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Effective Overdose
H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue Extract
Citation:   Senior . "Effective Overdose: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Syrian Rue Extract (exp94234)". Nov 30, 2017.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  T+ 0:30 8 mg rectal H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00     Vitamins - Choline (daily)
  T+ 0:00     Piracetam (daily)
HBWR Effective Overdose

Background experience:
In the late 1970's and 80's, I experienced LSD numerous times (lost track - perhaps 30-40 times), often combined with marijuana. Innocent curiosity and a desire for consciousness expansion was the motivation for taking it the first time. I was so blown away and utterly amazed by the power of something so small.

But later I started abusing this sacred substance by pleasure seeking too often, like going to concerts and movies, music listening, cruising, hiking in Yosemite, and soon became burnt out; the pleasure seeking became elusive the more I chased after it, some were bad trips, and my senses became jaded. I had no mature perspective, became solipsistic, lonely, and depressed.

But my LSD experience and insights, of ego death and ecstasy, of seeing the Perfect Intelligence underlying all things, still remains the greatest, most beautiful, most clear and undeniably real experience of my life. So that's the extent of my psychoactive experience.

In the 90's, I cleaned up, became a vegetarian, became a friend of ISKON (Krishna Consciousness), chanted, exercised a lot, got into bodybuilding, got a job, later got married, dropped the vegetarian diet, worked lots of OT to pay for house mortgage, private schooling for the kids. . . now they are in college as I write this report. Around 2010 I felt (I don't know why) the need to connect again with Cosmic Intelligence, but had no resources. I researched on the Internet and learned about psychoactive plants, ayahuasca, pharmahuasca, and Shulgin's designer drugs, McKenna, and the advances in the field.

I obtained 2C-I and had two experiences with it so far (2ci is not an entheogen in my opinion; it is psychoactive, opened up and melted my heart, revealed subconscious material with realizations, and made me cry a lot or on the edge of tears - but an entheogen it is not). I am more mature now, and intend to use these materials sparingly as sacraments to connect with higher consciousness, and not abuse the power they bring. When we were kids the thrill of the roller coaster was fun; dizzy was fun. But dizzy makes seniors sick. Now as a senior I am after clean clarity, insights and intelligence, to continue my psychonaut exploration from my early twenties in a safe and responsible manner
Now as a senior I am after clean clarity, insights and intelligence, to continue my psychonaut exploration from my early twenties in a safe and responsible manner
, to train hard at the gym, eat healthy, take bodybuilding and nootropic supplements, fulfill all my secular responsibilities and continue to work for the prosperity of my family. I believe my desire for expansion and transcendence beyond the mundane material world is natural and not perverse. When I go on vacation, my brain goes with me, filtering so much. I feel the need for a real vacation away from myself and my brain and all its filtering. I feel the need to connect with Supreme Intelligence, to sunbathe in that light and bliss and refresh the soul, and to connect with the prime motive for the big bang. I don't want to wait for death in order to connect. Plants can help to heal and balance us. That is my intention. This is my background.

So now it's Dec 2011. I am on vacation. I have done more reading on entheogens and have ordered materials. The first material to come in the mail is Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Later I receive harmala extract. More materials are on the way. But I am excited and can hardly wait to get started. Spontaneously I decide to go for it. From my reading, I know HBWR has a heavy body load. The harmaline's MAOI will potentiate the LSA, perhaps turn it more akin to a LSD experience, I am hoping. I make powder out of 8 HBWR seeds; massage the powder into a teaspoon of butter, molding it into a suppository. I stick the homemade suppository in the freezer and take the harmala extract.

T-0: I take 100mg harmala extract.
T-30: I insert the butter suppository rectally.
T-60: I feel signs. I go for a light jog around the block.
T-1.5hr At home now, I hang upside down and stretch out on an inversion table.
T-2hr coming on stronger now, equilibrium is out of whack, feel dizzy and drunk, stumbling around, starting to wish I hadn't done this

T-2.5hr growing stronger now. Feeling drunk. My legs and arms are heavy. I look in the mirror. My eyes are half open, like I'm on some sort of sedative (in contrast to LSD which makes my eyes wide open and big, like ultra awake). It feels like the tail end of an LSD trip, when I am landing and coming down, tired and spent and wanting to sleep.

T-3hr I try to listen to music but find it annoying. This stuff is unrelenting, growing stronger by the minute. I am beginning to feel really uncomfortable. I observed a MAOI restrictive diet, and during the past several days I also have been dosing piracetam and choline nootropic. I still start to feel hypertension and a vague weight on my chest. I place a hand over my heart and feel my wrist trying to gauge my pulse. It's not racing, but time is starting to distort. I regret taking HBWR and wish I could back out of it.

