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Taken Completely by Surprise
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Sackajuweeda. "Taken Completely by Surprise: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp52036)". Jul 26, 2006.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Cannabis - Hash (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 15 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:15 1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
I should have given that a little more consideration before I ate 15 ate once. I finally was able to smoke a little weed last night and I originally planned to eat these seeds as a compliment to the weed. Little did I know I was in the for one of the most intense trips of my life.

First though, I'll give a little background on my experiences with LSA. A few weeks ago I felt myself actually start fiending for psychedelics. I've never really had a craving for them like this before, other than when acid stopped coming, but even that wasn't nearly as bad as I was feeling it now. I think it was because I didn't have weed to tide me over between trips like I use to. I asked everyone I could possibly think of for any kind of hallucinogen, but there just wasn't anything around. I remembered my roommate D having said something about these seeds called Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, a long time ago, and that they made him trip face. I was a little skeptical at first because he said they were legal, but I went searching online for them anyway. My curiosity had been piqued when I read about them. I started thinking about where I could get some.

That same day I was looking up information on them, S came back to the house with a shit ton of Heavenly Blue morning glory seeds and said that they fuck me up. I remembered seeing something about them online too while looking at info on the HB Woodrose seeds. It turned out they contained the same chemical, LSA. The one thing I kept noticing about both of the seeds though is that they are notorious for causing nausea and vomiting. Those two things have always been what bring me down the most while tripping and makes it less enjoyable then it should be. That's why I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms, as they always fuck my stomach up so bad. Anyway, the internet had a pretty legitimate looking method for extracting just the LSA out of the seeds.

The extraction method said that it was a good way to eliminate the nausea, so we gathered the supplies and made the attempt. Three days after trying the extraction, we finally got to try and take the LSA. It ended up being very weak, I wouldn't even put it above tripping on a gram of mushrooms, if even that. I wanted it to make it more intense than it really was, so I kept trying to convince myself I was tripping face but I really wasn't. I did have a lot of nitrous with them though, so that helped to some degree but I would hardly call what I had a 'trip'.

After that I dismissed the LSA as pretty worthless and not even worth the time. I went back online, though and for some reason was drawn back to the HB Woodrose seeds. If all these people had tripped face like they said had, including D, I was sure there was something to them. People will say ridiculous things about tripping where if Iíve tripped before I can tell what they're saying is complete bullshit or legitimate. Reading accounts on various websites seemed to intense to deny that there might be something to these seeds.

During spring break I found this glorious online shop that I have a feeling is going to be supplying me with everything I'll be needing for a while. I looked around on the site for a little bit and found the HB Woodrose section. They had a few different types, but the very last one I came across was the only one that made any mention of LSA. They were also the most expensive. I ordered a pack of fifty and had them sent to my house. After ordering them, I figured I'll be finding out soon enough whether these are the real deal or not so I put them out of my mind.

I came back the Saturday before break was over and found out my seeds had gotten there while I was gone. Only S was back yet and he had to work that night and I don't like to trip alone so I was going to wait until someone was around to eat them. However, as he was leaving, I was bored as hell and couldn't find anything to do so I figured why not eat them. I crushed up six seeds in our coffee grinder, put them in a shot glass, filled the rest of the glass up with water and took the shot. I had heard of a way taking them; letting them absorb through the mouth and then spit it out. It supposedly helped bypass the nausea too. I held the nasty mixture in my mouth for a half hour then spit it out.

After an hour or so I didn't feel anything other than a little disassociated. I remember thinking to myself if this is as intense as its going to get there is no point in even holding the shit in my mouth for thirty minutes. I would have rather been sober. I tried grinding up six more seeds and put them in a shot glass again, except I took the shot itself this time. An hour later I was still feeling the same dissociation, except this time I vomited a gross bile colored fluid. I definitely wasn't tripping and vomit made me feel like these seeds weren't even worth it. I put them in a drawer and forgot about them until last night.

I smoked weed last night and it was good. I had been psyching myself up all day thinking it was going to be awesome and all that, and while yes it was glorious to be high again, I couldn't even see why I use to feel like I needed it so bad. While the urge to smoke it had been dying before, now it's completely gone. I just want to get clean now, get this shit behind me, so when I can smoke it again, I can smoke it worry-free and without the possibility of fucking myself over anymore. Anyway, as I was being all high, it was either D or S that said something about eating the seeds. I figured it might be worth a try again. I was totally skeptical that I was going to even feel anything though. We had been talking about taking a road trip to get some good caps, and I figured these seeds wouldn't fuck us up enough so I was down for a trip even while on the seeds. In retrospect, I'm lucky that D didn't want to go. If I had been the one driving we would have probably died, or at least been stranded because I was tripping to hard to drive. Since D didn't want to go, I said I was going to eat a shit ton to see what the deal was.

