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Mind Blowing and Incomprehensibly Beautiful
H.B. Woodrose & Zopiclone
Citation:   Ivan . "Mind Blowing and Incomprehensibly Beautiful: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Zopiclone (exp115590)". Erowid.org. Jul 28, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115590

T+ 0:00
25 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
  T+ 1:00 4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
  T+ 2:00 17 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
  T+ 3:15 1 tablet oral Pharms - Zopiclone
  T+ 0:00 1 tablet oral Pharms - Propranolol
This one's going to be long and detailed so be aware of that if you don't feel like a long read. However I thought I would get everything down as it was so different for me compared to the other experiences I read about.

This was my first time getting high in any form and it's not what I expected even after reading obsessively accounts of other people's experiences. I'm allergic to marijuana so all three times I tried that, I was crestfallen that it didn't meet my expectations (an understatement). But I badly wanted to see something, and feel something new
I badly wanted to see something, and feel something new
so I decided to try Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

I'm 5ft10 and approximately 75kg. I live in chronic pain and suffer from depression and PTSD. I knew it was a risk to do this but it seemed worth it to me. I'm lucky that it didn't trigger something bad because that's a reckless way of thinking.

I ordered a pack of 25 seeds off of a well known auction site and the first batch arrived old and stale. I cut them in half and only 5 appeared to have any contents. I decided to chew some and save the others for a cold extraction, as I wasn't sure that being old meant they were useless or not. This try failed. The ones I chewed (I chewed about 6) worked for about 3 minutes. I had a banging headache and the sensation of one massive cramp in the stomach, followed by a couple of minutes of seeing stripes. The striped looked like the sort you'd see if you'd been staring at window blinds on a sunny day too long and looked away. That was it... Awful headache that lasted 2 days.

I messaged the seller and mentioned that the seeds were old. They sent me for free, 25 super fresh ones for no charge at all.

Two days go by and I see the envelope in the letterbox and I immediately go to look at these seeds. These really were fresh! All looked completely different and no hollow old ones. I was excited and couldn't wait to see what they would do.

Now here's my warning... I went behind my wife's back and when I was bombed out of my tiny little box I truly upset her. She was upset that I didn't tell her and that I'd gone behind her back. She felt I lied to her and treated her like a fool. She was right... I was so so wrong. Have a sitter who knows what you're going to do as you don't know how you're going to react or act when these hit you. And if something goes wrong, they wouldn't know what's wrong with you. And seriously, don't lie to your spouse or not tell them. The disappointment and anger she reacted with upon finding out totally ruined the trip for me.

That aside, here's what happened. I decided not to do a cold water extraction and just chew these up. I chewed 4. Nothing happened. An hour goes by and nothing at all. I chewed 4 more, again... Nothing happened for another hour. I got a mild headache again but nothing like the first time. So being impatient and dumb, I chewed the rest. I consumed 25 seeds in total and didn't realise that they'd not just hit me later... But hit me damn hard.

40 minutes in I start having tears running down my face. Not from crying, but like when you've got an allergy or you're withdrawing from painkillers and there's no itch. However the lacrimation is intense and my nose is slightly runny.

An hour goes by and I start to feel queasy. It's not unbearable and it's not too bad. I have a strong stomach so I figured that's as bad as it gets. 15 minutes go by and my stomach feels like I'm going to chunder. My head starts spinning a little and I have trouble balancing. Not so much that it's too noticeable, I just look clumsy and a bit like when I've just woken up and gone straight on my feet without brain engaging. My limbs feel heavy and I think I must be getting sleepy. The kind of sleepy I've got after travelling where I'd just like to faceplant on a hotel bed and forget all about wakefulness and all my thoughts and problems.

I puke into the toilet. It was bad! I felt absolutely dire. My stomach was rejecting its contents with violence here. I felt truly sick and I went to lie down in the lounge where my wife watched TV. My throat starts jumping around like I'm about to heave again but it's not too bad. However I ask my wife for a zopiclone to put me out of my misery and sleep this off. I couldn't face a night of feeling this bad and at some point I remember wondering if I had made a terrible mistake. I felt so sick I panicked and thought perhaps if it gets worse I might die. Sounds dramatic now but it felt that bad. I really felt like I'd been poisoned in every sense of the word.

