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A Rip in Our World to Another World
Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & A. confusa), H.B. Woodrose, Calea zacatechichi, Damiana, & Passion Flower
Citation:   Im not sure yet. "A Rip in Our World to Another World: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & A. confusa), H.B. Woodrose, Calea zacatechichi, Damiana, & Passion Flower (exp100635)". Dec 9, 2016.

    Syrian Rue (seeds)
      Passion Flower  
      Acacia confusa (rootbark)
      H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
      Calea zacatechichi (leaves)
      Damiana (leaves)
My First Time Mistakes

This was my very first experience with anything of this sort. Drinking a 'special tea' to allow me to awaken some spiritual third eye was lost on me. I didn't believe it, I didn't believe IN it either.

So I asked around, did my homework, spoke with some physicians even, and decided to purchase several leaves and vines to make a special tea (I still did not believe this would work). I bought some damiana and salvia previously, and would boil the contents freely and drink the tea constantly, I was told I would be relaxed and lucid, but I felt no more changed than if I drank regular sleepy time tea.

So I decided to buy some things and PROVE that this ritual and experience was 'BS' and boy was I wrong.

Ingredients - Syrian Rue 2.3 grams ground but not powdered, passion flower 3 teaspoons shredded, hawaiian acacia confusa root bark 4 teaspoons powdered, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds 12 seeds crushed, Calea Zacatechichi shredded leaf 3 teaspoons, damiana herb leaf shredded 3 teaspoons.

Preparation - ALL ingredients were put together in one steel pot, 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, just enough heat was placed on it to make it NOT boil. When the water level became low (after 2 hours) I filtered the 'tea' through a clean shirt, into a clean coffee pot. I put the pulp back into the steel cooking pot. I took the coffee pot and poured the tea through another clean shirt into a second coffee pot. I poured the tea a few more times between the two coffee pots to get rid of all the floating plant remnants. I poured another liter of water and teaspoon of vinegar into the steel cooking pot with the pulp and simmered for two hours and repeated the filtering of the 'tea'.

5 hours had passed by this time and decided against a third 'wash'.

Mistake 1. The drinking of the tea- The two initial washes were put into one coffee pot and I poured myself an 8 ounce cup, and then poured one for my wife. We both had a sip from our mugs, it was bitter. We added cream, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla, and the tea tasted like a strong horchata, or vanilla chai latte. That was mistake number one, because it tasted good enough to drink the entire contents all at once.

After about 30 minutes, my wife and I were conversing and then she stopped talking mid sentence. Her eye went wide and tears began rolling down, I was about to asked her what was wrong when the effects of the tea hit me.....

Mistake 2, not being prepared-
There were several effects of the tea.

Visual effects- my eyes had trouble keeping saturation, the best way to describe it is looking at a picture on photoshop or MS paint or some other art program, then taking the 'Hue/Saturation' bar and dragging it up and down, so then everything goes from greyscale to full on color, and back and forth. Size proportion was difficult to maintain, the background of my wife seemed smaller, then bigger, and my wife's head and limbs looked like they were expanding and shrinking, not exaggeratedly, the changes were slight.

The worst part of the visual effects was the pictures on the walls, my wife's face and the faces on the television, they became pale, their eyes blugy and white, their mouths looked like they were opening more than they could and a black void could be seen in the back of their throats. Blue veins eminated from the corners of their lips and surrounded their faces. They seemed to come closer to me, like they were coming towards me, out of their frames. The room became brighter, the shadows changed color, from a dark black, to a rusted red, and they elongated.

When I went to my room to lay down I noticed the hallway was contorting, like in charlie and the chocolate factory, when the hallway became small. I also noticed that my eyes were trying to patternize and restructure anything that was organically shaped, like the stucco walls, the clothing on the floor, my eyelids when they were closed, this created a kaleidescope effect that appeared to me like everywhere I looked - the space I was viewing was trying to open a long tunnel, or portal and it looked like I was travelling through it. I tried closing my eyes or shift my focus to avoid that, but it was inevitable. Visually I was travelling, but to nowhere in particular (as I wasn't expecting astral travel).

After the initial come up, things settled down, and the second wave came on, and everything looked like they were taking on monstrous forms, the clothing hanging in the closet looked like people, or monsters, trying to come out, the foot stool looked like there was a dead cat on it, and the shadows continued to grow and move with swiftness across the walls.

Physical effects - racing heart, there was a faint burning smell, even though nothing was cooking, nor were there any candles lit. I could hear better, at least it seemed like I could hear everything, perhaps my selective hearing went haywire and decided to stop focusing on the important noise, and simply listening to everything. I could hear the blood pulsing through my eardrums. One of the herbs works as a medicinal treatment for asthma patients, so my bronchial tubes expanded and I took in excess oxygen, resulting in hyperventilation and a tingly feeling in my feet, hands, and eventually, my chest. The hyperventilating and focus on my breathing caused my body to feel paralyzed, immobile, and light as a feather.

Emotional effects - during the initial visual effects, I became frightened as I had no idea what was happening. I thought I accidentally poisoned myself and my wife. I began to fear that we were both on the verge of dying, and that at any moment, my heart would stop, or we would both have seizures or have some type of anuerysm. I began crying and prayed to God (which I don't truly believe in.) that She make it out of this alive. When I saw the monstrous hallucinations, I felt like I was taken to another realm, and it was a barrier that I had to break through, much like facing ones fears, in order to begin the journey.

When My eyes began to see the 'portals' I calmed down, I focused on my breathing, and started doing a fact check '1. I am still alive, 2. My hands and feet are tingly because I'm hyperventilating, 3. I have no tell tale signs of imminent death, 4. I have read about this type of experience before, and not to worry.' When My head felt clear, I enjoyed the travel... It didn't feel like I was travelling through space and time to another world on the far reaches of the galaxy, no. It felt more like a rip in our world to another world, slightly similar to ours, but, different. The best way to explain it would be the entire series of 'His Dark Materials' the golden compass, the subtle knife, and the amber spyglass. More specifically, the subtle knife and the amber spyglass books. They describe a shimmering tear in someone's world, that created a window to travel to the other person's world. Some worlds were very similar, some were very different, some were even to the land of the dead. I felt that I was able to sense, and somewhat see these other realms for myself, and the people the dwelt within them. There was no sense of anguish, no sense of fear or anger, not even a sense of purpose or drive for either of our existences. I felt there were other beings out their who I could now see, and who could see me, and their question was 'okay, now you see us, we know the other one exists, now what? What great things are we going to accomplish? Can we even accomplish anything great? What knowledge can we exchange that is new to the other one's world?'

Mistake 3. Not believing. Please, if you are reading this, and are a skeptic like I was, I urge you to have a more open mind. DO not come into this with a predetermined notion of what you think will happen, or worse, what you ASSUME others lie about. A skeptics mind will cause a negative reaction. I urge you - not to believe in this, but believe that other people believe in this, that my testimony can change your heart and mind, just a little bit, to allow yourself to open up and prepare. PREPARE! Yes, do your research, talk with others, take the steps needed, in the preparation of the teas, and in bodily preparation, TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. And please, listen to what your new mind tells you while on your journey, you may find out more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100635
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Dec 9, 2016Views: 6,592
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Acacia confusa (664), Syrian Rue (45), Huasca Brew (268), Passion Flower (121), Calea zacatechichi (97), Damiana (107) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Preparation / Recipes (30), Combinations (3)

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