24 Hours of Madness
Citation:   datura_kid. "24 Hours of Madness: An Experience with Datura (exp36795)". Erowid.org. Sep 18, 2004. erowid.org/exp/36795

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300 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
  T+ 1:30 50 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
I was always open minded to new expiriences, that is new drugs. I never had any fears with first times. Since datura I have taken almost every know supstance except heroin which I told myself never will. I never expirienced problems with addiction but with one - marijuana. I was so addicted to it that all my life was smoke, smoke and smoke. When I woke up in the morning smoke was the only thing I was thinking about. In average day I would smoke 5 or more times a day. It is odd that drugs that are considered to be highly addictive (cocaine for instance) never affected me that way. I live in Europe in country named Croatia. I am pretty rich kid, and can have anything I wish for. Long I've been searching for LSD which was very hard to obtain. After seeing world from the eyes of the LSD I tought there was nothing else to see - I tought I was everywhere and saw everything (if I exclude heroin which I clearly said I will never do). But man I was wrong.

After doing LSD few times I and looking for new, undiscovered grounds of human psyhology I found her - Datura. I was reading datura experiences and when I saw what people say about it I just had to try it. The biggest problem was I didn't know where to find it. After 1 and 1/2 years of search for datura I concluded that it doesn't grow in my country or if it is that I will never find it. One day I parked my car on the riverside and rain started so me and my friends agreed to stay in the car until it ends. I accidently looked 3-4 meters in front of my car and saw something that appeared to be datura. I asked my friend what does he thinks, and he said it is probably it. But it was somehow strange, mostly leaves which were different than photos I saw online. But it had seedpods. So I took one in the car and cracked it. It was still very green and juicy and seeds yellowish-red. It was still young but what the heck it's worth to try.

Aldo I have no fear from trying new supstances I consider myself very careful and smart with making decisions about amount ingested, especialy with powerfull stuff like datura. Because the seeds were still young I decided to ingest oraly ca 30 of them first evening. After ingestion I sat in front of my computer and started to read datura experience reports. I didn't eat anything few hours before comsumtion so I concluded that it could hit me pretty fast. After I read few stories I suddently felt scared and started thinking: 'What am I doing, I will go through real horror tonight.' After considering what am I just thinking I chilled myself down and went to bathroom. So I was sitting on the toilet looking all around and expecting to see some sort of halucination. When I realized that there will be no halucinations, my attention was drawn by the water in the bucket under the sink. There were traces of laundry detergent floating on surface and it appeared to me that they are moving. I couldn't see any reason why would they move, cuz I didn't move or even touch the bucket, and I was sitting on toilet for 10 min, so no one or nothing else could effect that water to move.

I was trying to concentrate and make illusion to vanish but I simply couldn't. After that I went back to my room and sat in the dark looking at the computer screen which on moments had some lines on it - something like when your cell phone signal before call disturbs your screen (monitor, tv, etc.). Than I started looking posters on the walls in the dark and I saw lots of different things on them. But I repeat it was dark and when I look at them in normal condition in dark room, imagination comes on action, so I can not tell for shure weather those were effects of datura or not - but I think it was my imagination just a little bit helped by datura. Than I decided it was time for bed. I expected this small amount of datura could help me have some very intense and/or realistic dreams. I lay in bed and suddently some spooky shadow man apeared by my bed trying to grab me with his shadow claws. Every time he swinged to get me he made some weird spooky horror sound. But interesting thing was I was not affraid of that shadow at all, and was just curious to see what will happen. (During later experience I never had fear from halucinations on datura). In the morning I woke up and had no memories of any dreams.

In the afternoon that day I decided to ingest somewhat bigger amount of seeds. So I ate ca 50 seeds. Then I went to play soccer with my friends. I expected better results this time but nothing happened - apsolutely nothing, not even some kind of feeling weird. Now I was trying to figure out where to spend entire night so I could ingest real big amount of seeds. I was questioning my friends what are they doing tonight, but no one had any plans since it was monday. But lucky for me one friend organized a LAN party for that night so I told him i'll be there.

Now I had entire plan worked out and just waited for evening. About 10 pm I ingested approx. 300 seeds orally - simply swallowed them with water, and told my folks that I am going to LAN party and will be back in the morrning. Then I took a walk to my friends house waiting for the effects to appear. LAN was in the basement of his house and I came last. There was a lots of people with computers connected in Local Area Network playing games and talking. I knew all of them, but told no one what I took, or informed anyone of my possible behaviour. I waited for an hour and a half and there was no sign of any effects. I had more seeds with me so I took some 50 more. Now I ate total of cca 350 seeds.

Around midnight (2 hours from first ingestion) I started to feel weird. It was a physical feeling all over my body. I felt extremly strong rush of energy in my body spreading from torso to limbs where it was storngest. This energy made my arms and legs burn and itch (it would be the closest description) in an unexplainable way forcing my body to move. If I would sit still on the couch I could not bare this awfull feeling and I had to move. So I started to change positions on couch very fast trying to find one in wich I will have my peace and could rest (I was also feeling very tired), but there was no such position. Then I tried to get up on my feet but when I did I could not stand on them cuz they felt week, so I crushed back on couch. After that I don't remember anything until I was home in the morrning cca 6 am. But later people who were present informed me of my behaviour after I asked them. They told me I was talking to shoes, and few times petting them. I was mumbling and they could not understand what I was saying. I remember my throat was insanely dry. I asked for water. They gave me a 0,5 liter cup for beer and filled it with water, and then gave it to me.

