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Overall It Wasn't Pleasant
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Psychexplorer. "Overall It Wasn't Pleasant: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp111204)". May 15, 2018.

T+ 0:00
3 seeds sublingual H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:20 1 seed sublingual H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:40 1 seed oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:05 1 seed oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
Unpleasant First Experience

Previous experience: Low doses of LSD

So I had heard of HBWR seeds while researching legal psychedelics online. I was very interested in these seeds after reading trip reports of amazing and intense experiences. I had been waiting for the seeds to arrive for about 10 days, so I was very excited when they finally arrived. I decided I would try them the next day. When I woke up the next day, I was eager to try the seeds. My dad was the only one home and he was going to be leaving for a few hours so it was a good opportunity to try them. I should mention that no other drugs were used this day.

10:40 AM
I had decided to use the sublingual method in order to hopefully eliminate all nausea. This method simply consists of chewing the seeds for 15-30 mins and then spitting out the seeds. I decided on a small dose of 3 seeds. Since I had ordered Hawaiian strain seeds which had a lot of good reviews, I figured they would be high potency and that I should be cautious. I began my preparation by scraping off what small amount of the fuzzy tan colored husk remained on the seeds, and then proceeded to crush the three seeds in a plastic bag. The reason for crushing them was to increase surface area in my mouth and therefore increase absorption of the LSA. After crushing the seeds, I poured the powder into my mouth and began to chew and swish it around. It didn't taste terrible but it also wasn't pleasant.

11:10 AM
I had been swishing the seeds in my mouth for the past half hour and a lot of saliva had built up, it was hard not to swallow. I was definitely ready to spit out the seeds. I spat them out and rinsed my mouth out with water, which was a relief. I also took a 1200mg turmeric capsule in an attempt to combat any vasoconstriction that might take place. There were no effects at this point but I figured it would probably take a good hour to notice anything.

Note: Some of the following times are estimations as I did not go into this experience with the intention of writing a trip report.

12:00 PM
Still no effects. I'm starting to loose hope that these seeds will actually do anything, so I decide to chew another seed. I pop it in my mouth without crushing it and chew it, but only for 15 minutes. I figured 15 minutes would still be plenty and I was too impatient to chew it for 30 minutes as before. I decide to go outside and shoot a few baskets while I chew the seed since I'm bored. While chewing I swallow a little of the seed infused saliva in hopes that it will kick start the experience. I quickly grow tired of shooting baskets and the ball is somewhat flat so I head back inside.

12:20 PM
I hadn't been doing much for the past 20 minutes except for going on my phone and walking around the house trying to see if I noticed anything. I was quickly loosing all hope of the seeds working, and I wasn't in a great mood considering I spent good money on the seeds and had waited so long for them to arrive. At this point I decided to take another seed. I chew it as I did previously for 15 minutes and without crushing it, but at this point I'm desperate to get some sort of result so I just swallow it instead of spitting it out. I decide to play a little Xbox to pass the time.

12:45 PM
I'm in a somewhat bad mood and the video games don't seem very fun. My dad also gets back at this point, and I turn off the Xbox. I decide to eat another seed. I figure that maybe the sublingual method doesn't work and by eating another I will have eaten 2 whole seeds which might be enough for some mild effects at least. After eating the seed I decide that I won't have any more and that I'm just going to stop worrying about it and see if I notice any effects later on. At this point I have had a total of 6 seeds, 4 of them with the sublingual method and 2 seeds eaten.

1:00 PM
At this point my dad is having lunch and I go to have lunch with him. Before going to the table I check my pupils, they appear to be slightly larger but not enough for him to notice. As I'm eating lunch, I think I notice a slight soreness or tightness in my neck and eating food feels slightly different as well.
I think I notice a slight soreness or tightness in my neck and eating food feels slightly different as well.
Both of these symptoms I experience on LSD so I know that they are an effect of the seeds. I'm somewhat excited that the seeds are at least having some effect. It's also worth noting that I don't have any nausea, which is usually an issue with these seeds. Maybe there would be nausea if I had eaten more.