T-3.5 Unrelenting and growing stronger, I am on the edge of panic. But I am my own sitter, and try to remain calm and in control. The idea occurs to me: MAOIs potentiate by x2 or more, so it's like I plugged 16 seeds (3-6 seeds are typical). I sit in the lotus position, breathe long and deep, and with each exhalation repeat 'relax, let go'. I remind myself this will pass; it's only temporary, everything is fine, everything is alright. But the hypertension is still growing; I am feeling a vague tightness and weight on my chest, and tension around my neck. If it were not for this hypertension, I might be able to explore and enjoy this altered state. Oh well, just chalk this one up; I just want out of it, but there was no escaping it. I was shivering, so I lay down and threw on a blanket, still remembering to breathe deep, reassuring myself everything is okay.

T-4 I can't believe it. It's still growing stronger. Perhaps that's a property of rectal administration, longer lasting. I looked at the clock. Only a few minutes had passed but seemed like hours. Not much in the way of CEVs or OEVs. But as I laid quietly in the dark under the blanket trying for sleep, I heard weird noises, not out there as brought in by the eardrums so that you can locate the source, but noises 'heard' inside: an often repeated long 'vvvooom' sound, and weird science fiction space sounds, like being on a home PC with a Science Fiction' theme. Then I heard techno music as from a rave, growing louder and clearer, interspersed with horns that came in at surprising times, so that it had a jazzy feel. But all along that blasted oppressive hypertension feeling hung over me. I want to be rid of it.

T-5 I called my sister on my iPhone. I told her what I did. We talked and my anxiety lessened. After about half an hour, I felt sleepy, so I assured her I am fine and we ended our conversation.

T-6 Couldn't sleep, hypertension still upon me. I kept hearing weird science fiction noises. I imagined what would happen if on the next breath my heart would seize up in a massive heart attack. I thought of Michael Jackson. I am not ready for death yet. The thought got me more anxious. I called my sister back. She was concerned. I told her I drank 5 bottles of water but my mouth remained so dry and still felt thirsty, but I felt nauseous when drinking water so had to take it down slow with sips over time. I told her I wish this stuff to be out of my body. She said I need an IV (my sister is a retired RN). She convinced me to go to the hospital emergency, speak privately with the doctor, and get an IV. I woke up my son, and he drove me to the hospital. As we drove, something in me started to well up. Tears started to pour silently down my eyes. I tried to hold it back but could not contain it anymore. So I broke down and let it out. I connected with a primal uncontrollable cry. My son rubbed my shoulder and said you're going to be okay, dad.
My son rubbed my shoulder and said you're going to be okay, dad.
I said I am so sorry son I have not been a good dad to you. He said you're alright dad, I love you. I love you son, I responded. Walking to the hospital emergency entrance, surprisingly I felt the anxiety and weight had lifted off of me in route. I believe my primal cry dispelled the anxiety. But since we made the trip, I still checked in and got an IV as instructed by my sister. After taking in all the fluid of the IV bag, I got released and we went home. My sister followed us home and visited briefly. Soon after I went to sleep and slept soundly for 6 hours. My wife returned home from work. My wife, daughter and I went out to eat. I am still feeling an afterglow.

Evaluation: I overdosed with 8 seeds potentiated by harmaline. Previously I was on a fast which made my body even more sensitive. I don't think I can fairly evaluate HBWR because of the way I administered it. But my first impression is that it's not a clean and clear high that springs forth insights. I don't like sedation, dullness, delirium, drunkenness, cold shivers, dizziness, spinning, and hypertension. The body must remain safe and sound and transparent as much as possible as one explores the astral world. I want clean and low body loads. I want clarity and profound insights. I want to be in the flash zone. I want light.

Perhaps subconscious repressions add to anxiety. Because of working a lot of overtime, I didnít give and share a lot of time with my children as they grew up. The years just flew by so fast so now my son is already 21 years old and in college. I didnít know that weighed on me. I had other realizations too, but this was the most significant one. So it was not a totally negative experience. Remember MAOIs potentiate by at least a factor of x2, so adjust dosage accordingly. Also for me, I will adjust the harmaline extract dosage down to 30mg. I think itís better to take things orally rather than plug them. At least I can cause yourself to puke way easier than shit to purge myself. Donít assume because you have prior experience you can handle. Respect the power of all psychoactive substances. Start with lighter dose. More can be taken a few hours later. Or in the next trip you can adjust accordingly. Donít be impatient. There is always next time. No experience is a waste. Also rid the body of tensions beforehand, through exercise, yoga, time on the beach, and massage. Set and setting are so important. Adhere to a MAOI restrictive diet before and after using MAOIs. I believe when under the influence one is susceptible to suggestion and the body feels sometimes a little alien besides, so that body tensions can be misconstrued as MAOI hypertension.

I am going to add to my tool kit one of those gizmos that monitors your heart rate (useful when working out too). Then I have an objective measure. Or I just wonít take any MAOI, just take more shrooms or whatever. But Ayahuasca requires MAOI. I will need to research what substances are useful to counteract MAOI hypertension, and keep this on hand.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94234
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 55
Published: Nov 30, 2017Views: 5,168
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Syrian Rue (45) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Difficult Experiences (5), Overdose (29), Personal Preparation (45), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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