Mr. Video Camera
Datura, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   Waydown. "Mr. Video Camera: An Experience with Datura, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol & Nitrous Oxide (exp53423)". Mar 13, 2010.

0.5 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  3 flowers oral Datura (tea)
    inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Exams are over. My friend and I had been studying are arses off and were looking forward to the night which we had saved up for. We had read many a report about the majority of substances we were intending on ingesting and yes, we both intentionally wanted to push the stupidity barriers by getting fucked up on exorbitant amounts of everything.

About four days ago to be precise, a uni lecturer from the toxicology unit pointed out that there were Datura plants growing around the campus, and to our amusement, we didn't have to venture very far in order to find a very enticing looking plant filled with many of these glorius devils trumpets. We did not hesitate in picking ourselves three 15-20cm flowers and a few leaves...just for kicks.

So we walk and talk and walk somemore until we reach our campus apartment, which we then proceed to do the usual extraction technique of boiling the flowers and leaves in a pot for awhile until it was of a yellowish tinge, and then drain it, mix it with some cinammon sugar and let it rest in the refridgerator. The thought that consumed both of us at this point in time was almost exactly the same. A nice, cool, refreshing drink to accompany all of our other supplies. An exciting thought indeed. We then each railed up .2 gram of coke lines for each of us. We have both usually enjoyed ourselved immensely whilst under the influence of good old charlie. After our lines, we're feeling fine so venture on to roll ourselves a mother blunt. And it was just that. Chucked on one of our favourite albums of all time, Piper at the gates of Dawn, and continued to draw in the sweet smoke of mary jane, whilst babbling on like monkeys.

When reading this, it may appear that this was over a short period of time...extracting datura, snorting the coke, ect. It wasn't a short period of time. Maybe about two and a half hours to the point where we smoke the last of our blunt and feel fucking fantastic. What to do now? We have quite a bit of ingesting to do before the night is through..although a difficult question is....what next? Neither of us had touched Datura before and we were excited to say the least. From what we had read of Datura trips, people don't feel like they are actually tripping as such, so our plan was to hook up the god blessed video camera and get it all on cam. We then decided to not rush into it and smoke a few cigarettes, drink a few brews whilst sitting on the baby balcony, observing the wonders that are the...campus gardens. Profound, really. This seemed a bit banal for us so we had a few more lines. More albums, more coke, more albums, more coke, a great pink floyd album, so we put it on.

The Datura would have been chilled mondo styles, so we pondered if right now may be the right time to have a sippy-wip. Music setting is vital. So we put on California by Mr. Bungle. On goes the REC button of mr. video camera and we get two pretty cups and fill each other up. It is nowhere near as bad tasting as we had prior anticipated. Maybe because of the cinammon sugar, but it really wasn't too bad. Bitter if anything. From our brew, we got about a one litre and a half mix. We consumed a few glasses until we had only the half litre left which is when we decided to slow things down. We sat down to play connect four, which is a loved game between us. We didn't notice anything at first, obviously, so kept on playing, sparking cigarettes. Throat felt a bit did my friends, he be called Jeckyl by the way.

Connect four got a bit old, so we took turns in using the toilet. He seemed to have no trouble taking a tinkle, but for me, it was beyond difficult. It was extremely extremely fucking hard. and on the flip side of the coin, my bladder felt as though it may very well burst quite soon. I sat on the toilet in a bit of pain just thinking to myself and I notice that my friend from high school slid under the crack of the toilet cubical. Gee thanks Rene, a bit of privacy would be appreciated, although seeing you is quite good also! How have things been? She seemed offended and disappeared. I wasn't trying to insult her so thus it wasn't my fault and I had nothing to feel sorry about.

I come out of the toilet and there Jeckyl is, laughing hysterically and having conversations with people he can see but I cannot. This made me rather jealous, so I then pounce on Jeckyl, and to my surprise end up face down on the floor. I scream out Jeckyl Jeckyl you sneaky motherfucker, where are you hiding? and his head pops up behind the back of the sofa. I lunge at it and again, he disappears into fat air. This game isn't fair, Jeckyl then finally comes up behind me and proposes that we get out the nangulator and get into the nitrous. Fantastic idea.

Not so fantastic idea. I don't know how either of us were able to complete something so complex as finding the whippets and charging them into the canister, as well as inhaling. But we did. And neither of us remember anything afterwards.

After a few days of mind games and eyesight problems, Him and I decided to watch the video. Yes THE video. We were shocked. We were watching ourselves as schitzophrenics, really. I would be talking to people I hadn't seen in ages, claiming that we should scratch our way to India from our apartment, smoking invisible cigarettes...constantly. I had a brawl with someone who wasn't there. Jeckyl, on the other hand sat there for a long time. In silence, and then started screaming get the fuck out of my place Allison, get the fuck out, you're fucking with my head you manipulative whore! He then turned to me in the video and said, I can't handle that bitch, she comes here, pretends to love me, and then steps on my FEET! It's an outrage.

The night continues with us looking for the remainder of our drugs, which we had a lot of, but couldn't find. then we went our own separate ways. I went to one side of the room, he goes to the other side of the room. I'm screaming with bugs crawling out of every orifice whilst Jeckyl plays imaginary guitar. No, not air guitar, imaginary guitar. There's a difference. He got so into it at one point he burst out into tears and yelled, you're a shitty crowd anyway, fuck you. Knock knock knock on the door...who could it be? I'm sure I was aware that I was covered in bugs and had to act normal to the visitor but was not sure...if that makes sense. I opened the door and it's our neighbour telling us to shut up or she will get us in trouuubbbllllleeeeeeeeee.

This is when, unfortunately, the video cuts out. We have not been in trouble as of yet.
Datura is only exciting if you intend on watching yourself afterwards. In my opinion...of course everyone has a different reaction. But video cams are good, mark my word.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53423
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2010Views: 14,522
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Datura (15) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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