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Very Intense
H.B. Woodrose
by B
Citation:   B. "Very Intense: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp69951)". Jul 21, 2013.

12 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)


As an introduction, I'll say I'm not super experienced with psychoactives, but I've been around a little. I had heard about these seeds that were related to LSD, and figured I'd check it out. I decided to order 50 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds of the actual Hawaiian strain, which is reputed to be the strongest.

They arrived a few days later, and I was surprised at how tiny they were. Each seed had a triangular shaped base that culminated in the germ eye, with the top side being round and the whole seed being about the size of a pencil top eraser. All fifty fit easily in a 2x2 baggy, and I was a little skeptical as to the potency of something so small (which is probably what led me to take a perhaps to large dose). I scraped off the fuzz which supposedly causes a lot of the nausea these things have a reputation for. I found the tip of a steak knife to work best for this.

I woke up early the next day so as to give myself plenty of time to feel my high before becoming tired. This is an approximate timeline of events, as my sense of time passage was severely impaired.

Dose Time +0:00 -- I decide I don't want to drink a lukewarm tea of plant material like I had heard a lot of people do, so I pop them in my mouth one by one and chew them, twelve seeds in all which is labeled as a 'heavy' dose. The small brown seeds are surprisingly hard, and I have to bite down with quite a bit of force to get them to crack. They taste awful; I remember thinking that they tasted very oddly like beef jerky, but in the worst way possible. After washing each seed down with a swig of Cherry Coke, I set about amusing myself until effects kick in.

Dose Time +0:30 -- I suddenly realise I'm quite nauseous despite having had nothing to eat so far that day and scraping off the seed coating. I try not to hurl as I read online articles in an attempt to keep myself occupied.

Dose Time +2:00 -- Just as suddenly as it set in, the nausea disappears completely. I realize that I'm heavily intoxicated, with symptoms feeling very similar to being drunk. Upon standing up, I feel a surprisingly painful sensation in my legs, and remember that LSA constricts leg veins. In an indescribable way, it does feel like my veins have constricted almost shut. Walking is stiff and painful, but I take this as a sign that the LSA is working and enjoy my intoxication.

Dose Time +3:00 -- Intoxication continues, with added muscle stiffness. My reflexes feel slow; like I couldn't move quickly or precisely if I had wanted to, but it's an oddly pleasant sensation. I start to notice a severe time distortion; much more intense than what I would experience on marijuana. I seem to be taking in much more information than what should be possible in a set amount of time. I get up to talk to my roommate (M), who's getting ready for work. Talking is fun, but I have to make a point to move my mouth enough not to slur. I sit down to watch the newly risen sun, and the already bright colors look more vibrant and engaging. I started to laugh for no particular reason, and had trouble shutting my jaw. It felt similar to trying to close my mouth in the middle of yawning. This made me laugh even harder and I spent a good five minutes just giggling to myself and trying to close my mouth. Everything began to feel enormously soft and I started to touch things just to enjoy how they feel.

Dose Time +3:15 -- Just as M is leaving, I start to notice mental effects setting in. Up until this point I had noticed only a 'body high'. I find that I'm fascinated with whatever I'm looking at, and could have spent a half hour staring at a blank wall and been perfectly happy.

Dose Time +4:00 -- Mental distraction increases (and at this point is very pleasant), and so does an intense euphoria. I have honestly never felt better or been happier in my life. I start to do repetitive, rhythmic tapping on or with whatever is close by. My body seems somewhat numb and my appendages sometimes feel a little off-center. Along with the time distortion, I now feel like sensory input is reaching my brain at three or four different speeds; noises or movements I make are happening at one speed, movements other things make are traveling at a different rate, and audio input is happening at yet another speed. It's an insane feeling and my impaired brain tries to comprehend how everything can be timed differently yet still synch up. I start to wonder what a video game would be like in this state, so I start playing Counter Strike. I figure I'll be almost useless, but I've honestly never played better. Because everything was so distorted, it seemed like other people were moving in slow motion, but I was reacting and moving quicker than I ever had. Getting head shots or responding to someone jumping out suddenly and blazing at me became childishly easy. My mind also seemed to have split as well. One part was still completely inebriated and distracted, one part seemed to be playing the game for me, and yet another part seemed to be thinking clearly and in another place entirely. I seemed to be able to double- and triple-task, and laughed at the thought of me actually being able to do everything better high. I'll also note that any movement I made or saw seemed much more fluid; kind of like moving underwater. There was no jerkiness to anything.

Dose Time +5:00 -- I start to wander around aimlessly, enjoying my high. Listening to music is amazing; every rhythm is heard and every beat or word seems to be in exactly the right place. I was appreciating new things about a Bone Thugz C.D. I had heard thousands of times.

