Comprehension of the Universe
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Misty. "Comprehension of the Universe: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp20175)". Nov 13, 2005.

20 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
Well, I finally got another good trip with LSA. Good would be an understatement; it was amazing.

I posted about the HBWR tolerance thing a little while back. So I upped the dosage. The results were incredible.

A friend of mine and his friend who had flown down from Indiana were going to try my stash of LSA. We had decided on the local state owned park, but when we got there we discovered they had a nature preserve. No brainer. We went down there, walked a short way down the trail and peeled our seeds. I took 20, my male friends took 15 each. Ch had previously had an experience with morning glory.

I think we took the seeds around 3:00. The seeds were bitter and the taste made me gag. I spit up some of them but swallowed it back down.

The guys started feeling nauseaus within an hour but I still felt fine. We were laying on the trail watching the clouds. Some had rainbows in them and it was beautiful.

After maybe another hour the guys decided to make themselves vomit. So off into the bushes they go. They return. We decide to leave the park because its getting cold. I feel a slight change of conciousness but nothing big. We drive to Checkers. (Driving under the influence of something, even when it has not kicked in yet, is dangerous. There is the risk of it kicking in while driving. It is very irresponsible, do not attempt.) They decided to eat something. So they ordered the most vile looking thing i have ever seen. They call it 'chili cheese fries'. I had conflicting feelings of extreme nausea and hunger while debating whether or not to eat the fries. We then drove back to my neighborhood park. I felt very sedated and did not want to move. I was starting to get visuals but I felt miserable. I decided to walk home.

As I walked home, my movement caused the nausea to build up until I vomited on some unfortunate person's sidewalk. Vomiting itself isn't bad, its the feeling of your stomach squeezing it's content out like a child trying to get that last bit of ketchup out of a fast food packet. After that I pulled myself together and walked into my house. Immediately I was hungry.

I looked in the fridge. Hmmmm. Turkey left over form thanksgiving? Sounds good. I took to my room and ate in an animalistic manner, with the realization that this was an animal's flesh. I studied it. Was this really a piece of a formerly living animal? Was it REALLY made of cells? I didn't know, but it tasted good. Kinda dry so I went back to get condiments. No gravy or gravy related substances. So, I'd have to improvise! I looked at the potentials when i noticed boysenberry jam. And why not? In my state of mind, there was no reason these two foods couldnt go together. So i smeared it on. The seeds upset me because they were crunchy.

This event of me eating was important because after I finished I felt FANTASTIC. No nausea. No sedation. I felt free and mobile. I had a permanent grin on my face. I was peaking. The visuals were beautiful. Pipes would intertwine and make letters of the alphabet. I squinted, wishing I could see them up close. Looking around, everything looked like it was being viewed through a screen. A screen of pipes. I looked up at the popcorn ceiling. Each popcorn was a different color with a different colored tip. The dimensions were different. I can't explain how.

Now, I have this black and white psychedelic design on my floor. Its a few feet in dimension and drawn on concrete in permanent market. I looked at it, and it colored itself in and added new aspects I never would be able to draw.

Looking at leaves on trees of carpet fibers, they would arrange themselves into tiled patterns. I kept trying to figure it out. How is it possible? How can it make the human mind view it in such a way?

I had freethinking. I wasn't overwhelmed with conflicting ideas but instead ideas would embellish upon themselves. I could grasp many concepts at once. I thought about different aspects of society, economics, government, people, all at the same time. I could comprehend the entire world at the same time. It was so horribly complex but at the same time, remarkably simple.

The bodyload I had experienced before vomiting was too intense, but after vomiting it was much more mild. Although when I tried to go to sleep, I could not get comfortable. Sleep would not come. Hours passed. Had the day really gone by so fast? Just this morning I ate the potential offspring of a hawaiian plant, and here I am, still here. Time is very strange. Sometimes you want it to go faster, sometimes you want it to slow down.

The great event of the day had to be right after I ate the turkey. My stepmother called me out to the kitchen. I had to empty the dishwasher! Oh god, I thought. How will I do this? I unloaded it dish by disk and made stack on the counter according to size, shape, and color. Normally I rush to get this done mindlessly.

Why do we have so much silverware? It makes no sense. What on earth does this weird utensil do??? Who invented the spork? Questions arose in my mind. My stepmother commented on my quietness. I was too thoughful to speak and besides, I couldn't rememeber what the default tone of voice was in a normal human being. Low? High? Fast? Slow? Oh well. not important. Returned to my room.

How could all this come from a seed? A seed is an unborn plant. A egg perhaps. Was its mother plant tripping? Can plants trip? So many questions. So much knowledge to be gained. Plants and nature are so beautiful.

Overall, this trip was very beautiful. Beautiful visuals, perceptiveness, appreciation.

Hints for anyone wanting to try this:

Be prepared for the purge.

Try to plan early. It takes a verrry long tiem to kick in, I think around 2 hours and 45 minutes to peak! So if you are planning a sunset in the nature preserve, or anything, time it wisely.

Do your research!

Please people, this is NOT 'cheap high'. It is a real psychoactive substance and needs to be treated accordingly. It has wonderful self-exploration purposes and also is a great tool for appreciated the beauty of nature. After all, it is a natural substance.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20175
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 13, 2005Views: 59,482
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