S and I ended up eating fifteen while D has twelve. D had said he had a real trip off eight only, but I either just didn't believe it or thought he had something else instead. This is another time when I should have listened and taken his word for it. Fifteen seeds is totally unnecessary, and last night was the second time I ever felt like I was wigging out while tripping. It was like I ate ten hits of acid at once. I'm more experienced with tripping now so I was able to calm down, where as I hadn't been able to the last time I had a wig session. I'll never underestimate the power of the seeds ever again. In the end, even though I was slightly unprepared for the intensity the trip got to, it was totally worth it. Anyways, hereís the trip:

Note: Time became pretty jumbled, but this is the best as I can remember it.

D said that when he ate the seeds, he let them soak in a water till the outer coat became soft and then scraped off the outer coat. I put my seeds into a cup with water and let them chill.

We took the seeds out of the water and started scraping at them. I tried picking at the stuff with my fingernails but all I kept doing was breaking the seed in half. D showed me the actual part that needed to come off and that made things a little easier. It wasn't until D took a scouring pad and tried rubbing the seeds on them that we finally began to make some progress.

All three of us had our seeds peeled. We each then ground them up in the coffee filter and put them on some ice cream. They didn't taste too bad but the texture was awful. Thinking about it right now is actually giving me the urge to vomit, or maybe it was the shitty looking tangerine I ate this morning.

Still not believing I was going to be tripping, I followed S and D into the gaming parlor and watched them play Simpsons: Hit and Run for a little while. I should have realized then what I was in for because I was having extreme difficulty following and playing the game and I was already feeling way off base-line. I had to get up and leave the room and go listen to some music for a little while.

I spent the next thirty minutes listening to music and trying to chill. I could kind of feel the seeds rumbling around in my stomach, but I still wasn't feeling any noticeable nausea. By now, I was definitely noticing pretty intense CEVs (Closed Eye Visuals). For some reason, I kept on thinking this was going to be the extent the seeds were going to make me trip even though both my mental and physical buzz had been steadily building. S walked back into the room and I stood up for a minute and walked around. That's when I started feeling a little sick.

I still don't know why exactly but I felt like I just had to go outside and get some air. I stepped outside and leaned over the railing. That's when the urge to vomit finally hit me, but nothing was coming up. I stepped back inside for two seconds before I felt it all coming up. I made it back outside and had probably the second nastiest vomit of my life. Had I been tripping nuts I would have probably thought I was throwing up my stomach from the way it looked, but I felt so much better after I got it all up.

Once I walked back inside, the visuals I was having were the exact same as I remember them on acid. I'd look at a spot on my kitchen floor and from that point spreading outward the whole floor would rumble and shake like it had it's own wind blowing through it until the wind reached through everything in my entire visual field. It was spreading up through the walls, the table, and even D and S's faces. I knew I was just reaching my peak. I was totally blown away by all this. I ate the seeds thinking that nothing was going to happen, other than I might get a good body buzz or something to go with the weed. Usually, I know ahead of time if I'm going to eat something that's going to make me trip this hard and it takes me a little mental preparation during the day before hand to get ready for it. I was definitely impressed with what was going on though, even if I was a little unprepared.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
I had a sudden urge to do some nitrous. If I had known the seeds were going to be doing this to me, I would have stocked up before hand, but as I said before, I was totally taken by surprise. D and I got into my car and I started driving to the head shop. My visuals were getting ridiculous at this point. Everything had this bright fogginess to it. I could barely concentrate on driving and it seemed like it took forever to reach the shop. I started getting a little freaked out when I realized that was only half the journey.

D and I reach the head shop and I dropped D off at the front door and go park. I was tripping to hard to go inside this time, so I had asked D to do it. After he got out of the car I sat there for a minute listening to the radio, but everything on was sucking so I stepped out of the car for a minute. It was pretty cold that night and I caught a chill. I felt it start making me shake violently, first in my stomach, and then in my hands and legs. I couldn't get warm. The whole time this was happening I was walking towards the head shop to look at the VOLTAR machine while D was getting the nitrous. I made it to the end of the parking lot before I had to turn around and run back to the car. The chills were becoming too much for me to handle. I should have known from experience that it was just part of the body come-up, but I couldn't think straight at all. When I was walking past this mexican restaurant I saw a group leave and when I walking by them I thought I heard one of them say 'Look at him, what's wrong with him?'. I know I was walking normally enough and that it was just an audio hallucination or I had heard what they said wrong. I made it back to the car, turned it on and put the heat on as high as possible. I started chilling out then a little bit and D got back to the car a few minutes after that.

