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Play That Song
Datura & Beer
Citation:   Mike . "Play That Song: An Experience with Datura & Beer (exp115602)". Sep 3, 2021.

T+ 0:00
30 seeds oral Datura  
  T+ 0:30   vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
I am a white male in my thirties who is looking to relive his old college days of partying. I still smoke weed occasionally and might do cocaine if I’m with certain old friends but my life for the last few years has been pretty stable until recently. I had a divorce several months ago and subsequently lost custody of my eight year old daughter and my home.

Although I had never done “hard drugs” I tried for about three weeks after the divorce and court hearings to find something from my old college friends to get really high off of. I didn’t want something crazy like heroin but I’m in the middle of a mid life crisis of sorts so I thought that maybe mushrooms or LSD could help me out with my problems. None of my old buddies could deliver though and as someone who lives in the suburbs with a small circle it’s hard to find connections for certain things.

Upon doing some research however I came upon the subject of this trip report and decided it might be best to order some stramonium seeds from a reputable source. I originally intended to do them with an old work buddy (who I’ve had some wild nights with) at his place but I won a work raffle for some concert tickets so we decided to go out to a concert instead.


We are on the way to the concert and I am in the passenger seat of my friend's Volvo. I ingest a little over half of the packet of seeds I bought online and am pleased with the taste. We are seeing a well known band called Train play. I was not very familiar with their music but my friend says its gentle and that we shouldn’t have any problems. He puts on a song called “Hey Soul Sister” on the bluetooth and I remember laughing about how I heard it a hundred times on the radio when I worked in a coffee shop in college.


We arrived at the venue and walked through the gate into a big lawn area. The security was pretty tough and they made me empty my bags and pockets and even waved a metal detector over my body which admittedly made me sweat a bit. The inside of the venue was a big green field with some statues and a stage and a pavilion at the end of the hill. I remember the sound being phenomenal and how the ground shook when the bass player in the opening band would hit an especially low note. My friend let me hit his dab pen by a rooster statue as we drank some beers together.
It is a Tuesday.


At this point of the report is where things get weird. You see, the purchase of the stramonium seeds was a bit impulsive on my part. I did not do much further research on their nature apart from finding out they were a legal way to trip. At this point forward there are things I remember happening and things that I do not remember happening but heard about from my friend.

I recall the opening band finishing a song and there is a silence for about 30 minutes before Train comes on. I feel a slight unease about it but drink another IPA thinking that I’m just nervous about going out on a Tuesday. My friend tells me I have the jitters and I’m psyching myself up so he gives me a back rub on the grass. There are some children watching me as my friend digs into my lower back. I moan gently as he pops some vertebrae and a mother pulls her kid back towards their blanket several yards away. The show is also an early one. I haven’t been out in a while so apparently things like this usually start later in the night. Train is supposed to come on around 7:30.


At this point Train has not come on and I’m starting to get irritated. We forgot to bring a blanket so we are sitting directly on the grass in front of a rail. The tickets that I won from the raffle only allowed me lawn access but I desperately wanted to head into the pavilion for some reason. I am starting to pull out the grass around me and have started to create patches of dirt within a 3 foot radius of my body before my friend tells me to stop. He hands me a Panic Pete stress toy from his bag that he brought just in case I felt weird and I massage his head for a while.*


The lighting around us darkens and the audience screams. I see several figures appear on stage and Train has finally come on and Pat Monahan immediately launches into their hit single “Play That Song.” I get up and start leaning on the rail and bobbing my head while I sip my IPA. It felt good to be out and to feel young again and I recall smiling as the ground pulsed under my feet. I was admittedly a little nauseous but I kept drinking my beer. The Panic Pete was in my pocket at this point but I recall saying “Play that song” several times while my friend looked at his phone.


After another song or two I looked to the right of me on a concrete path and I saw a familiar face. It was an old friend from college who I hadn’t seen in several years so I called out to him hoping he would recognize me. After about a minute of yelling he looked over and threw up his hands in a come here motion. I immediately headed over to him and his group and embraced him. It has been hard since the divorce and seeing friends again was such a relief.

