Wierd but Entertaining
Citation:   Sky man. "Wierd but Entertaining: An Experience with Datura (exp81798)". Erowid.org. Feb 20, 2011. erowid.org/exp/81798

2 flowers oral Datura (tea)
Hey, I have used datura 4 or 5 times now. I have bad memory and recollection of what was going on in the real world and my world during each use. I am gonna attempt to re-tell this story as best as I can. Every time I have used datura I would simply chew up the seeds and swallow, but the last time I did it I decided to try some tea. I get my datura from some plants that grow near my apartment in a nearby creek. They grow subtly along the walking path but would probly be noticed only by people specifically searching for it.

So it was a Friday after noon. I have a little weed left and some money that I don't plan on spending until I have enough to buy a decent amount of 'shrooms. Two of my friends and my brother were planning to go to a rave. I was invited but I really didn't want to go. I'm not a raver at all mostly just a stoner but I'll do almost any drug or substance with recreational value and I have a reputation of doing so among my friends. While they were getting ready for the rave, I grabbed the only pairs of wheels that were available, a razor scooter, and rode down to the creek which is only like a 10 minute walk, if not less, from my apt. When I rode up to the dirt trail I started to ride my scooter across the dirt even though it would of been much simpler to pick my scooter up and walk across the dirt. I came up to the plant and looked around to make sure no one was watching me and picked 2 flowers. Once I rode home I started to boil some water.

Once the water was boiling I threw in the 2 flowers as they were. I let them boil for almost an hour and waited for most of the water to evaporate so that I would have a more potent drink with less water and more datura extracts so I wouldn't have to drink a lot of this bad-tasting tea. Once I decided that they had been boiled for long enough and enough water already evaporated, I used a fork to take the big parts of the flower out and poured this vile looking fluid into a glass that had a coffee filter over the top and let the fluid strain all the plant parts out of the drink. The fluid looked greenish and brownish. Once it was done I moved the liquid to an empty water bottle and set it aside until the next day, and that day was weird, confusing, and intense.

I remember showing a few of my friends this drink and telling them about it. After going to the store with one of my friends I decided to go get my drink that I had made. It tasted almost flavorless when it was in my mouth, but after swallowing it my mouth would be filled with this awkward, bad-tasting after taste. I only had roughly half a water bottle full of this stuff since I boiled most of the water away during the brewing process and didn't even finish it all. After like 20 minutes my coordination and motor skills started to fail. And out of no where some friends of mine showed up and one of them told me that he could drive now. So they drove me to del taco and by then I had some moderate delerium. So I decieded that I wanted to go home and they drove me back to my friends house that I was previously at. I just sat in my friendís back yard and before I knew it I was completely lost.

I guess like 10 or so people had come over but I was still in the back patio completely unaware of how long I was sitting there. I remember trying to pack a bowl, a simple task that I am used to doing like any typical stoner, but it was one of the hardest things to do since my vision was failing by then too. I dropped my bong twice (thank god that itís a cheap plastic one) until I finally packed the bowl. I can't really remember smoking this bowl though, I just remember sitting there on that patio and 2 kids that were also over that I knew were trying to go have sex in my friends room and I kept getting pissed off and saying who the fuck is trying to have sex in my moms room until the people that I was with had to keep reminding me that this wasnít my apt. (but it was the same model so it was confusing me) After they said it wasnít my apt. I would calm down and completely forget about it only to do the same thing minutes later.

Still oblivious to how many people that were really there, I finally just got up and left back to my apt. and this is when weird shit starts going down. Although I can't remember the chronological order that all this occured, I still remember it happening. I also remember that I fell asleep for awhile at one point. When I walked through my door I panicked for a second but managed to calm myself down by reminding myself that I wasn't hallucinating yet and that I could just go to sleep and then wake up and leave.

Before I got to sleep I went out back to my patio and had to light up 3 times before I was actually smoking a real cigarette. As soon as I put the cig out and went inside I started talking to my friends that were on my couch. That lasted all of 30 seconds until my mom came out of her room and asked who I was talking to, I pointed to my 2 friends on the couch only to realize that only one of them was there now. Then my mom told me that no one was there and I looked back down at my one friend who was still sitting there, he remained sitting there but then I realized something. The whole time I was talking to him he hadn't even moved or changed his facial expression and was still staring at me. That's when it all hit me that I was already tripping and I didn't even know. So my mom continued yelling at me cuz she knew what I had taken, but all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh until she went back in her room.

I then sat down on my couch and have a vivid memory of watching TV that I think was prolly not on cause I was trippin. I looked over at the other chair in my living room and saw one of my friends sitting there, but I don't have the slightest recollection of which one of my friends it was but I remember them LITERALLY melting into my chair until he was part of my chair, I think it was after this when I decided to lie down.

A random number of hours go by while I'm asleep and I vividly remember this dream I had. It was a dream where I was literally my brother and I could see me walking around and was confused to see a clone of me until I looked in the mirror and realized that I wasnít me and that I was now my brother, I was even wearing the outfit that he wore 2 or 3 days before this happened.

Once I woke up my friend was over. The same friend thatís apt. I was at when I thought it was mine. My friend wanted to get me outside and I said that I would go. But right as we started to leave my place I frantically started opening all the doors that I saw looking for a way out, even though my front door was wide open and I was staring right at it. My friend was trying to get me to step outside, but in my world there wasnít a way out. I remember it was just a wall and donít remember saying this at the time, but my friend said that I said, 'This video game is too hard, I canít get past this wall' so she had to push me out the door, or in my world through the wall. I vaguely remember struggling and trying to resist but once I was pushed through this wall in front of me I closed my eyes and opened them just to find myself in a completely different place even though I was just right outside my apt. This place looked familiar but at the same time I felt lost. After a bit though I realized where I was. Then my memory completely fails for the rest of the day.

The next thing I know is that itís nighttime. And during the day time I was sitting right in front of my garage in a chair, when my memory came back I was doing the exact same thing in the exact same place except that it was now nighttime all of the sudden, but I was relived to find out that it had finally wore off, well at least the delirium was gone. I thought that I had stopped hallucinating until I realized that the past 5 cigarettes that I had smoked were not real and after that I got up out of my chair and tried to catch a hummingbird, except hummingbirds are never out at nighttime and after I realized this I came to the conclusion that I was still seeing stuff. I went in my house for an unknown reason and remember bugs being EVERYWHERE in my room, except I thought this was all strange cause I was now thinking clearly and felt sober, but the hallucinations lingered on the longest out of all the symptoms including the after effect of this substance that makes it impossible to focus my eyes on anything near or close to my eyes.

I could now communicate with my friends successfully. The only two hallucinations that lingered on after all the other effects left were the phantom cigarette phenomenon and bugs all over my bedding sheets. I was also seeing spiders that I had not seen in nearly a year. I remember these spiders from when I used to take high doses of Wellbutrin to induce hallucinations and they had invisable spider webs and seemed to walk across the air.

Well I guess thatís all I have to share right now, but before I end this Iím just tell you that the first hallucination that I ever had was on Wellbutrin and it was when I picked up a shadow, alright thatís it, hope this report helped you understand datura more, and by the way after 4 or 5 uses of this substance I have still never endured a 'bad trip' that I have any recollection of. This probly would of been a lot more helpful if I could actually remember the experience more clearly.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81798
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Feb 20, 2011Views: 13,429
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