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A Curious Mind
Datura (Jimson Weed)
Citation:   Jamie. "A Curious Mind: An Experience with Datura (Jimson Weed) (exp37034)". Jan 23, 2008.

T+ 0:00
150 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
  T+ 18:00 450 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
Its October 10th, 2 days before my 15th birthday. My Boy Dave comes to school an tells me about this crazy ass drug he found, he asked me if Iíve ever heard of jimson weed seeds. I say no as he proceeds to tell me about his experience with them. He said he injested one pod, about 100-200 seeds. He tells me he was on his way to his best friends house and he walked into the neibours house instead without even noticing. He walked to the fridge and poured a glass of milk then drank it, suddenly an old lady walks in and screams 'What are you doing in my house?' He frantically runs out of her house an to the right house. Then he tells me he did them the next day and did the exact same thing to the same house. Being the kind of person who will try almost anything once to find out what it does to me, I instantly was interested in trying this drug and asked what they looked like and how many I should do. He said to eat no more than one whole pod.

I told 2 of my friends about these things and what they did to Dave. My friend Steve said he heard of them and know where one is growing. Me, Shawn and Steve start walking toward where they were. I was a little nervous since Iíve never heard of this before but was still eager to try them. We picked a single pod off and decided to get our other friend Stuters (Shayne) to come along. We sat there and told him about them and he wanted to be the first to try them. So we cut open the pod and he injested every last beat red seed, chewed, and swallowed. We went back to Stuters house and about half hour later he slured the words 'I feel a bit drunk' and told us to go eat some.

Knowing they were for real and did get you high we went back to the plant and raided it. We took 3 more pods and each ate one. We decided to walk down town. About an hour later I felt very hot and uncomfortable. I remeber Steve saying he was going home to see his girl. Me, Shawn, and Stuters were on Stuters front porch. Stuters said he was going to be right back, then I remember waking up on his front porch by myself and it was dark out by now. Confused, I got up and walked home. On the way I kept looking over and seeing all my friends I did them with. I was talking to them and smokin a spliff with them. I turned again and they were gone. I got real confused as too why they kept running off on me, it made me pretty mad too. I donít remember getting home or much after that at all. My mom told me the rest.

She said when I got home I looked all fucked up. She said I sat down at the computer table without a single word and started moving my hands as I were rolling a joint, then lit it up and passed it around. I was talking to Shawn and Stuters about selling these things she said. Her and her boyfriend didnít know what to think so she kept asking me 'What are you on?' and I would say 'Oh nothing mom Iíve just been smokin weed an drinkin with Shawn and Shayne, you know, itís my birthday were just chillin'. 'No your not,' she said, 'Your on somthing harder.í And I argued with her 'No Iíve just been chillin with Shawn and Shayne smokiin weed, ask them!' She looks at me and yells 'Thereís noone fuckin there!' I turned and looked beside me with a confused look on my face and said 'Oh. theyíll be right back.'

She still didnít know what I was on because I simply didnít remember, all I knew was I was chillin wit my friends. She said over the next 7 hours I kept smoking cigarettes that werenít there and thinking I was burning myself. My step dad stayed up all night on the computer watching me since I wouldnít stay still or sleep. He told my at about 4 in the morning I got up off the couch and walked towards the table. It was pitch black so he couldnít see what I was doing. He said I was moving things around on the table so he told me to sit back down on the couch, so I did. He noticed I had somthing in my hands, looking at it, fliping it around and about 5 minutes later he heard me say, 'Is this the fuckin lid to the butter?í So he stands up and turns on the light. There I was sitting on the couch with the lid to our glass butter holder. He grabed it and went towards the butter and finds the pillow sitting in the spot where the lid should be and he laughed his ass off.

My parents said they got a huge kick out of me, they said I was like a 10 year old kid with a 10 second memory span. Another incident my moma told me about was that I went to the bathroom an I was in there for like 10 minutes before I came out struting my stuff buck naked in the hallway. She turned to her boyfriend and asked 'What do I do?' and he said I donít know Iím not touchin him, so they told me to get dressed and it took quite a while for me to come out and when I did I had my momas pants around my head so they had to get me dressed themselves which I later apologised to them.

It was a school night so my moma said I should stay home while they went to work. In the morning I was still pretty high but I remembered what I did by then. I went to my friend Joe's house and told him all about it and we decided he wasnít gunna go to school either and he was gunna do some seeds with me. We were gunna sell them to kids and make some money too so we went to the plant and grabed like 20 pods. We went up to the high school and gave a bunch away then we ate a pod each on the way to Shawnís house to see how he made out last night.

We got there and cut open all the pods and put them in bagies. We figured not many people would buy them so we ate another 3 pods each. The last thing I remember is Stuters aunt coming to Shawnís freaking out asking us what he was on and to show her where they are because Stuters was in the hospital bleeding out of his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. I instantly got paranoid since I just ate 4 more pods.

