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Bad Shit Man
Citation:   Anonymous. "Bad Shit Man: An Experience with Datura (exp56595)". Erowid.org. Oct 19, 2006. erowid.org/exp/56595

10 leaves oral Datura (tea)
I was headed into a downward spiral the second I took a hit off my friends pipe about three years ago. I didnít give a shit though, I loved it. SO I was always getting stoned, and doing anything that was available to me. I had dropped out of school because I decided it was just a waste of my time, so I spent all day at home every single day, smoking weed, drinking, downing bottles of cough syrup, just about anything that would end soberness.

So I was always online looking for new stuff to try, and I came upon Datura. I had heard about it a couple times, but everyone I know calls it Goofeballs. I had remembered my friend R had been talking about how some grew in his back yard, and his dog had eaten one and stared at the wall barking for like five hours. So I was like hell, why not? If it fucked the dog up, it could be fun. R happened to live just a little ways up the street about five minutes away.

So I smoked a bowl, and walked up there. I hopped his wall, and there it was, right in front of me. There was no seed pods on it though, so I just grabbed a handful of leaves (being stoned and paranoid that his neighbors would see me)and hopped back over. I walked back and smoked a cigarette wondering if this was the right thing and if so, would the leaves do anything?

So I got home, and right away went into the kitchen and poured a couple cups of water into a pan, and threw in all the leaves (probably eight or ten) and turned on the stove. I sat there and stirred for a while, and watched the water evaporate. I added a little bit more water and waited. It evaporated quickly, and the leaves were beginning to fall apart. So I took them out, and poured the little bit of greenish brown liquid into a measuring cup. It ended up being about a fourth of a cup. I made a quick cup of coffee, and mixed the liquid in. I sat at my computer desk and downed the coffee. It really didn't taste like anything at all, just coffee.

After finishing the cup, I got up and went to watch TV for a while. After about ten minutes I was wondering if it was working, so I got up to get some water, and immediately my legs felt really weird. I was kind of off balance, and a little bit light headed. SO I smiled and decided that I had gotten the right thing and it was working. I went and sat back down on my couch, and watched TV to wait for the full effects to come on. A few minutes later I looked up from the TV and R was walking down my hallway. He told my we had to go to the grocery store. I live about a twenty minute walk from it, so I was like alright lets go. So me and R started walking up the highway towards it, having long conversations the whole time about stuff that had happened in the past and why we were going to the store. He said he needed to cash his check from work so he could buy an eighth, which was weird because R had smoked weed once and had puked in the corner of my friends backyard, then started crying about how he had let all kinds of people down...But I was too fucked up to notice, so I was like 'oh hell yeah man, I know this sick guy thatís sells some dank ass shit' so we made plans to call him right after we cashed his check.

We got there and walked inside, and right as I got in there, I completely forgot why I came to the store, and R was gone, so I just figured he had left. Sp I walked around a little and saw another one of my friends, D. I started talking to him about how I came up here with R but then he left and so I was just hanging out. We had a little conversation, and D told me to look at something, so I turned to look and when I turned back D was gone and a lady with her two kids was just looking at me from a few feet away like 'What the hell is this kid on?'. So I smiled and waved at her, and went to a different aisle. When I got to the next aisle, my friend N came walking up. I had known N since we were like three so he was one of my really good friends. I saw him and was like 'Oh shit dude, what are you doing here?!' he replied saying that he was here to buy a new scuba suit.

At that point I was about an hour and a half into the trip, so its pretty safe to say I was gone. So N needing to buy a new scuba suit seemed reasonable as hell, I told him we should both go scuba diving in the Rio Grande (I live in new Mexico and my house is about two minutes from the river). So we set off through the store to find the scuba gear. After about probably half an hour of just walking around talking about how fat R was, and how I had jacked him of his goofeballs, we decided to sit down. SO we went tom the nearest table, and I looked down to make sure nothing was on the chair. When I looked up N was gone, so I decided he probably had to go back to school. I got up and went wandering around for a little longer, when suddenly I had this feeling that I had a half of some white widow sitting in my room. Extremely excited at the thought of this, I ran trough the store and all the way home, somehow managing to get across the busy highway and not get hit.

