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Sleep Potion
Datura inoxia
Citation:   X-Celeron. "Sleep Potion: An Experience with Datura inoxia (exp3997)". Dec 3, 2000.

150 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
Intitially I was very surprised to find that the almighty Datura grew in many places near my workplace. So one day I grabbed a pod that was on the verge of opening and proceeded to open it up. When opened I saw lots of seeds and they were all a reddish brown in color and a little smaller than apple seeds.

That's when I decided what the dose for me was going to be. Not exactly the most scientific thing to do... but alas.... Anyways... I empty the pod in to my mouth and proceed to chew up the seeds. They were _very_ bitter. So bitter, in fact, that I almost threw up. But I managed to keep it down. Right afterward I smoked a cigarette and felt fine.

About half an hour later I met with a friend. He had no idea that I had just taken Datura, and I was not about to tell him. What I did do, tho, was hand him my pack of cigarettes and I told him him that he should only let me smoke 1 cigarette an hour. No matter what. No matter how much I beg or plead. With a smile, he agreed.

We went to a pub to meet some other friends. I was starting to feel it. It made my whole body feel numb. Almost as if I were drunk. That's when I started to get sleepy. Hardcore sleepy. I couldn't even stand up. Much less walk or talk for that matter. So I managed to get the initial friend I had met up with to go home and to take me with him. So he did.

As soon as I stepped into his house, I kicked off my shoes and fell face first on to the floor, and fell deep asleep. I don't remember any dreams or visuals. And I sure as hell don't remember anything even remotely good about the experience. I dunno, maybe it was the dosage or something....
but all in all it sucked.

I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone...

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3997
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 3, 2000Views: 6,172
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Datura (15) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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