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Euphoria and Unexpected Memories
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   LateAdaptor. "Euphoria and Unexpected Memories: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp110028)". Dec 13, 2017.

4 seeds sublingual H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
    sublingual Cacao (ground / crushed)
    oral Ginger (tea)
The seeds of woodrose are an interesting drug with some psychedelic potential. However, usage needs some care, and before going this way, I considered:

1) It is not a party drug.
2) If you take too much, it's a poison.
3) Don't swallow! No, just don't!
4) It is not like LSD.
5) It is not pure LSA.
6) Fun is not guaranteed.

This drug needs quite some preparation. In the paper [1] I read how you should *not* do it. They really did everything wrong what could be done wrong. First rule is: don't swallow! Here is, how I do it.

4-5 seeds, sugar, cacao, water, and ginger, the secret weapon of the psychonaut.

Clean the seeds of the light brown skin and all white stuff. Break each seed with a pliers, crush it in the mortar. Add a teaspoon of water, some sugar and some cacao. Mix it. Wait 3-4 hours. The result is a dark brown paste, which looks disgusting. And indeed, it is, though softened by the sugar and the cacao.

I put it into my mouth (sublingual), but don't swallow! Hold it there for 15-30 minutes (fighting disgust). With the amount of time, I can tune the dosage of ergolines I get. Now I cut thin slices of ginger and make a strong tea of it. After I get rid of the stuff in my mouth, I drink one or two cups of that tea. That helps against the nausea.

Next: patience. It takes quite some time to kick in, 1 or even 2 hours before I feel something. For me it starts with a rising euphoria, very somatic. Sometimes, nausea rises too - then ginger tea! Simultaniously a subtle hypnotic feeling starts. I loose the ability to follow a movie or spoken word. Music on the other hand sounds more beautiful. The body may want to move, and every move feels just so wonderful. Time runs a little slower. The hallucinogenic potency is very low for me. The euphoria may hold for 2 or 3 hours.

Then, however, phase two begins, which I would call the psychedelic phase. The euphoria vanishes quite quickly, and the hypnotic state becomes prominent. Dependent on dosage, that may even feel like a lock-in. I almost completely loose the ability to connect my will with the executive instances. This has quite some potential for anxiety! Simultaniously a lot of memories pop up, very fast, almost as if in a hurry. Many of these memories are from childhood, even early childhood, and I see connections that are very surprising. It is as if threads of memories are unwound, from today back into the past, very very fast, almost too fast to get used to it.
I see connections that are very surprising. It is as if threads of memories are unwound, from today back into the past, very very fast, almost too fast to get used to it.
In this phase I may even see lights (closed eye hallucinations). But most stuff I see are vivid memories. This second phase does not bring so much fun, but still it has a lot of value for me. I would also call it psycholytic. That again may run for 2 hours, then I'm just falling asleep.

The next morning I feel quite some headache, but also a good afterglow. I just feel fine. And here it comes: this feel-good period may even last for 2 or 3 weeks! And actually I don't do it more often than once a month. Usually I'm very prone to winter depression. But the seeds make it vanish, instantly. It even made me stop smoking weed because I found the weed rather to deepen depression, and other problems. Does LSA have potential as an antidepressant?

However, this is a plant product, and what you get is not pure LSA, cf. [2]. The way of preparation and administration I described ensures to some extent, I only to get water soluble ingredients of the seeds. Anyways, the dosage per seed is also unsure. If there would be an LSA pill, I would prefer this.

In my country (in Europe) selling seeds for plant breeding is legal, while selling it as a drug is not. Taking it as a drug is legal again, as it is with all drugs, even those, where possession is illegal (which are all interesting ones, of course). How one can take a drug without possessing it - only a lawyer may know! Can one only possess things that are outside of one's body? But what if they are inside - and come back?

[1] Christian Kremer, Alexander Paulke, Cora Wunder, Stefan W. Toennes: Variable adverse effects in subjects after ingestion of equal doses of Argyreia nervosa seeds, 2011

[2] Alexander Paulke Argyreia nervosa (Burm. f.): Receptor profiling of lysergic acid amide and other potential psychedelic LSD-like compounds by computational and binding assay approaches, 2013

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110028
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 54
Published: Dec 13, 2017Views: 5,160
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