Here I notice my breathing feels shallow. This worries me and I start thinking about telling my wife about what I'd done as I felt like breathing was slow. It was like someone had a weight on my chest and it wasn't fun. The nausea really eased off fast after the zopiclone but sleepy is the opposite of what I felt. I asked my wife to put on the star projector we have in the lounge while I try to chill out enough to nap. She was watching a film and pretty sleepy herself so she didn't really notice me being weird. I just said I was feeling a bit sick and sore and needed to lie down to sleep. Being in chronic pain all the time, this wasn't unusual for me. I popped a propranolol to stop the vasoconstriction I was feeling and that I read about. My head felt tight and my ears rung a little. And smell... My god the smells of anything got overpowering. It was like I went from smelling nothing to smelling everything in distilled and extra strength. Even nice smells were painfully overpowering.

All of a sudden, I felt this cold sensation like a slowly creeping stream all the way down my body from head to toe. It was like every single muscle, bone and sore patch of skin was evaporating the pain. The pain was absolutely gone and replaced with this floaty and cool feeling, not unlike getting into a cold pool or stream on a hot day.

I tried to roll a cigarette but was having trouble coordinating my movements. And then I noticed my vision start to change. The colours from the projector are insane! I'd never seen anything so vivid and beautiful in my life! The colours from the whole room looked like they were running or melting off the wall but they looked like multicoloured smoke. The green laser dots from the projector looked like fairies. They were still green but they were not dots so much as moving fireflies with wings and the dots on the ceiling were much less bright than they should be, but there were more of them. It was like looking at moving stars on a really dark sky away from the lights of a city. If you've ever been somewhere really remote at night, far from an urban area, you'll know what I mean when I say the stars are numerous and look nothing like they do anywhere else. It was like there was a moving galaxy of stars on that ceiling and they twinkled beautifully from green to aqua blue and cyan non stop.

The colours on the projector that are meant to simulate clouds were like bright red and orange smoke. It looked like a twister or coloured smoke and I don't know how to compare it to anything in real life. It isn't like psychedelic art or anything I'd seen in pictures inspired by LSD or shrooms or weed. This was so loving and so beautiful. It was like someone had given me a warm hug and the room was absolutely awe-inspiringly beautiful.

I stumbled to the bathroom to look in the mirror. My eyes weren't at all dilated. I took a picture of myself to check in the morning in case my eyes were playing tricks on me. They weren't dilated at all. Nothing had changed in my appearance. The only thing I observed was my vision kept shifting from making every detail, every pore, and every capillary on my face from super vivid (I looked like I was ageing at a rapid pace) to soft and light like a filter you can use on social media on selfies.

I went to the kitchen to look in the big mirror. The light kept brightening and intensifying and then simmering back down again and so on. Like someone was turning the contrast up and down. When the light brightened, it felt like it was coming from a different source or from an alien place. I stroked my cats and the fur felt like it was the softest thing I'd ever touched. As I stroked the cat I felt like time had slowed down. I was watching and doing things in slow motion. His fur felt like a kitten's fur but even softer. My black cat appeared inky blue now as if he was out in the moonlight in the woods instead of in a dimly lit room at home. I tried making a peanut butter sandwich and it felt more difficult than usual. Eating was not fun. It was like I'd slowed down time so much that I could feel every component of that peanut butter and bread as I chewed and it was like chewing dirt. It didn't help that my mouth was also incredibly dry - bone dry.

I went back into the lounge and my wife noticed I was acting strangely. I couldn't answer a question she asked and looked drunk. The answer totally slipped my mind and I couldn't retrieve it. I just stood there confused and trying to concentrate. I asked if I could have something to eat that was sweet and she asked if "I'd got the munchies". I mistook this turn of phrase for being busted as having taken something and laughed a little too hard. She asked why I was acting oddly and I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to tell her. I was wrong...