I got home and didn't remember why I had run all the way here, so I sat and smoked a cigarette. Ok, sounds like a safe, kinda weird, little trip right? Wrong.This is where things get crazy. I don't remember everything, just little bits and pieces past that point. Next thing I remember was my mom coming home and yelling at me asking why I had no clothes on, and I just mumbled some shit about how I had to take them off cause it was hot and the air conditioner had been towed off by some cowboy in a red van...yeah, she pretty much knew I was on something right then and there. So she asked what I had taken, and I told her it was this stuff from R's yard and he had sold it to me for ten dollars. She kind of freaked out and started asking me all these questions, but I just walked off trying to find my cell phone which was later found in the door of the refrigerator.

She called over my neighbor who was a few years older than me and had a past of pretty heavy drug use, but quit to be a preacher. He told her he had no idea what I had taken, and after a few minutes of trying to figure it out by asking me and getting a bunch of shit about how I had bought this stuff from R because it fucked his dog up, so I made four liters of tea out of it and went to the store to go scuba diving. Needless to say he got nothing, and went back home. So the next thing I remember is my dad coming home and me having a psychotic episode thinking he was the devil and trying to choke him, and him having to throw me to the ground and sit on my til I calmed down. At that point my mom thought I should probably go to the hospital because she could see my heart beating out of control, and nobody could figure out what I had taken. So she put pants and a shirt on me, and dragged me to the car. I got in and refused to keep my seatbelt on. So the next thing I can remember is being in the hospital, ripping the IV out of my arm, and ranting and raving about how I should not be here and I just want a cigarette. After that my memory is gone completely.

My parents say I was putting my hand up to my lips like I was smoking a joint or a cigarette, but nothing was really there. MY friend N came to see me (he was actually there this time) and later told me I was saying that I couldn't pee because there was a little fairy waiting for me to take my eyes off of her so she could push me off the top of a building. There was one little thing I remembered after all that. The nurses were only letting one of my friends come in to see me at a time, and two of them were there. N and my other friend S. So N would come in then leave, and S would come in for a minute. But the thing I remember was seeing both of them and this girl V come walking in all at the same time, which my mom told me was impossible due to the nurses allowing only one at a time. So that was weird.

But after three days in the hospital tripping out, I finally got sober, and I just wanted to go home. We were waiting for the nurse to come back in and tell me what was gonna happen. I was thinking it was Saturday, and I wanted to go skate, but my mom told me it was Wednesday. So after a while the nurse came in, and she said they had found marijuana and speed in my body, so they though I was depressed. She told me I was gonna be sent to a rehab center a few miles away for a little while. I got pissed. I sat up and was like 'NO, fuck you, I'm not depressed, and I'm not going to a fucking rehab center. You can suck my dick, FUCK YOU!' she told me I better calm down or she was gonna get security. That just pissed me off even more and I started yelling 'fuck you bitch! you can send the fucking pigs, they wont fucking catch me! fuck you!' and I jumped up and just ran for my life. Every door I got to was locked for some stupid fucking reason, so I kept turning around and going the other way. As I turned away from another locked door, I saw a cop walking quickly in my direction. I tried to run around him but he grabbed me. I started screaming and yelling and telling him I wanted a fucking lawyer, and he was just like 'oh you'll get one'. He called for backup since he could barely keep me in his arms (adrenaline is a great thing) and two more pigs came in and grabbed my feet and arms and carried me out of the hospital and into the back of a cop car.

So to shorten this up, I ended up going to rehab for about three days, then lying my way out saying I would never do drugs again. The day I got out I went to the skate park and my friend S showed up with N offering me a bowl. Haha fuck not doing drugs, too boring. But I never touched Datura again. So thatís my story.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 56595
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 19, 2006Views: 64,570
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Datura (15) : Entities / Beings (37), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Hospital (36)

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