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The Ebb and Flow of the One
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   experience nature. "The Ebb and Flow of the One: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp24294)". Mar 30, 2006.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Dimenhydrinate
  T+ 0:45 12 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
  T+ 1:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
I have taken H.B. Woodrose seeds 2 times before, once just chewed up and eaten and another time crushed up and soaked in water for an hour before straining the seeds and drinking the mixture. I always scrape off the fuzzy outer layer of the seeds before taking in order to reduce nausea. Dramamine greatly reduces the amount of nausea if taken 30 or 45 minutes before the experience. Here is my experience:

At around 4:30, I took the Dramamine at work. After I got off work, I met up with my friend that I was taking the seeds with. At around 5:15, we ate the seeds a few at a time, chewing them up as much as possible and swallowing them. After that, we decided to go smoke some hydro to further reduce the nausea. We left in my car and headed for the nearest recycling center to recycle some boxes. As we arrived, I felt like I was going to throw up. I held it in, and we loaded up the bowl to smoke. At 5:45 we smoked the bowl and drove around for a while. At approximately 6:30 or so, we arrived at this girl’s house where we were going to trip. We went around back to this patio area where I found a comfortable place to lie on this pink pillow on my back as I waited for the trip to come on.

As I lay there, I began to feel a negative energy take me over. I decided I needed to call another friend of ours so that he could come over. I called him and the friend I was tripping with had to give him directions, because I was starting to feel become overcome by this negative energy. After I talked to him, the negative energy grew exponentially in proportion. Almost right when my friend got off the phone, I wanted to come down. I told my friend to call the guy that was coming over back and tell him to bring me some milk. At this point, I was so afraid that I would be left forever in this state that I was in, and everything seemed so negative and bad. I really wanted to be with my girlfriend, but she was out of town, it seemed that she so far away that I felt as though I could never reach her. I held on to my friend as she comforted me. She told me everything was going to be okay and that she had been in my position before. I sat up a couple of times and told myself out loud that I could be in control and that I could take control of my experience and be in control. One of the final times I sat up, I finally gained control. I proceeded to lay back down in my position on the pink pillow, and stare at the ceiling.

When the majority of the negative energies had subsided, I stretched my arms high into the air, with my fingers laced together and felt my body and my self in relation to the environment. I began to take control of the experience that I was having and the environment around me. At this same time, I was having an internal conversation with what seemed to be the negative experiential potential of the seeds. I kept insisting that I was not going to channel negative energies through my experience, and the other voice kept making it known that we could exist in harmony with one another in the experience. As the voice faded another voice began to speak, fading in and out. Things began to move slower. Although things were moving slower, I was in control of my body and experience, therefore, my body knew not to let things slow down to the point of death.

The voice seemed to come from both the environment around me and the environment within me. It kept saying, “You just have to keep…” I cannot recall what the faint voice was saying, but I understood it to be telling me I just have to hold on or I just have to be in control. It was but a faint voice, calmly speaking to me. It very well could have been my pineal gland opening up to expose me to new encounters and experiences. My body became increasingly smaller in relation to the environment around me. My friend next to me was talking to me, but I tuned her out. Although I love my friend dearly, I felt almost as though interaction with her or any of my other friends would cause me to have a bad experience. So I continued to withdraw from everything around me and focus on my self.

It felt as though the whole world was moving slowly in waves all around me, I would look up occasionally to see the breeze calmly swaying the trees and I was reminded of how much the world is in a constant ebb and flow. The whole universe seemed to move in waves around me. My legs were propped up in an A position and I was on my back, and I began to sway my legs back and forth with the flow of the environment around me. As I swayed my legs, I would breathe in and out occasionally, and every time I breathed it would be to the same vibe of the universe both around me and within me. At this time I became unaware of many things around me, such as time, friends, and even the space 3 feet in front of me. I think it was about 8:00 though.

As things in the world seemed to dissolve into trivial thoughts, the in-and-out fading of the waves of environment and my body seemed to disassociate my body from my inner being, or self. A warmness overcame my inner being and I became detached from my body completely. I could still move if I wanted to, but I lay on my side and let the harmonious euphoria of the waves induce my inner being into a pure and clear state of equilibrium with everything inside, outside, and beyond me. I felt like the waves of the universe, all existing in harmony, were flowing with me as a part of them. I had become one with the common ebb and flow of everything that exists in this world, whether it be living or immobile.

As people I believe that we create ourselves in a persona, or image, that we wish to be viewed by the whole world. We develop around our clique of friends and environment specifically to our needs and wants based on our personal mask. From these things we develop and understand what love is, what hate is, how to love, how to hate, how to survive and how to be at peace in our environment. My experience with H.B. Woodrose seeds took me to the roots of all that we should know as humans - that universe around us is one - and in flows together in an ebb and flow through all of us. Whether it is in relationships, technology or nature. We all can flow together in euphonious harmony if we can reunite with the roots from which we all came - the unity of one.

I later became increasingly more aware of my surroundings, I heard everyone around me talking and recognized them all as my friends. I felt waves of love for my friends come over me frequently, partly because I was so glad that they were there to contribute their thoughts and love to my experience (even though I had paid no attention, their web of thoughts and life contributed a little bit). The comedown was very long and drawn out. I laid on the patio for a while watching my fingertips spiral out into small black vortexes and spiral back into reality. My thoughts seemed a bit more intellectual than usual as I considered theories of Quantum Physics throughout my head. I considered that perhaps all matter really was just energy condensed into a slow vibration. As I thought that, little things that I would look at would turn into small black dots and spiral in and out like atoms around a nucleus. Later that night, the flow of everything diminished a little, but something in my heart kept flowing to the beat of whatever was happening around me. When I went inside to lie down on a bed, my heart was flowing to the sounds of some music. Later, my heart was flowing to the stillness of the pillow that I was holding.

I went home around 12:00, still seeing tracers and still very confused. I was able to talk to my father though, and then I went to my room to lay down on my bed. As the flow slowed further and further down, my experience faded further out. So did my consciousness. I fell asleep deeply around 3:00. I woke up around 9:00 and was still seeing a few things moving and tracers were still apparent. However, when I finally got out of bed at 10:00 that morning, I felt a little sore, but I was just fine after I got out of the shower.

I treat these seeds and any other gift form nature with reverence. Know your body and know your environment. If I send out positive energies into the world, the same positive energies will be bestowed upon me with charm. This experience was amazing for me because I listened to what the experience was trying to convey and channeled what my personal experience is supposed to be. Each time that I try entheogenic substances I always have specific and peculiar experiences. Each one leads to a new revelation about the universe both around me and inside of me. When trying any new substance, I turn my ears to the inside and listen to myself, and always know my limit and know how to keep control. These things will help me to feel and understand the true teachings of the universe.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24294
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 30, 2006Views: 45,567
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