I only remember about 10% of the whole time but Shawn wanted to stay sober to see what we do because he didnít remember the night before which was good because we probly wouldnít be here if he did them too. He first noticed Joe was trippin out because he asked Shawn who the lady suntaning in his back yard was. Shawn seen there was no one there and said it was his momís friend. His mom was coming home soon so he walked up to Joeís house. On the way he said he knew I was high now too because I was chewing on my shirt like it was food, he said I looked at him and with the funniest expression on my face I said to him with my shirt in my hands, 'Sosage???' he just laughed and said ĎNo, its ok Jamie.í

When we got to Joeís he was having a hard time watching us since Joe was in his house and I was all over the place, in his back yard, his basement and walkin down his street. He came out back once and seen me smoking somthing and passing it to people who werenít there. He started playing with me a bit asking if he can have some and I was like ĎNo! Your cut you fucker!í He just laughed and went back inside. When he got in there Joe was in his bathroom slicking his hair back with hair gel. Shawn didnít say anything to him, just watched to see what he was doing. Joe got out of the bathroom and sat on his couch. He put his arm around somone who wasnít there and with a stud look on his face he asked, 'Whatís goin on babie?' Shawn told me he actually fell to the ground laughing.

The whole time this was going on I had 1 hit of ecstacy that I was saving for my birthday in a dime bag, Shawn said he kept asking to see it and make sure I still had it, I pulled it out a few times and showed him then he said that one time I pulled out the baggie and it was empty, he started getting paranoid and kept saying 'Whereís the pill? Where is it?' I had no idea what he was talking about and we still donít know to this day if I ate it or not.

About 5 hours of him babysitting us he was getting frustrated and decided to bring me home. He told my mom Shayne was in the hospital and she and him brought me there, Joeís dad came home and found him talking to a telephone pole. My moma told Joeís dad to bring him there too. When we got into the car she said I thought we were going to get my contacts so she didnít tell me we were going to the hospital. When we got there it was around the time when the sars were going around so we had to get asked all these questions. The nurse asking my mom the questions had no idea I was all fucked up. I grabed at all the bottles that were on the desk and I was trying to drink one of em. My moma tried to grab it from me saying that it was the nurseís and I held it tight yelling 'No itís not, I just made this fucking juice.' There were people staring at me by this time and the nurse fetches a doctor.

I got brought to this room and on the bed beside me was my friend Joe. Stuters was in intensive care. I vaguely remember this but I remember some. I remember the doctors and the 3 cops standing in front of me. The doctors gave me 2 cups of charcole in a paper cup and said I had to drink them or they would have to stick a tube down my throat. Me, having still no idea why I was in the hospital, was kinda thirsty anyway and forgot it was charcole. I looked down at the 2 cups and I figured it was pepsi or somthing so I chuged the first one then the second one.

Instantly I felt a sandy feeling in my throat and was disgusted, then came 8 cups of see through liquid and the cop says I have to drink them too. Still mad they fed me pop with sand in it I refused. I lied back in my chair and tried to look over at my friend Joe but the curtain was in the way. I whispered to my mom to push my bed back so I could see him and she said if I drink the cups first. So I did, slowly but surely. I remember how gross it was but still I did it. They had a clip clipped to my finger and I kept moving my finger towards my other hand. My moma would hold it back and say no and I was like 'I just want to see it, just for a second.' So she let me.

I was moving my finger slowly towards my hand then in a fast motion I grabed it and riped it off. They put the clip back on and I kept trying. Finally when I gave up I whispered to my moma again. 'Move back my bed so I can see Joeí. So without the doctors noticing she did so (gotta love my moma). I looked over at Joe and I remember seeing the biggest smile on his face as he said 'Your nose is broken, thatís why your here.' and I replied 'Really? Why are you here man?' and he laughed and said 'I broke both of my legs man, Iíll never be able to walk again.' and all the cops started laughing at us.

I forgot to mention when the cops were trying to get me to drink the stuff my mom said I was hitting on the lady cop and she was blushing and everything, I laughed when she told me that. But anyway we got put into our own rooms. When I got out of the hospital like 6 of my friends told me I called them from the hospital and I donít remember still. One of the nurses found me naked in the elevator trying to excape the hospital. When I got out I was still having major side effects such as blurred vision (lasted over a week) dialated pupils (lasted a few days) for about a month after that every once in a while I would forget to take a breath, then find myself grasping for air. The doctor said we all suffered brain damage and should stay away from all drugs for at least 6 months, think any of us fucked up kids listened? Heh.

Jimson seeds is the only drug Iíve done that Iíve said and actually meant that Iíll never do them again, they were quite the experiance from what I remeber but are no doubt very harmful to my body and very unpredictable seeings how the levels of poison in the plant varys from year to year and even from leaf to leaf. I know how I think when people say donít do this or even suggest not too, Iím a curious kid and thatís why I did them and I know many more kids will too so Iíll just try to let you know what your in for, I suggest you donít do them, they are evil but I know how I am and I know some will. I spent my 15th birthday in the hospital and Iíll never forget that. Iím personally glad I did them because I learned alot, I learned that even when things seem fun they could be fatal.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 37034
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 23, 2008Views: 31,563
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