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Highly Recommended Truely The Devils Weed Chimpanzee Datura (seeds) 2004 Nov 21
Highly Recommended Dark and Hopeless Hell tek22 Datura 2002 Apr 07
Recommended Hellishly Fantastical Samwise Datura & Cannabis 2013 Dec 22
Recommended Moonflower Sun Tea The Black Rider Datura 2010 Dec 11
Recommended Delerium in Perdition Mushroomagic Datura 2010 May 17
Recommended Scaredy Cat Double D Datura (Innoxia) 2009 Aug 09
Recommended A Brush with Death and Total Confusion The Trickster Datura 2009 Mar 26
Recommended The Halls of the Trumpet Rose Wine Datura 2006 Mar 19
Recommended I'm Eating McDonalds Terry Datura 2005 Dec 05
Recommended Strong Trip, but Long Lasting After-Effects Reformed Datura (Seeds) 2004 Jun 11
Recommended Eating Bugs While My Friends Convulsed Mikey Datura 2002 Apr 07
Recommended Discovering Delerium Jason Goyer Datura stramonium 2001 Feb 24
Recommended Strongest Thing I've Ever Taken Alter Ego Datura 2000 Oct 05
Recommended Wakened Dreaming Dean Archer Datura 2000 Sep 09
On a Third Day I Regained My Ability to Read Ignashu Datura 2020 May 22
Scary but I Liked It datura fan 2012 Datura 2018 Sep 05
Beyond Anything idk...anymore Datura & Fluoxetine 2015 May 03
Asthma-induced Hallucinations John Darrin Asthmador 2013 Jun 04
Bodily Invasion Philster Datura 2011 Nov 07
Wierd but Entertaining Sky man Datura 2011 Feb 20
Bitten by Delirium Jack_TheRipper Datura (Datura stramonium) 2011 Feb 20
Not Quite What I Had Expected Barton Datura (seeds) 2010 May 05
Mr. Video Camera Waydown Datura, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol & Nitrous Oxide 2010 Mar 13
Learning Respect the Hard Way Psilophile Datura & Cannabis 2010 Mar 13
The Consequence of Ignorance Shiggidy Shlade Datura 2010 Mar 13
Interesting Choice for my First Hallucinogen K Datura 2010 Jan 26
The Stuff of Illusion Merlin Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 28
A Curious Mind Jamie Datura (Jimson Weed) 2008 Jan 23
A Late Summer NIghts Dream Estromer Datura (Taken as Morning Glory) 2007 Dec 27
Hundreds of Hummingbirds kellyb975 Datura 2007 Dec 16
The Strangest, Craziest Experience of My Life SwEEt Datura 2007 Nov 28
Late Night Parties and Everlasting Cigarettes Anonymous Datura 2007 Jun 14
We Went Crazy Sai Datura 2007 Jun 06
First and Last Time Anonymous Datura 2007 May 13
Stomping in the Moonlight Parakeetfoot Datara & Alcohol (Beer) 2007 Feb 12
Star Covered Hands Mel Roach Datura 2006 Nov 28
Bad Shit Man Anonymous Datura 2006 Oct 19
Lost In a Secret World Kellyb975 Datura 2006 Sep 01
That Terrified, Naked Man In the Corner Is Me Craig Datura 2006 Aug 28
A Night of Fear and Claustrophobia Audrey Datura 2006 Aug 23
World of Pain Mike Datura 2006 Aug 21
A Thoroughly Disturbing Experience Jacen Datura 2006 Aug 21
Out of Body Delusional Poison Cs Datura 2006 Jun 23
Total Immersion Hallucinations Plant Person Datura 2005 Aug 23
Advice for Sitters of Datura Trippers Daisy Datura 2003 Oct 03
I Would Do That Again Skelton Datura Stramonium 2002 Jun 06
Poison Tea Metal Datura 2002 May 29
Play That Song Mike Datura & Beer 2021 Sep 03
Potentiation Experiment M.C. K Kratom, Datura & Cannabis 2019 Sep 04
At the Water Park with Torna Loco Afterlife_Diliriants Datura ceratocaula 2019 Feb 01
Never Again Jimi Datura inoxia 2018 Jun 29
Could Continue to Be a Useful Tool emme tea Datura & Cannabis 2016 Aug 06
There Is a Witch in My Room Heinrich Datura & Morning Glory 2008 Apr 02
How I Avoided Joining the Army Jldm Datura 2008 Mar 09
Waking Dream TheSmokyTiger Datura 2007 Sep 12
I Wrote a 5 Page Novel Charlee Datura 2007 Jun 19
Now I'm a Criminal Medstudent2020 Datura 2007 Mar 17
The Mothership Has Landed, and Satan Is Dead Reggie Thriller Datura 2006 Oct 26
The Toss Andy Datura 2006 Oct 19
I Want Their Windshield Wipers Anonymous Datura 2006 Aug 27
My Disassociated Adventure Fried Guy Datura 2006 Aug 27
A Truly Delusional Night Brian 420 King Datura 2006 Aug 25
Punished for Entering the Spirit World Agent11421 Datura 2005 Jul 19
24 Hours of Madness datura_kid Datura 2004 Sep 18
Shared Hallucinations Sean Datura 2004 Jul 31
A Truly Mystical Experience Charlie Datura 2002 Apr 29
My Best Experience EVER!!!!!! Datura Datura 2001 Jul 04
Get Lost Sam & Pink Datura 2000 Oct 10
The Depths of Delerium Sucked Franklin Datura 2000 Aug 02
Jimson Weed isn't all that bad... Whoknows Datura 2000 Jun 29
Complete Retrograde Amnesia Chris Datura Leaf 2000 Jun 14
Vague, Unreal, and Unpleasant Buzz Datura Seeds 2000 Jun 14
The Matches that Wouldn't Stop Moving Rice Lethur Merason Datura stramonium 2000 Jun 14
I Was Totally Lucid Fredo Datura & Cannabis 2023 Feb 16
Between Dream & Fantasy Vividly Horrible Datura 2018 Jun 29
My Last Time with Giraffes Meghan Datura 2007 Jun 15
Sensless Richie Datura 2004 Nov 20
I Thought I Was the Only One... Crafton Datura 2002 Dec 19
Juice of the LOGOS Vercingetorix Datura 2002 Nov 11
Suicide Plant kilogram Datura 2002 Apr 07
Two Days Without a Brain c8lin Datura 2004 Nov 06
Twilight Sleep Dysonism Datura, Codeine & Cannabis 2004 Oct 09
Two Lives Un4GiV3N Datura 2004 Jul 18
A Different View? no name Datura 2003 Aug 11
Strange and Often Misused Plant Radachal Datura 2002 Jun 27
A Walk With the Dead SAGE Datura (hairy yellow) 2002 May 01
Datura People Incosstant chaos Datura 2002 Apr 07
Datura Power SpiritOfTheStone Datura 2001 Sep 19
Withdrawn into a Dark Reality captain trips Datura inoxia 2001 Aug 17
100% Crazyness jim son Datura 2001 Jul 18
Effects Vary A Kat Datura 2001 Jun 30
Share and Share Alike lab rat Datura 2000 Dec 21
Sleep Potion X-Celeron Datura inoxia 2000 Dec 03
Jimson Weed R. Hammersley Datura 2000 Jun 14

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