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Retrospective: The Memorable Moments
H.B. Woodrose & Various
Citation:   Mujo Lila. "Retrospective: The Memorable Moments: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Various (exp77890)". Dec 9, 2010.

  repeated oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
This is a record of my experiences with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. I am a 23 year old male, about 150 lbs, tall thin body type. My Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experiences include several combinations and take place over the course of 4 years. In the interest of time, I am reducing these experiences to their most memorable components. Beyond the HBWR accounts below, I have had, over the course of the past three years, about 30 experiences with lsd, half that number with mushrooms, and a handful of trials with 2c-b, 2c-e, 4-aco-dmt, 5-meo-mipt, mdma, salvia, and so on (god bless you, private college). I am on no prescribed medication, but perform yoga and smoke marijuana regularly.

All of these LSA extractions were performed in the same way: I grind up the seeds in a coffee grinder, soak them in tap water or tonic water for about 2-4 hours (or until water turns brown), then filter out the seed material through a t-shirt repeatedly (until water lightens to green) and drink the water without sediment. Although I'm curious to try different methods, the other HBWR experiences in the vaults take away the appeal of the alternatives.

Experience 1:

My dose: Approx 8-10 seeds

Extracted with water. Taken with two friends who supplemented their doses with small (< 2 gram) doses of mushrooms. The three of us went to a bonfire by the forest edge with another group of friends. Come up was long and surprisingly silent; I felt nothing until over two hours into the trip at which point I felt a sudden rush of confidence, energy, and happiness. Another tripping friend and I anthropomorphosized rolls of toilet paper, pretending they were our children. At the time, this was very uncharacteristic of my behavior. Social inhibitions dropped a significant degree, I still had my clothes on but I had no problem having a toilet paper war in the lobby of my dorm building. Visuals were mild: at one point, a friend standing by a bonfire and playing a prank on drunken freshmen took on the appearance of a malicious jester in the flickering shadows. Other than that, I noticed nothing outside of lights appearing brighter than normal. As the trip intensified, I felt less inclined to be outside among a crowd of people, and headed back to my dorm. The other two joined me shortly afterwards.

Attempting to write my thoughts down was pointless. The best I could do were strange, pretentious phrases like “the hydra-headed mask of the ego” written without any supplementary information or even using complete sentences. Eating fruit was exceptionally enjoyable, and while I was incoherent on paper, I was capable of holding long and interesting conversations with my two fellow trippers. We all noted that we could listen and speak more or less simultaneously without missing either half of our conversations. We were also able to open up emotionally to each other with ease. The three of us had not known each other well at the time, and were naturally introverted anyway, so the empathy was remarkable to me. The peak hit at about this time (much later than a mushroom or lsd peak), accompanied with the weird sensation that things in the center of my visual field were getting closer without actually moving. Pot had minimal effect on the trip that I could see, and the comedown was not particularly notable.

Experience 2:

My dose: Approx 8-10 seeds

Extracted with water, over night. I took the same amount of seeds as I had the last time, so I was surprised by the underwhelming effects. I chalk the weakness in potency up to the over night filtration, since subsequent extractions of shorter duration have all yielded effective doses from similar seeds. Difference in alkaloid concentration within the batch of seeds is also possible. About 8-10 seeds, taken with a friend (D) new to tripping at the time. Neither of us noticed anything until smoking a joint outside in the snow, at which point I felt heavily sedated with very mild open eye visuals (unnaturally rippling blanket on wall) while my friend experienced impressive synaesthetic CEVs. He seemed to be off in his own world, and would change subjects in mid-conversation without stopping to explain the connection between the current topic and the previous one. We both felt it necessary to spend the next several hours comfortably beneath blankets.

Experience 3:

My dose: Approx 8-10 seeds, one hit of moderately strong blotter acid

Seeds were crushed and extracted in water for three hours. I was with two friends who took approx. the same dose that I did, and we all drank our seeds about thirty minutes before eating the tabs of acid. As we began to come up, we went to see another friend perform at the campus theater. I had intense open-eye visuals before the show: the dusty footprints tracked on the stage began bounding off of the ground and into the air in looping ribbons. I felt comfortable in my seat, and didn't feel restless during the show or nervous in the company of so many strangers. As I usually feel/behave awkwardly in social settings when on acid, feeling reasonably calm in public was a nice change.

I enjoyed the play, and afterwards, my tripping friends and I went to a zen garden on campus and sat by the tiny pond inside it, smoking a bowl. I noticed that my friends seemed to have an easier time conversing than I did, but they have had a lot more experience tripping than I've had. They were talking about whether or not beauty was something biologically programmed into our brains. I could think of nothing to say and instead watched the strange visuals play out across the landscape. A nearby building began to groove and sway to music I must've been imagining, vibrating warm purple/magenta/orange waves. Looking at the pond, I see the plants by the edge growing continuously larger and yet never actually moving an inch, a weird visual paradox. It reminded me of the sensation of perpetual approach I felt when staring at objects during the peak my first HBWR trip.

The trip began to mellow out considerably after the four hour mark, but the acid kept us awake for the entire night (my least favorite thing about acid... just too damn long..). I still felt unable to communicate verbally some 7 hours after dosing, and decided instead to take some of my notebook doodlings and bring them up a notch. While drawing under the influence, I was able to visualize and project my thoughts onto the page as I drew. This is something that happens frequently to me on lsd, even lower doses. This was the first time I noticed that effect, however, and was very pleased with the results, even if completely exhausted by that time.