I calmed myself down enough to start driving back to the house. The trip back is a blur in mind right now. I remember having one of the weirdest visuals of my life though, as I was coming up the last up slope before the long hill that leads down my house, the street lights on the side of the road suddenly spread out in both directions, and the hill I was about to drive up became like a wall to me. I had totally lost depth perception. I quickly realized the lights I was seeing were the street lights in the distance and that the hill wasn't a wall at all. It was weird nonetheless. I have learned to just make myself laugh at shit like that when it happens.

D and I got back and we split up the nitrous. I took a balloon first. I was tripping so hard I didn't feel like taking a double. In fact, a single seemed almost to much for me to handle. As soon as I started inhaling I could already feel the nitrous kicking in, usually it takes at least a couple of seconds to really feel it, but by this point in time my body and mind was on sensory overload. I don't remember exactly what music was playing, but it was weird what it was doing to me. I'll try to relate the way it made me feel to acid. With acid, psychedelic music (Hendrix, Floyd..) cuts into my mind like a knife and rips it apart leaving everything in there exposed. I find that it's the music that sets off all the revelations I have about myself and my mind while tripping. It's just a total mind fuck.

With these seeds, it was the same way except I felt it in my body too. The music was slicing its way into my body. I had never felt such an intense body buzz until these seeds, even on mushrooms, which I consider mostly a body trip. The nitrous was intensifying these effects almost beyond my comprehension. It was here that I started wigging. The nitrous felt like it was lingering way to long. When I had it on the AMT, I felt the peak effects of and then they slowly started fading away. On the HB Woodrose though, I could still feel the nitrous in my body 30 minutes later. We had put on the movie Logan's Run, and I think that movie was what set off my wigging. I started convincing myself that my heart wasn't beating anymore. I tried taking my pulse, something that usually always calms me down, but I begun tripping so hard, the only thing I felt was the weird ass noises coming from the movie.

I was tripping definitely, but I knew my heart shouldn't be. I got up and started walking around. I know that heart attacks happen pretty rapidly, and I checked my clock. I kept telling myself if I'm still going in ten minutes than I'm just wigging out and need to calm down. It wasn't working to well, and I got to the point where I had to get S to tell me he felt a normal pulse. After this I finally started calming down a little bit. I use to always tell myself if what I eat to trip doesn't kill me in twenty minutes, I'm going to be fine. But I was so out of it, those thoughts of death started snowballing out of control and I couldn't deal with it. I had myself convinced for a minute that I was about to fall over and die. I didn't run around screaming or freak out or anything, I just had to be calmed down a little. Once I got past this, I got back to just tripping.

After I settled down a little bit, I started enjoying the trip these seeds were giving me. It's the closest thing to real acid I've had without actually being on acid. Taking whippits had become better than sex. The feeling is really indescribable; just complete euphoria. I'm going to test this out by taking a big fatty balloon in the middle of the next time I'm fucking a bitch. If I don't try and stop her when she gets up and leaves after I get done with the balloon, then my hypothesis will be proven right.

The music had been turned off by now, and we had started watching family guy. It's around this time I started noticing how tired I was getting. My body had become completely fatigued, even though my mind was still jacked up. I guess that's the major difference between these seeds and LSD. LSD, for me at least, acts as both a psychological and physical amphetamine. I just never run out of energy while on it. I've been able to go for eighteen hours without even feeling tired. I can totally see myself dosing up and being able to run the Boston Marathon, at least if I knew there was more acid at the end to eat. But these seeds were making me crash hard. I could barely stand up and support myself. When I tried to walk I could feel myself falling in one direction and I'd have to catch myself. I was also starting to get extremely paranoid. The paranoia was so extreme I don't even remember what I was getting so paranoid about now, but I know it was just to out there to be real. I kept it to myself and didn't let it wig me out or anything, it's just that I don't get paranoid that often anymore. All the acid lore I've ever read has said that vitamin C is the best thing to help combat the paranoia, so I tried eating a tangerine, but halfway through peeling it I lost interest in it and put it down. I found it rotten the next morning. I like grapefruits better anyway.

We had just finished watching The Simpsons and I was getting bored of watching the TV, and I was feeling tired as shit, so I went up to my room to lay down for a little bit. I put on Dark Side of the Moon and just zoned out. I turned on the I-tunes visualizer and just laid back and enjoyed the show. When I made the effort not to let my self focus on any one object, the visualiser seemed to grow slowly till it took over the width of my room. It was during this time I had shit ton of introspection. None of it would matter to anyone but me, but it just reaffirmed a lot of things I had been feeling about everything that's been going on, and kind of gave me the lasting motivation I needed to get through it. There's something weird about tripping that happens to me least.

