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Memoirs of a Space Cat a Night With Infinity
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Gnosis Space Cat. "Memoirs of a Space Cat a Night With Infinity: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp91092)". Mar 16, 2018.

11 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
    oral Kava (tea)
I've heard of LSD acting as a mind enhancing drug, but its close cousin LSA? It would appear as though LSA has some secrets of its own.

I have drank cold water extractions of Morning Glory before (it tasted like bitter peanut butter... There could be a market in this) and chewed the bitter seeds of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, at times close to thirty, with not much effect. So wasn't I surprised when I chewed only eleven seeds and found myself in the grip of maddening euphoria for hours on end. My comrade and I each chewed eleven seeds or so and decided to walk around the town and peruse the book store for anarchist literature, Terence McKenna, Walter Benjamin, Allen Ginsberg, and numerous books on psychedelic drugs (It's a nice thing when your local book store has all of this).

Hours passed, we had been off baseline since a half hour or less after we chewed the seeds. The mild euphoria, we thought, was as high as we were going to get... But with each passing second it subtly intensified. My friend suffered from slight nausea, I had a little myself (as is common with these seeds), we decided to walk the three or four miles to my house because it was getting on the later side of the afternoon. We began to talk, starting with social commentary, and ending up reminiscing over our public television childhoods. We walked passed a house, that of course we logically assumed belonged to a wizard and a family of gnomes, and another. We came upon a house that was white, and awful, and satellite dished, and evil, and wrong, unholy, just bad. It made my friend sick to his stomach. Our talks of our childhoods became even more impassioned, we took a shortcut through a neighborhood of condos and quickly found ourselves scurrying into the woods. My friend took refuge in between the roots of a tree and wouldn't get up for fifteen minutes or more, I patiently talked with him and admired all the nature that was out that day.

As we got closer to my house, I felt as if I was flashing back on Salvia Divinorum, my arms stretched down as heavy rubber while my bike slowly sank into the pavement. The sidewalk was a treadmill, my head was lighter than hydrogen gas. We finally made it to my house, my other friend called me on my cell phone as I walked through the threshold, and I couldn't contain myself. My body became the physical manifestation of laughter, much to the bewilderment of my friend on the phone. I explained to him that I was 'Tr-tr-tri-Tripping so hard right now'... He decided to call me back at another time. So me and my fellow psychonaut sat in the fading light of the day and ranted and raved, still stuck on social commentary. I remember exuberantly speaking the awe I held for the eyes of a girl I know, because her pupils were always dilated 'That is so cool! I always wanted to really express that!'. I had photo-grainy visuals though out the experience, including, eye patterns, snake patterns, blue dots, and cube zippers.

Then my friend and I began to talk metaphysics, like never before. Now, I already had known that LSA affects the way you perceive time, but it was never so intense that each minute was as an hour. I stumbled into the bathroom, each step was an orgasm for my foot (I later found out that LSA increases appreciation of sensual and aesthetic sensation). I snapped on the lights and beheld my face in the mirror, pupils dilated like saucers and in the process of making minute adjustments to their size, resulting in pupil fluctuation. Proportions made little sense to me as I stood laughing into the mirror, my nose was huge! I yelled to my friend 'There is no difference between a psychoactive and a non psychoactive substance... My teeth are DMT crystals!' as I grabbed my teeth. This is where everything got intense, I felt a small wave of nausea mounting. There was a buzzing approaching me from the middle of my head, I became increasingly lightheaded. I nearly vomited, but my body decided against it. The buzzing intensified, as did the light headedness. My vision went brown, I was on the verge of fainting, I flipped the lights on and off and saw no distinct difference.
My vision went brown, I was on the verge of fainting, I flipped the lights on and off and saw no distinct difference.
I began to explain to my friend that my trip had taken an interesting turn, my voice sounded like a far off megaphone. I stumbled down the hallway and into my room onto my bed, on which I laid until the buzzing subsided. My Euphoria returned tenfold, as did my clearheadedness, I was a super genius again. Unfortunately my friend's nausea worsened, and he vomited in the toilet several times and was sick and miserable for the rest of the night. Neither of us got much sleep, I drank some Kava tea and employed the aid of some homeopathic stress relief to relax me. But my brain was on overdrive, I kept expanding on the points I had discussed earlier. Several times I mistook my thoughts for reality and essentially dreamed while I was awake (or maybe I was lucid dreaming that I was awake and knew that I was dreaming while awake in my bed). Eventually I found a niche in my mind that could go to sleep, while the rest of my head continued to buzz.
Eventually I found a niche in my mind that could go to sleep, while the rest of my head continued to buzz.
It was very relaxing, we always try to keep track of our thoughts and it takes more effort than we realize, if you can sleep while your thoughts flow you enter state of mental serenity. When I woke up, well I'm not sure when I woke up since I was half lucid the entire night, I was still mildly tripping. My friend was still sick and he eventually got a ride home, and I biked to my school and had the most fantastic time taking SAT. My thoughts flowed so clearly and lucidly, I was still euphoric and having a good time.

However, this trip wasn't just novel, it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life... Here are some of the ideas that I remember: The collective unconscious is the biological internet. Think of a brain as a computer; alone it can do much, but it only reaches its full potential when its connected to other computers through the internet. The reason why the internet seems so foreign yet so familiar is because the internet is already hardwired into all life as the collective unconscious. When we 'created' the internet out of non-organic materials and signals, we were only reflecting what we already knew unconsciously. This also essentially reinforces the idea that, not only humans, but all lifeforms are social animals to some degree, motivated and influenced socially through the biological internet. It's the perfect balance between the individual and the collective, like the political philosophy of anarchist communism, which is in all likelihood another reflection of what we already knew unconsciously. I also realized that dreaming is like a social networking mega-site, since dreaming is the entrance into the collective unconscious and therefore the biological internet, each dream is one social networking site shared by all life. (New hypothesis: Given enough time, the internet would become an indistinguishable extension of reality).

I also learned that the multiverse is is indeed wove from language as the shamans say it is. A good example is the Om symbol. One of the things Om symbolizes is the vibration that is the multiverse. I was thinking of the nature of language, when I realized that language is a vibration that you form with your mouth into shapes of sound, as well as the alteration of its tone and frequency. Sound familiar? It should if you know anything about string theory. In string theory the multiverse is made up of one-dimensional strings that can stretch themselves into two dimensions and store compact dimensions in closed strings (rings). String theorists began to realize that what made the strings perform specific actions was the rate and frequency of which these strings vibrated. Even at absolute zero there is a vibration known as the 'quantum jitters'. Heres where it gets real interesting... The holographic principle states that the multiverse is comprised of two-dimensional universes, but in order to store its bits of information efficiently, the individual universe stores the information in voxels and projects itself into three dimensions of space. We are simultaneously a physical reality and a hologram, a digital program and an organic being.

People always attempt to solve paradoxes, what they don't realize is that the paradox is the nature of reality. There is no end and there is no beginning, the big bang is the growth of a cell to fill up (non)space (which is altogether a different kind of space). It's like counting numbers with numbers, it doesn't end, you can go forever in all directions. So, just as the macro reflects the micro (as with an atom and a solar system), all universes make up a multiverse and a multiverse is just a universe in an even larger multiverse out to infinitum in all directions. When a universe dies it dissolves back into the collective unconscious of the infinite supra-multiverse. Just like when an organic being dies on a planet, its physical body breaks down and adopts a new form (the multiverse is its own food). Or if a planet or star decays and its material goes on to create new planets and stars.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91092
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Mar 16, 2018Views: 3,074
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