Experience 4:

My dose: approx 8-10 HBWR seeds and about ¾ gram of mushrooms

I was with a friend who was new to HBWR seeds but no stranger to mushrooms. He assured me they were potent, and that we wouldn't need many. We did the extraction in tonic water this time, at a friend's suggestion, and let it sit for about an hour. After drinking our extraction, we waited for the gastrointestinal weight to subside and then ate a few small mushrooms each from the bag. We went for a walk, waiting for the effects to come on. We ended up in a nearby park, and played on the swingsets a bit until my friend threw up from the combined nauseas of swinging, shrooming, and seeding. I noticed gentle patterns of colored light sweeping across the playground, and felt a very nice synergy beginning between the two substances. I felt very calm and at home under the stars in that field... But suddenly I felt a strong desire to be in the nearby forest. My friend and I wandered in, and sat in the dark in the roots of the trees and enjoyed some closed eye visuals.

After grooving on that for a while, and laughing incoherently about this and that, we wandered back out into the field, lay on our backs, and watched the stars. It felt like the longer we looked the deeper we could go and the more we could see. I should've stayed there for another hour or more, but instead I decided to go back home and listen to music. In retrospect, it seemed like a deliberate attempt to steer a trip that did not want to be steered. On the way back, I tried to explain some weird thoughts on the nature of consciousness that I was having to my friend, but I couldn't make any sense out of them at the time. I ended up frustrated, and did not enjoy any of the music we listened to and had trouble drawing. I finally retreated to my bedroom to listen to the music in my head and relax. My mistake was trying to control the trip with a familiar setting in a familiar room with familiar music, when the psychedelics were urging me to explore outside.

Although I did not enjoy that trip as much as I could have, I think a higher dosage of mushrooms and a better mindset might have made for a more productive evening. However the best synergy I encountered came from the next trip:

Experience 5:

My dose: approx 10 HBWR seeds and 15 mg of 4-HO-DiPT

My friend and I, taking equal doses, took the seed extract first and followed with the 4-HO-DiPT about 45 minutes later. We began feeling a lot of spastic leg tension (like being possessed by MC Hammer), probably due to the tryptamine analogue, and decided we ought to get up and wander around. We both felt very giggly and self confident, much like a roll. We wandered over to an apartment where some friends lived and proceeded to smoke a lot of pot with them. Many of these people I normally felt very self-conscious around, but in that state I felt totally comfortable making small talk. After hanging with that group for a while, I went upstairs to visit two other friends of mine, who were discussing their dreams. Again, I typically felt intimidated by these friends, but after listening to them describe their dreams to me and telling them about mine, I've yet to feel anxious around them again.

I met up with my fellow tripper again, and, about 3.5 hours after dosing, we found ourselves coming down in an all night diner with chocolate milkshakes.

“Wow... did you feel that?”

I did.

“That was the first thought I've had in three hours.”

“Yeah, same here,” and it was true, I had had no internal dialogue whatsoever for most of the night. I had very slight visuals and no mind expansion, but a really wonderful sense of empathy and comfort. I would have loved to experiment more with 4-HO-DiPT, but our source sold out quickly, and understandably so.

Experiment 6:

My dose: 14 HBWR seeds

Using tonic water, we extracted our seeds for 2 hours. My friends (D and L) took ten seeds each and I took fourteen. I felt nauseous shortly after ingestion, and laid down for the next hour or so. One of my friends (D) felt nauseous as well, and threw up after an hour. He throws up at the beginning of most of his trips, but this was the first time I had ever gotten ill from ingesting the HBWR seeds. After that first hour, we both felt fine, although I had no desire to exert myself in any way for the duration of the trip.

About two and a half hours of sitting around and giggling later, my tripping partners and I noticed enhanced visual acuity. The fuzz in the carpet and wood grain on the doors and windowsills appeared exceptionally interesting. Stretching felt incredible, as did rolling on the carpet. This was the first time I had noticed an entactogenic quality to LSA. D and I had no problem communicating, but L, new to HBWR, seemed anxious and quiet. I suggested we watch nature documentaries, and he reported reduced anxiety shortly thereafter. He remarked that our inactivity had made him anxious, which I thought interesting given that I had felt compelled to be as inactive as possible.

Four and a half hours after dosing, we all gave into our laziness as deeply and utterly as possible. We agreed in retrospect that this was probably the peak, and it felt very late in the trip for a peak to me. I put on some emotive guitar rock (Explosions In The Sky) and we covered ourselves in blankets and got as comfortable as possible on the floor. I noticed subtle synaesthesia thoughts with the music, hearing it as shimmering blue and magenta. I felt a strong but pleasant pressure on my sacrum and meditated on that spot for a while. Near the end of the album I noticed a new pressure at the crown of my head and experienced a brief but sharp memory recall (too personal to describe, but a special enough moment for me to be grateful), texture, smell, flavor.

L and I both noted later that we had felt perpetually ready to doze off for almost an hour without ever actually falling asleep. This was very comfortable, more like meditation than insomnia. D felt comfortable enough to drive home about seven hours after dosing, but L and I continued to feel the effects until about nine hours after the dose. I felt very much at peace with the world even into the next day.


My experiences have been spiritually soothing and empathic at best, confusing and uninteresting at worst. Using the simple extraction described above, I've never become sick enough to vomit even when mixing LSA with other substances. Given the contrast between the most consistent primary effects I've noticed – calm euphoria, confident mindset, enhanced vision and taste – and the wide range of effects I've noticed browsing the internet, I wonder if there are other plant alkaloids within the seeds that may not be water soluble. I also wonder if this extracation method is sloppy and not getting the most amount of LSA possible from the seeds.

Although mild in comparison to the majority of my psychedelic experience, I have still enjoyed my LSA experiences and am grateful to have had them.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 77890
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Dec 9, 2010Views: 15,327
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