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Citation:   Mel Roach. "Star Covered Hands: An Experience with Datura (exp51232)". Nov 28, 2006.

70 seeds oral Datura
So, I have this friend (who will remain nameless) who informed my boyfriend and I about these seed pods growing on someone's front lawn near my high school. The first thing that came to my mind was 'Woo! Free hallucinogenics!' He suggested that we smoke the plant, or brew some tea with it. We decided it would be much easier to just eat a few of the seeds and see what happened.

DAY 1:
Oct. 27, 2005

My boyfriend and I had experimented with the seeds the night before but we felt no effects. He didn't want to bother with any further experimentation but I, on the other hand, am a very curious person. I decided that maybe if I took a few cap-fulls of the stuff, I would have a better trip. Man, was I ever wrong.

4:30 PM
I take a cap-full of the Datura seeds at my boyfriend's house (even though he kept telling me not to). We were just on our way to my apartment and I decided to take another cap-full on the way to the bus stop.

5:15 PM
I'm laying on my bed watching TV with my boyfriend drinking Jonesís Soda when my head starts to feel funny. My body is all tingly and my head feels inflated. I'm also very, very thirsty from what I can remember.

5:20 PM
I am delirious and the hallucinations have started to kick in. I thought I was back in my boyfriend's basement and I turned to him, grabbing my guitar, and said 'Okay Chris, I gotta go home now.' and to my surprise, he says 'But Mel, you ARE home.' and I'm like, 'Chris, that's not funny, I gotta get to class.' I was now hallucinating that I was in front of my school and I was grabbing my guitar to go to class.

5:45 PM
My boyfriend informs my mom that I have ingested Datura because he's so concerned about my hallucinations, and my lack of ability to speak, or even form words. We go outside while my mom calls the Poison Control Centre and according to my boyfriend, I couldn't even hold my cigarette or stand up properly. My purse would continuously slip off my arm and my cigarette would keep falling out of my hand because my mind was no longer with me.

6:00 PM
Poison Control has reserved a space in the Emergency Room for me because I had ingested a poisonous substance which the hospital has heard little about. My mom makes me put my shoes back on, which wasn't easy. I kept putting two different shoes on because I was having trouble deciding 'which one was prettier than the other'.

6:20 PM
We are on our way to the hospital that is about 5 minutes from my apartment and I'm nodding-out in the front seat. When my mom parks the car, I'm passed out and worrying both her and my boyfriend as they frantically try to wake me up. We get into Emergency and Chris sits me down in a wheelchair, where I begin to pick the fluff off of the sweater that the black lady sitting next to me was wearing. I was acting like a retard. I can't remember anything except for what my mom or boyfriend told me, after this.

I'm in a room in Emergency and I'm being restrained because I won't stay still so that the staff can sedate me. My heart rate was soaring over the normal number. It was like my heart was running a marathon for 24 hours. After being sedated, my body is pumped with charcoal while my boyfriend stands next to me (but far enough away like the doctor said, incase I threw up).

DAY 2:
Oct. 28, 2005
I'm still sedated and remember nothing from the night before. I have been moved to the Pediatric Ward where I have my own room with a boarder of hockey players, a TV, and my favourite teddy bear. I leave my comatose state around dinner time, but I'm still experience STRONG hallucinations.

7:00 PM
'Daddy Day Care' is on the TV, but I don't remember watching it. My boyfriend and mom are still with me and have been for the entire day. Neither of them knew whether I would come out of this without any permanent damage to myself. My boyfriend had mixed my peas into my mashed potatoes for me (like I always do) and promised that he would stay with me, no matter what happened.

7:10 PM
I finish eating and am now capable of holding conversations with my mom and boyfriend. I supposedly performed an exorcism on my mom because I thought she was possessed. Her face kept morphing and bugs were crawling out of her eye sockets. There were also bugs crawling all over the floor of the hospital room as well. My boyfriend's logo on his shirt turned into a bunch of feathers, I saw a little puppy running around the room, and I kept seeing pixies and stars everywhere. Stars kept covering my hands and I had to keep brushing them off.

8:00 PM
My boyfriend's mom and his sister came to visit me, along with my grandfather. I was slowly returning to normal, but not quite. Only an hour or two before, I had come to the conclusion that while I was sedated, I was surgically given a penis (It was really a catheter, but I didn't know that). Zina, my boyfriend's mom, asked me about the hockey players on the ceiling and I informed her that one of them was beating the crap out of the other, and that there was a boat sailing by her.

8:20 PM
Two security guards come into my room as I wheeled myself around on the wheelchair, gaining the nickname 'Wheels' from my boyfriend and grandfather. The security guards told us that I was being moved to a better room because a baby was being moved into the room I was in. I wanted Chris to push my wheelchair, but they wouldn't let him. They wheeled me to the basement of the hospital, right towards the Psychiatric Ward. I was totally confused. I didn't know why they were taking me there and I was so scared.

8:30 PM
The woman working the nightshift informs us that I'm staying there for a few days under observation, just to make sure that my hallucinations do stop and that I make it out okay. By then I was only having mild hallucinations and knew exactly what was going on. They wouldn't let my mom or boyfriend stay overnight and I started bawling because I was so afraid. They forced a sleeping pill on me and since they had a Smoking Room down there, my mom had to get a doctor's note saying that even though I was under 18, I was allowed to smoke in there.

9:00 PM
My mom comes back with my suitcase of pyjamas, toiletries, make-up, etc. and tucks me in to my bed. A security guard sits on a chair in my room keeping an eye on me because I was the youngest/most sane person in the Psychiatric Ward. The chair was doing some s--t out of Jumanji, and vines were coming out of it and stuff. Everytime I blinked, it would go away and start all over again.

DAY 3:
Oct. 29, 2005
I finally fell asleep around 10:00 that night and woke up well rested in the morning. I was still seeing barely visible insects crawling on the floor, but within an hour, all the hallucinations had finally stopped. I got up and took a shower and did my make-up to make myself feel better. I spent the morning watching TV until my family came to visit at 2:00 until 8:00 pm (Visiting hours).

DAY 4:
Oct. 30, 2005
After watching TV for a good 4 hours, I have one last visit with the psychiatrist who says I can leave as soon as my family arrived. I literally jumped for joy. I was finally getting out of that hell hole. I could finally go home.

2:00 PM
My mom and boyfriend get to the hospital and I was already packed and ready to go. I flipped off the staff who had been hassling me for the entire duration of my admittance and made my way out. I got more and more excited the closer we got to the doors. I was like a kid making my way into a candy store. It was a beautiful day and it felt great to be alive.

The three of us got back to my apartment and my mom and boyfriend told me everything that I have just told you guys, because I can't remember anything after putting my shoes on until watching 'Daddy Day Care'. My mom also told me that the doctors said if I didn't go to the hospital, I would've went into cardiac arrest and died. That means I would've had my funeral on Halloween. I would've died on Thursday, October 27, 2005 and been buried on my favourite holiday; Halloween.

That is my story about how easy it can be to get carried away. Curiosity killed the cat, and it NEARLY killed me. Parts of my experience are humorous to look back on, but I almost died.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 51232
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 28, 2006Views: 37,652
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