2:00 PM
After eating lunch I had begun to feel somewhat tired. This feeling had now progressed into a lethargic drowsy feeling, which was not pleasant at all. There was no euphoria or other positive effects I just felt really tired and not that good in general.

2:20 PM I felt even more sluggish and drowsy at this point and I decided that taking a nap would probably make me feel better. I told my dad I was going to take a nap and went upstairs. Before I got in my bed I set my alarm for 3:20 since I didn't want to sleep all day which I felt was possible based on how tired I felt. I got in bed without undressing and tried to get comfortable. Once I felt fairly comfortable I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. I began to notice something odd. Every 20 seconds or so I felt a wave of mental sound, if you could call it that. I have very mild tinnitus and it sounded like that, except that it was in my brain and it was loud and uncomfortable. A burst of it would occur every 20 seconds or so. The first time it happened I flinched because it surprised me and I opened my eyes. I noticed it only happened when I closed my eyes which was very odd. I tried to fall asleep but when I closed my eyes I would anticipate the next wave of sound and when it hit I had to open my eyes. I don't remember how I fell asleep, but surprisingly I fell asleep pretty quickly. Maybe the sound stopped and that allowed me to fall asleep.

3:00 PM
I woke up before my alarm went off. The first thing I noticed was that my limbs felt very weak, and they also felt tingly as if they were about to fall asleep. This wasn't a pleasant feeling, since I kept moving my arms and legs to try to get the sleeping feeling to go away but it made no difference. I tried to make a fist and squeeze but my grip felt extremely weak. I lay in my bed for a couple minutes before I decided to get up and use the bathroom. I stood up and felt weak but I could walk fine. I went in to the bathroom and tried to pee. I stood there for around 30 seconds trying to pee when suddenly my head felt different, sort of like a slight pressure. At about the same moment my vision started to get grainy with lots of tiny black pinpricks and they began to fill up my vision. I quickly rushed out of the bathroom and headed for my room, which was luckily very close. My vision rapidly covered over in a matter of seconds and as I entered my room I couldn't see at all. Despite my eyes being open it was totally black except for a sort of fuzzy indistinct kaleidoscopic pattern covering the blackness. I stumbled into my bed and layed down.

Immediately I noticed something else.
My tinnitus which is normally very mild, was increasing in loudness and pitch. This was the scariest part, I still couldn't see anything except for the pattern in the blackness, and the tinnitus rapidly got louder and louder. I was shocked that this was happening and I wondered if I had made a big mistake in taking the seeds. The sound got to an almost unbearable pitch and I was freaking out but trying to stay calm by thinking to myself that no matter what happened it would end eventually. Fortunately my vision quickly began to come back and shortly after the tinnitus began to get less loud. In a minute I was okay and I layed there in relief.

4:00 PM
I had been laying in bed for the past hour watching YouTube videos, trying to pass the time and distract myself from what had happened. I hadn't gotten out of bed thus far since I was scared that it would happen again, but I decided to try. I sat up and felt okay, and then proceeded to stand by my bed for a minute to make sure I was good. I felt alright so I went to go to the bathroom. This time I had no trouble going to the bathroom and I felt okay, albeit still tired and somewhat tingly. I went downstairs and went on my phone for a while.

For the rest of the day I felt tired and slightly depressed, but nothing terrible. I fell asleep easily enough that night and felt better in the morning.

Overall it wasn't a pleasant experience but definitely could have been worse. The one really bad moment didn't last long, and other than that it was just an annoyance to feel bad all day. The one good thing about it was I didn't get any nausea and I learned to be careful with dosing because effects can hit much later. From what I could tell the sublingual method was relatively ineffective, considering I didn't notice any effects until I ate the 2 seeds. My theory is that the sublingual method didn't work, so I pretty much had 2 seeds. Maybe 2 seeds was enough to cause some negative effects but not enough to actually trip. If that were the case, then the negative effects would have essentially outweighed the positive, since the positive were virtually nonexistent. I don't want to jump to any conclusions however, so I'll probably try the sublingual method on it's own with more seeds. I might also try eating more seeds, but I can't say for sure after what happened with just eating 2.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111204
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 15, 2018Views: 5,243
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