He offered me a cigarette and told me to come down to the floor stage area with him. I normally don’t smoke but I felt obligated to accept the cigarette. The band was right there and Monahan even winked at me at one point while I stared at them. We caught up for a while and I told him about my life situation. He was in something similar about a year ago and gave me some kind words before he introduced me to the coworkers he was with who I had some light conversation with before he told me they all had to head out for a flight in the AM to a conference.

T: 02:20

After they left I was hanging around on the floor still smoking a cigarette before the staff told me I couldn’t do that in the pit.
I kept taking pulls on the American Spirit my old friend gave me on my way back out to the lawn where I found my friend who was clearly concerned upon seeing me. He told me I started screaming when they jammed into Drive By and that I ran off for about 30 minutes before he had to deescalate a situation with security about me pacing in circles talking to myself and occasionally sucking on the Panic Pete.

This is when I realized I was fucked and things became very blurry after this point.

I went into my pocket to find the stress toy and to my despair it was no longer with me. I urged my friend to come with me to find it but he dragged me back to our spot in front of the rail. I am also starving at this point and apparently I grabbed some nuts out of my pocket to eat while I sipped on an IPA.

This did not happen.

According to my coworker I finished my IPA before I ran off and the “nuts” I was eating were in fact the patches of grass I ripped out of the ground earlier. My coworker said he left to take a call for 5 minutes and found me hanging out with a seven year old girl who was joining me for the grassy treat. We were singing Calling All Angels together and eating dirt before he discovered a middle aged mother trying to drag her child away from me. He is asking me to leave and I apologize as I attempt to regain my composure. We are leaving in fifteen minutes.


At this point my coworker is watching my every move. I see him in the face of every person around me. His eyes are the children’s eyes and the parent’s eyes, and the staff’s eyes. He tells me the set is ending soon. They play “Marry me” into “Hey Soul Sister” and I break down sobbing. I miss my wife. People around me are moving away as I hang on the rail and cry and moan.
I break down sobbing. I miss my wife. People around me are moving away as I hang on the rail and cry and moan.
There are spiders crawling on me and I feel like my penis is going to fall off for some reason but I desperately want to masturbate while they close to Drops of Jupiter.


I blacked out for a while and do not remember very much of what was actually happening at this point. My coworker said he started to walk me to the car by my hand and that I kept trying to talk to people who were not there until I started swinging my fists wildly and screaming in a wooded area outside of the venue. During this period in my altered state I was convinced that I was talking to Train outside of the venue and that Pat Monahan told me he had sex with my wife which deeply enraged me. In my state it started with me telling him that I loved his set and that he loved my wife as he winked at me and then I immediately threw him to the ground. We tussled for a bit in my own reality as my coworker had to drag me by the collar of my shirt across an intersection to his car while I thrashed about.


My coworker told me at this point that he restrained me with seatbelts in the back of his car and that I would thrash about and scream unless he put on Train. I was alternating between screaming at the top of my lungs “PLAY THAT SONG!!! PLAAAY THAT SONG!” and going completely silent. After about an hour's worth of driving he walks me into my home and says he needs to go home and get ready for bed. It is not even midnight yet and I feel absolutely insane. I do not know how much longer this will last.


My last clear memory after my friend left was watching TV in my kitchen which is strange because I do not have a TV in my kitchen. The next six hours are a blur but I remember leaving my house and coming back several times. I may have also talked to some people but I am not sure if they were real or not.


This is the point where I begin to sober up early in the AM. I have destroyed my house and vandalized my living room with a sharpie. There are strange sentences and symbols on my walls. There is also a cheese danish and half of a carton of cigarettes that has bite marks in it in my bathtub. I have also pissed and shit on my carpet.

I call my office and leave a hopefully coherent voicemail where I lie about being sick and pray my boss does not suspect anything strange or my coworker rats me out.

I attempt to fall asleep and try to rest at this point and after crashing for about 12 hours I wake up to a phone call from my ex-wife reminding me that she wanted me to watch our daughter tonight. She said she would be by in 30.
My house is still in ruins.

I sigh and whisper under my breath:

“Play that song..”

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115602
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Sep 3, 2021Views: 1,446
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Datura (15) : General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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