I was sitting on the floor and spilled all water between my legs. I almost spilled it on someones computer tower. After that I was unppluging network connections from HUB disconnecting people in the middle of the game, so they started to yel on me, and they asked me why am I doing it I mentioned some unfamilliar names and told that they have told me to. But I repeat no one new why I was behaving like this. At first they were thinking I am joking after that they asked me what did I take cuz all of them new I was doing all kind of drugs, but I wasn't in condition to answer them. In one moment I started to shake and act realy wild and crazy, and my friends mom came in basement to see what was going on. Lucky for me they succeeded to calm me down until she came, but I was still little bit shaking.

In the morrning one friend drove to my house and left me two streets away and asked me if know a way home. I told him where my house is so he concluded I can come back home myself. This is a part of experience which is not entirely familliar to me. I remember comming home and doors were locked, because it was 6 am, but I did not have any orientation in time, and could not understand why are they locked. In a matter of seconds I forgot that they are locked and tried to open them again. I was repeating this more then 10 times when I remembered to see if anyone is inside. I looked through the front window and saw both of my sisters watching TV inside the living room, so I told them to unlock the door. Then I went to door and waited and waited my sister to open them but she never did (because she realy wasn't there). All the time I had a key in my pocket but I thought I lost it. I wremember in a blur I walked the streets all over my part of city and allways holding something in my hand and waving with it until I droped it.

When I looked at the ground to pick it up it wasn't there. This way I thought I lost my key, my cell phone and few other stuff. Then I went to my grandma to ask her for a key. On the way to her house I saw my grand grandma standing on the street. When I came to her she was covered with one of those black garbage bags. I concluded that she was hideing from me because she thinks I will kill her (it seemed logical at the time). She was curled up into a shape of a ball with a garbage bag over her. I stopped and waited for a few seconds looking at it/her and since she wasn't moving I continued to my grandma. When I came to her she asked me why I came so early and what is going on. I told her I need a key and also mentioned that I saw grand grandma on the street with a black cloack. My grandma looked at me in wonder and asked me if I was ok. Then it hit me - I took datura and I have to make something up to get myself out of trouble. I was affraid that she will tell this to my parents. I don't remember what else was I saying and I went home again.

Now there was my father sitting on a porch by the doors. I tried to open them again but they were still locked. I tried few more times every time forgeting that it is locked. Then I asked my dad does he have a key. He was just smoking a cigarette looking at me saying nothing. Then I saw my sister walking over the porch back and forward. I asked her what is she doing and why is she walking here with no reason. But like dad she did not answer. All of them were illusions but so real I could not distinguish them from reality. I also noticed that all the weird and crazy stuff I saw seemed reasonable and logical at the time so I did not question them at all. After lots of atempts to enter the house I somehow did - I think I ringed a bell, and someone opened the door to me, aldo I do not remember who. There was no one in the house realy except my little sister who was ill and I should take care of her this morrning until mom and dad come from work. So you could imagine how I took care of her under inffluence of datura.

Somehow I managed to boil a tea for her and not to kill myself. When I went upstairs to bring her tea I saw her sleeping, and my mom next to her. I did not realize that my mom is at work. Later I talked to my sister in the living room about stuff that was on TV, but I acctually talked to myself. Than I talked to my dad about things that I do not remember, but they were all hallucinations.

After I heard a bell and went to open the door. When I opend them in front of me were my two best friends, lets call them R and Z, so I invited them in. R had a realy scary, madmans smile on his face and he could not take it off. I asked R did he take datura too and he said yes. On the stairs to my room Z just disappeared and I found nothing odd about this. So me and R are in my room. He said that he came to pick me up and we are going to the beach. I asked him how did he come, and he said with his brother with car. I looked out and there was no car. Than he explained that his brother is comming to pick us up in few minutes. So I packed my towel, drink and food in a backpack. During my conversation with R he melted in the chair in which he was sitting and only his crazy smile was left on the flower pattern of chair. I told him to quickly get out of the chair cuz if my parents see him like this they will notice he was on drugs. This was totaly sensless but it was normal to me in the moment and I saw nothing weird in it. So I took my backpack and left to living room and concluded that my parents won't see R in the chair only if he does not smile, so his mouth will be camuflaged on the flower pattern of the chair.

When I came in the living room R was already there but now inside the other chair, and there was no smile on it - I just knew he is in there. Because there was no smile he could not talk so I was asking questions and he would answer by swinging one time for yes and two times for no (he was in one of those swinging chairs). Then he disappeared too and I was left alone. My father finaly came home (real father, not hallucination) around 11 am. After that I told him few sensless things and had to explain what was I talking about and just talked more complex and more sensless things to explain previous ones. I somehow ashured my dad I did not take any drugs and I am ok so he let off the subject.

That entire day I could see small things moving, parts of furniture animated. If I would concentrate on something I could see it transforming. I managed to disassemble (I think this is the word for it) door nob into basic parts like screws and stuff, with just concentrating on it and I saw it like animated hologram - screws unscrewing and parts disassembling.

Two days after that I could not read anything cuz my pupils were huge. After that my eyes returned to normal condition.

And for the end I'd like to warn everyone to take datura with extreme caution. I had lots of luck not to hurt my self or end up in police station or in mental institution. The best enviorment for datura is some wildernes or something like that far from people, traffic etc. The sitter is also MUST HAVE during this trip. I made a mistake thrusting my big experience with hallucinogenic drugs, but datura is something very different, powerfull and dangerous, and on high doses no matter how experienced you are you can not control yourself or your sight of vision. Datura also makes you very dumb and stupid with no common sense or logical thinking.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 36795
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 18, 2004Views: 18,661
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