While Iím tripping there's some things that just all of sudden make complete sense, like the meaning of life, why we're here and things like that, but after the trip is over I can't remember why it made so much sense. Then there's the realizations that stay with me a lifetime. I don't think I really discovered myself until I tripped for the first time. That's not to say I can't ever know myself without tripping, I think for me it just speeded up the process. They can be a powerful tool for self exploration, but they can also be cruel and unforgiving. I didn't have real, good, mind-blowing trips till I was comfortable with myself and my mind. That's what I mean when I said this trip is going to be a lasting motivation to get through this situation. Anyway, I realized no matter how shitty things may become I know at least there's always my own mind to keep me entertained. That, and HB Woodrose.

Dark Side of the Moon ended, and suddenly I felt rejuvenated. I went back downstairs and chilled again. Eventually, Animals was put on. It would seem like I would get tired of listening to it, seeing as how I just heard the whole thing tripping just a week ago and a few times in between, but every time I've heard it, there is something different about it. It's probably all in my head, but I think it's the greatest guitar work Pink Floyd ever accomplished. Anyone accomplished for that matter.

By now I could barely keep my eyes open. I was still tripping hard as hell, but my body was just to tired to go on. I think it was more from the weed I smoked for the first time in a while then the seeds themselves. I was having a good time, but I was so physically tired I couldn't even laugh. I tried, but I just couldn't. I said peace to D and S and went upstairs to try and pass out. I remember laying down and turning the TV on with the sound off to try and help me get to sleep. This ended up being a mistake. I don't know what channel it was, but it was some guy dressed in a tuxedo riding around on roller skates, skating under people's tables in a theater. Seriously, what the fuck.

The TV was to much for me to handle so I just turned it off and laid down. I don't remember exactly falling asleep but I remember having some ridiculously vivid dreams. One I would consider a nightmare actually. I dreamed my grandmother showed up while the house was trashed and I just got done smoking weed. It was weird though, she didn't even seem that mad about it, all she said to me was that she heard I'd been doing ether. When I denied it, she called me a liar and said she saw it on ESPN. I don't know. Anyway, I woke up still tripping. My mind was back to normal for the most part, but I was still having some pretty strong visuals. My whole room was swirling when I came too. My body still ached pretty bad. All I could think to myself was 'Oh, shit, I have a lab in a little while'. I knew I was in for a difficult experience.

I had woken up a few hours before my first class, so I chilled and listened to music. I had to finish writing my lab report that was due during the lab which I found surprisingly easy. The answers were coming to me easily, until I realized I had just been copying the instructors sample lab report and not my own so I had to start it all over. It ended up not being all that bad, but I'm sure I fucked it up in some way.

I was sitting in Rec. Management by now. This class is not a good class for tripping. The teacher is an old man that's absolutely ridiculous. Everything he said was the funniest thing I'd ever heard, even though I was the only laughing and he kept looking at me. 'hey! Do you know how many people live in Alaska? Hey! I went there when I was a kid your age! Hey you like the movie remember the titans? I swear to god he said this. Exactly like that. Verbatim.

It was time for my lab. I kind of just forced myself to get through this. The only problem I had was every time the instructor said 'acid' I wanted to say something stupid about eating it or snicker to myself because I've eaten acid. I had a lab partner who I think I freaked out a little by the way I was acting, but by the end of the lab I was talking to him about different acid movies and tripping. Overall, it was pretty good lab.

I made it back to my house in one piece and ate a watermelon. I had bought some grapefruits but the watermelon did me nicely. I then slept for fifteen hours.

I think I've found my new trip of choice, at least for a little while. It's readily available, so I'm going to start stockpiling this shit in case they make it illegal. It gave me everything I love about tripping: ridiculous visuals, mental clarity and insight, and a bearable, yet intense body buzz. The only downside to these seeds I could see is the fatigue they cause. The vomiting wasn't very fun either, but in the end completely worth it.

But then again, I'm going to have to eat them without smoking weed to see if that's what maybe actually caused the fatigue. I'm sure I will be eating them again soon. They gave me the kind of trip that afterwards, food just tastes better, colors are brighter, being outside in the fresh air is amazing, and a renewed vigor for living. It started off a little wierd, but now I know what to expect and will definitely not wig out again.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52036
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 26, 2006Views: 70,567
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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