She was furious that I'd not told her and that I went behind her back doing this. She felt let down and like I was treating her like a fool. It wasn't me getting high she was mad at. She was mad I made her feel excluded, like a fool and in the dark. She asked me over the last couple of weeks what my fascination was with psychoactive plants that I was reading about and I told her I was just interested in the nature of them. She felt I had lied to her face right then when she found me out that night. She said it was going to be a long time until she trusted me again. Then and there it was like I lost everything. I told her why I'd done it. That I didn't think she'd understand. Her reply was that she wasn't given the option to understand or the chance to. I told her I thought maybe it'd reset my brain somehow if it worked. That maybe the pain would go away, that it'd help the PTSD and insomnia.
I told her I thought maybe it'd reset my brain somehow if it worked. That maybe the pain would go away, that it'd help the PTSD and insomnia.
She sniped back that all I got was a handful of magic beans and lost something far more precious... Her trust.

I honestly thought then and there I had ruined everything and lost her. She has a thing about people lying to her and she never expected it from me. To her not telling her something is the same thing as lying too. I tried to smoke a cigarette and it kept going out and the lighter wouldn't spark. She told me to put the cigarette out and go to sleep. We'll deal with this bullshit in the morning. She was so angry she formed a first around her sandwich that she was eating and crushed the whole thing. Shortly after she put her sleeping mask on and went to sleep.

I felt so utterly foolish and hurt. Yet I couldn't escape the fact I'd done this and I couldn't blame anyone or anything but myself for it. I felt then and there I had ruined everything and it'd never be the same again. What had I done? I wished this was all a nightmare but I knew I wasn't dreaming it. And that hurt like nothing had hurt ever before.

The colours kept streaming and being beautiful. My pain was still gone and I felt like I was observing my emotions from a distance and couldn't cry or do anything about them physically. It was like I was in my body feeling them all, but not quite attached to them. Yet the gravity of it all was more intense somehow. I can't explain it very well but it was like feelings were a completely new experience being felt for the first time with pure clarity.

I kept watching the projector and the streaming smoke like colours on the walls. The stars with wings. It was undeniably beautiful even in a moment like this despite how I felt emotionally. It made me feel even worse as I didn't feel like it was right to enjoy anything right now. On an even less pleasant note, my muscles were so relaxed that I felt like if I needed to go to the toilet all of a sudden, I probably wouldn't make it without soiling myself. Luckily that didn't happen.

Eventually I drifted off to sleep and had no dreams at all. When I woke up my pain was mostly my headache and back but not all encompassing like usual. I felt fresher somehow and more awake but then it hit me that we had a fight and it was time to face the music. Long story short I gave my word that I would never do something like that behind her back again and she explained how she felt. I'm still in the shit and I know it but at least I have a chance to make it right. In short, I'm an idiot and I deserve to be in the doghouse honestly.

As for the trip itself, had it not been for the argument - hell yeah! But don't scoff at the nausea. It is violently bad and I still felt pukey the next day. My vision went back to normal apart from when I closed my eyes, I can still see bright colours like an afterglow of the night before. I was also not as sharp with simple tasks without dropping things or answering questions until a good 12 hours after waking up at least.

If I could compare the visuals to anything it would be the scenes from the movie Dredd (the newest one) when a character uses the drug slo-mo. The colours, the sparkling and the smoke-like quality of the colours running was very similar but not the same. It was incredibly beautiful and for me, totally unexpected. My experience was very visual and touching things magnified the pleasant feelings and minimised any coarseness or discomfort upon contact. My pain was gone and I felt like I was brand new but time was slowed down to molasses pace. It was nothing like what I expected and I don't know whether zopiclone had something to do with it. So yeah... 25 seeds, chewed and swallowed and a zopiclone after puking my guts out and feeling like I was going to die... The parts after that, not including the argument, was absolutely heavenly. But I wasn't normal the next day or capable of driving, or doing complex tasks of any sort. It feels like a hangover in many ways and I wasn't 100% functional for much other than staying home and doing ordinary chores or making coffee etc. The headache on the latter end was intense, too.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115590
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Jul 28, 2021Views: 4,721
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Pharms - Zopiclone (272), H.B. Woodrose (26) : Alone (16), Relationships (44), First Times (2), General (1)

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