Dose Time +5:20 -- Music suddenly seems too rhythmic and I find myself wanting it to stop. Mental distraction seems to be a little intense now, were as before it was just fun but now it's beginning to be overpowering. I assume I've just had to much of a good thing, so I turn off my music and sit down to continue playing my game.

Dose Time +5:30 -- Without really realizing it was happening, I start to become so impaired that it's like I'm not even watching what's going on in front of me. It felt very much like a dream, and I got up and started walking around without realizing were I was. I have no idea how long I stumbled around and I think the only thing that made me snap out of it was sudden, intense nausea. I bolted to the bathroom and knew I had to vomit. I was extremely confused and barely thinking. It took me a solid minute to figure out were I could vomit despite the fact that I was standing inches away from a bathtub, toilet, and trashcan. I actually almost emptied the trashcan into the toilet before realizing that just vomiting into the toilet would make more sense. I stood there, slightly bent over, not daring to move, just wondering if I was going to throw up. I was at this point more than a little scared; even though I knew a lot of people threw up these seeds I hadn't thought it would happen to me as someone who pretty much never vomits. Vomiting, to me at least, was a sign that something had gone horribly wrong. But I did vomit. I vomited probably more than I ever have. I stood there trying to hit the toilet and managed to hit the toilet and everything around it and it was like I was dreaming. Everything was so foggy and surreal that I still sometimes wonder if I threw up at all or that I just hallucinated it.

When my stomach finally settled, I collapsed on the edge of the tub. I was suddenly exhausted, and couldn't even wipe the vomit off my face. For reasons that made sense at the time, but now completely escape me, I started thinking about everything that was bad about my life, and everything I hated about myself. I remember wondering how much slitting my wrists would hurt, and wishing fervently that I owned a gun. I wondered how they would find me dead, and what the news report would be like. Mostly, I thought about my mom and what she would do. Ultimately I think that's what kept me from killing myself.

I have no idea how long I sat there, but it felt like hours. I was depressed, self-loathing, and terrified. I had no idea what I was going to do next, and knew I was freaking out. Luckily, I had just enough drug experience to know that I absolutely had to come down before doing anything rash, even though I could barely stand living another second. So, after a long discussion with myself, I got up and wiped up the mess I had made. I missed a lot; I could barley see or understand what I was doing, although I was thinking slightly clearer than before I had vomited. I crawled into my room and collapsed into bed. My bed felt wonderful, and I was incredibly tired, but I didn't get to sleep for hours. I was still scared and depressed, and still very, very high; only now none of that high was enjoyable. I was very aware of how square my room was, and I had difficulty separating myself from it. I constantly had to move my arms or it would feel as though they weren't there. I did finally manage to get to sleep, though, and I slept clear into that evening.

I woke up completely sober, and I'd never been so glad or so thankful to be alive. For the next couple of days I had an appreciation of everything around me I'd never experienced before. By the weeks end I was feeling completely normal again, but I think I can say that this was a very powerful experience.

CONCLUSION -- I hear this drug called the 'legal cousin of LSD' a lot. Now, I've never done acid but from what I've heard people describe and the effects I experienced on LSA I would say the two are nothing alike. I'd classify the effects of LSA as very stimulating/intoxicating, not hallucinatory. I experienced pretty much no visuals, with eyes open or closed. I would say the first two hours of effects were very similar to alcohol intoxication with no mental effects. After that, mental effects set it (euphoria, distraction, time/sensory distortion) with a few more body effects (numbness and tactile sensations; the intoxication remains throughout the experience. If I had to compare the full effects to anything, I would say they were similar to Ecstasy. I've never done ecstasy, but again from what I've heard it described as they seem very similar; the overpowering euphoria, the rhythmic stimulation, the appreciation of music, and the seemingly harsh comedown. This drug also seems to have an odd timeline. Effects don't just come on then fade, they seem to jolt on in stages of effects. After ingestion, nausea lasted about two hours, then drunkeness set in. An hour and a half to two hours later, mental effects rapidly set in and increased until I peaked an additional two hours later, at which point I started to crash down. I tried these seeds one other time, ingesting four seeds in an attempt to alleviate some nausea and make the comedown less harsh. I actually experienced more nausea than I had with twelve seeds, and the effects were only annoying at best (no crash, though). Because these seeds seem much too intense at high doses, and definitely not worth it at low doses, I'm going to try extracting the LSA and ingesting only that. From what I can tell, the seeds are what cause all the nausea, not the LSA itself. Woodrose seeds apparently contain cyanide, similar to apple seeds, which is why I think scrapping off the fuzz probably doesn't do anything. I vomited anyway. The crash towards the end all seemed to start with me vomiting, so I'm hoping once I get rid of that aspect the comedown will be less intense.

Well, have fun, and know what you're doing.


Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69951
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 21, 2013Views: 5,113
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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