-Experiencing My Life Baby H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jun 19
Recommended Insanity: The Fear of Losing Control Azathoth H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jun 18
Recommended Nightmare on Repeat Mr. Kite H.B. Woodrose 2012 Dec 10
Recommended Useful Healing Tool 8bitshaman H. B. Woodrose (Hawaiian Strain) 2012 Dec 10
Recommended Dumbarse Double Doses McA H.B. Woodrose 2012 Dec 10
Recommended Creamy Garlic Dressing Terun H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Apr 09
Recommended Bliss Before the Madness Maiki H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Jan 26
Recommended Wonderful, but Uncomfortable Mind For Rent 9 H.B. Woodrose 2010 Jan 20
Recommended Symbol of My Love Entheogen23 H.B. Woodrose 2009 Jun 20
Recommended Elixir of Transcendence Dedalus H.B.Woodrose, Calamus, Kava, Chasteberries & Cannabis 2009 Jun 16
Recommended Twenty Seeds and The Good Book Ritzbitts H.B. Woodrose 2008 Nov 09
Recommended Trip Through Memory Land SoaV H.B. Woodrose & Alcohol 2007 Nov 12
Recommended Woodrose in the Woods Podofsky H. B. Woodrose 2007 Sep 24
Recommended The Full Spectrum Realwolf H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jun 25
Recommended Community in a Seed Kassiel H.B. Woodrose 2007 Mar 09
Recommended The Way Forward SandskyCainer H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2007 Feb 09
Recommended Room Spinning, Stomach Churning, Head Racing, Toilet Hugging Bad Drunk Feeling girl H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jan 14
Recommended Touch Sensitive Justin H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jan 05
Recommended Pivotal Mr. Solinas H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jan 05
Recommended The Void Spacehound H.B. Woodrose 2006 Dec 18
Recommended A Slip into Schizophrenia and a Sea Change laughingbuddha H.B. Woodrose (HBW) 2006 Dec 12
Recommended Projected Karma Peachy H.B. Woodrose 2006 Oct 20
Recommended Full Blown Psychedelic Experience Axium H.B. Woodrose 2006 Aug 28
Recommended Rebirth and Translucent Beings Lead_Into_Gold101 H.B. Woodrose 2006 Aug 01
Recommended Taken Completely by Surprise Sackajuweeda H.B. Woodrose 2006 Jul 26
Recommended Nocturnal Torment In an Alien Forest Vastness H.B. Woodrose 2006 Jul 23
Recommended Abatement of Schizophrenia Symptoms no1 H.B. Woodrose 2006 May 02
Recommended Shallow Depth in Strange Dreaming Mayakaya H.B. Woodrose 2006 Apr 14
Recommended The Ebb and Flow of the One experience nature H.B. Woodrose 2006 Mar 30
Recommended Taken For Granted Boll Weevil H.B. Woodrose 2006 Mar 21
Recommended The Best Therapy Session Blown Away Morning Glory & H.B. Woodrose 2006 Mar 17
Recommended First Time *WOW!* EarthPrincess H.B. Woodrose 2006 Feb 21
Recommended My First and Last Time Elephant Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds 2005 Nov 18
Recommended Comprehension of the Universe Misty H.B. Woodrose 2005 Nov 13
Recommended Remembering my Basic Iconography Philbert MacAdamia Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 2005 Jul 26
Recommended Poisoned Aaron H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Caffeine (tea) 2005 Apr 21
Recommended Frightening but Informative Dan H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue 2004 Dec 28
Recommended Blissful octo H.B. Woodrose 2004 Dec 27
Recommended The Final Trip Inf1nity H.B. Woodrose 2004 Oct 19
Recommended 16 Hour Trip Through Heart Pounding Hell. Seaholm H.B. Woodrose 2004 Sep 01
Recommended Seizure-like Experience Dr. taint H.B. Woodrose 2003 Jun 10
Recommended Twitching Buds of Lust-Pain-Matricide SullenChoirboy H.B. Woodrose 2003 Feb 15
Recommended H. B. Woodrose Can Kill You... Use Caution Almost Poisoned H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2001 May 29
Recommended More Stimulating than Hallucinating Psychedelic Sunshine H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Oct 05
Welcome to the Machine dsuave Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 2022 Oct 31
Completely Insane James J H.B. Woodrose, Alcohol & Cannabis 2022 Oct 10
The Grand 'Au Revoir' 1nmvm1nd H.B. Woodrose & DXM 2022 Aug 13
Tripping in the Middle of Nowhere High Guides H.B. Woodrose 2021 May 21
Introspective Fractals Terminally Chill H.B. Woodrose 2021 Feb 12
Pleasurable but Exhausted Me Alice H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jan 19
Staring Into the Abyss PsychoSemantics H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jan 18
A Therapeutic Evening Seflapod H.B. Woodrose 2020 Jun 05
Unexpected Healing Session Seedy H.B. Woodrose 2020 May 13
Unpleasant Psychedelic wizard of az H.B. Woodrose & Mirtazapine 2020 Apr 18
Bed Time Inspiration FrostyBee H.B. Woodrose 2020 Apr 17
Burning Fiercely at the Edge of the Void.... quantagy H.B. Woodrose 2019 Jul 30
Dark Emotions & Visual Thinking SJB H.B. Woodrose 2018 Oct 21
A Marvelous, Joyful, Encouraging Journey lucky57 Amanitas - A. muscaria & H.B. Woodrose 2018 Sep 01
Nice Trip, Bad Side Effects Charleysez H.B. Woodrose 2018 Aug 26
Realized I Was Seriously Tripping Verin H.B. Woodrose 2018 Jun 21
Memoirs of a Space Cat a Night With Infinity Gnosis Space Cat H.B. Woodrose 2018 Mar 16
Peace and Well-Being CCKat H. B. Woodrose 2017 Dec 27
Euphoria and Unexpected Memories LateAdaptor H.B. Woodrose 2017 Dec 13
Wonderful Yet Not Overboard UncleRemus H.B. Woodrose 2017 Nov 27
Juggling with Grand Canyon Vision Johnny Appleseed H.B. Woodrose & Selegeline 2017 Jul 10
A Rip in Our World to Another World Im not sure yet Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & A. confusa), H.B. Woodrose, Calea zacatechichi, Damiana, & Passion Flower 2016 Dec 09
First Psychadelic Experience - Very Intense TheAlchemist H.B. Woodrose 2015 Dec 07
A Cautionary Tale Ecco H.B. Woodrose 2015 Oct 28
Clarity and Euphoria - Cold and Warmth sisterray060 H.B. Woodrose & Methoxetamine 2014 Feb 02
The Pusher of Universes psychrick H.B. Woodrose & Salvia divinorum 2014 Jan 14
The Horror! The Horror? Ace H.B. Woodrose 2014 Jan 08
Slowing Down Into Death M H.B. Woodrose 2013 Dec 17
One of the Best of My Life Ix H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2013 Dec 13
Kensho JustMe H.B. Woodrose 2013 Nov 18
Very Intense B H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jul 21
Easter Therianthropes kgao H.B. Woodrose & Herbal Ecstasy 2013 Jun 18
Breaching the Space between the Opposites Gooseus the Green H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Dec 10
What Love Really Is LightSeeker H.B. Woodrose 2012 Apr 15
The Highest of Highs Cameron H.B. Woodrose & Salvia divinorum 2011 Dec 05
How Not to Trip for the First Time theo neon H.B. Woodrose & Alcohol 2010 Sep 28
A Suprising ++++ Experience Fluffun H. B. Woodrose & Anadenanthera peregrina 2010 Jul 23

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